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Written about Wednesday 2005-06-29
Written: (5349 days ago)


needs : a break
finds : the needy
wants : to heal
has  : safety measures in place
wishes: things were different
loves : escaping
hates : popcorn
fears : being found
feels : confused
hears : imaginary ducks
smells: bad
craves: to prove you wrong
searches: for that one missing sock
wonders: why
regrets: running in to me

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Written about Monday 2005-03-14
Written: (5456 days ago)

You can label EVERYTHING.. even when you can't.. the label would be 'labelless'.. And it would be instantly cool to be one..

Most people just want to belong to something, and it doesn't really matter to them WHICH label they get, as long as they get one.. My opinion about this is that it's a total waste of time and energy.. Just do the things you want to do. Simple, easy and most rewarding..

The thing right now seems to be -respect-. Saw this punk pimple faced kid gas up his car.. it had a sticker on it... -respect is everything- And it supposedly meant his car was all that, and should be respected?? It's all so silly.. respect is not something you consiensly work at.. and certainly is not earned by having your car look like an xmastree.. silly people

As for me... well.. i think the label would be in the eye of the beholder.. I tend to drift whatever way suits me at a certain moment.. So you could say every label applies.. or none... labelless.... damn..

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Written about Thursday 2004-06-17
Written: (5726 days ago)

Back@work 2day.. too busy for et.. :((

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