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Written about Sunday 2005-02-20
Written: (5754 days ago)

Videogames i like and i have.

Movies i like.

Music i like and have.

What i have of stuff.

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Written about Sunday 2005-02-06
Written: (5769 days ago)


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Written about Saturday 2005-02-05
Written: (5770 days ago)


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Written about Friday 2005-01-07
Written: (5799 days ago)

Mayuki woke up from her strange dream."How wierd..."she looked over at her clock."YAAAAHHHH!!!I'M GOING TO BE LATE!"she got into her school uniform and ran outof the room."MO-OM!Why didn't you wake me up?!"she didn't wait for an answer, running out the front door, burshing her hair on the way to school.She suddenly remembered that her clock was two hours late. She still had an hour before school started."Ugh..."she continued walking.

*while Mayuki was walking to school she saw a boy walking out of his house*Oh dear your about to forget your lunch today.Thanks mom.Oh dear you have something on your face.Here let me get it.*i look and i see you*MOM! Im going to be late I'll get it at school*and took off running*

Nuktae-tal was waiting in front of the school building clearly new and ignoring the faces the whispers the looks and finger pointing at her.

Mitsuko *unable to remember where the school was, an ex-change student, runs around desperate not to be late on her first day of school* Please let me find it, please let me find it soon! *muttering to herself, she does not notice the girl in front of her, Nuktae-tal, and runs right into her* Oh no! I'm so sorry! *fell onto the floor* Are you all right!

Nuk looks down at the girl. " I am fine but you need some help." Nuk says offering her hand, the crowd people gasp and whisper more.

(Mitsuko) Thank you very much, yet again I am very sorry. *takes hand gratefully and bows apologetically*

"It's fine you might not want to talk to me much longer though...I'm sure you've heard the rumers..." Nuk says looking at the clock on the school again waiting for the bell.

(Mitsuko) Pardon? Rumors? *Knows she's found the school by now* I don't believe so, this is my first day here. Anyway, you seem very nice!

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Written about Thursday 2004-06-17
Written: (6003 days ago)
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im like Inyuasha. If you say sit than i fall to the floor and it hurts..

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Written about Friday 2004-06-11
Written: (6009 days ago)
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The girl and i talk and it made me :) now we are just friends

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Written about Thursday 2004-06-10
Written: (6009 days ago)

If you are reading this I give you this

I will be waiting for you when the sun is goes down.
I will bestay beside you all the time.
I will help you where you need to go.
I will be strong for you and for me.
I will bless you on my way.
I will show the way that is right.
I will watch you from the heavens.
I will make sure your alright.
I will be there when you dont know that Im there.
So dont you cry for me.
If you do I will be there to wipe your tears away.

     I WILL BE      From: Wolf's Rain
                 To: you princess

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Written about Thursday 2004-06-10
Written: (6009 days ago)

But i keep thinking about her.

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Written about Thursday 2004-06-10
Written: (6010 days ago)
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I keep thinking about this girl. If she is reading this im sorry for what i did.If i had a choce i would die because of what i did to you.

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Written about Thursday 2004-06-10
Written: (6010 days ago)
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what have i done? I think that i have just broke someone's heart. i feel like i can just die from what i did. I wish...I wish...i do not know. Without her i cant make pu my mind. every day,every night ithink about what i have done to the girl that i have broke her heart in 2. 

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Written about Tuesday 2004-06-08
Written: (6012 days ago)
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