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Written about Thursday 2012-04-12
Written: (3011 days ago)

-Stupid new burn on the arm. -shakes fist-
-Working 6 days a week still.
-Either going to shave my head bald or buzz it. Just to see how it looks. It will grow back so eh.
-Working to lose weight to join the AF. Fun times.

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Written about Thursday 2012-02-16
Written: (3067 days ago)

-Let me make an amendmant to the post before this. Understand that I am happy. I really am. Though I'm exhuasted as I write this. I'm happy. I hold no ill will towards anyone, and wish only for the best for those i know. Whelp, time to go raid my bed I think.

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Written about Thursday 2012-02-16
Written: (3067 days ago)

-Shocker. I'm on ET. Told you I'd check in.
-To you, I want to say I missed you. We don't talk nearly as much. I'm glad I met you back in August when I did. You are a good person, and deserve better out of life.

-Recap on my life. I'm working hard. Working on a promotion. It's gonna be grand. Feel like I'm burning out though. Fast. I need to request some time off. I've lost a substantial amount of trust for someone. It's funny. How much I trusted and relied on them now...I don't know. It's hard. It's confusing. We'll see what happens. Maybe its for the best. It's hard to look back without hurting. Family is back. Love htem all to peices. Taking two of them to the movies tomorrow. They are in for a treat. Good kids too. Hope they stay that way.

-I've done alot of soul searching. Alot of looking over my life. The things and people tht rbought me down. What lifted me to be better then who I was at the time. I know my mistakes, my regrets. But I also know what success I've had. I'm not going to blame anyone. Every choice I made, I made of my own free will. I accept that. Both the good, and the bad. I'm changing. Who I'mbecoming I don't know. But I like who it is so far, and so do alot of people. We'll see what happens though.

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Written about Saturday 2011-12-10
Written: (3134 days ago)

-Pissed. The. Fuck. Off.

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Written about Sunday 2011-12-04
Written: (3141 days ago)

-So. Who gave up on our friendship?
-I could say I did. I know I got tired of giving it my all.
-Only to feel like it was never enough.

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Written about Wednesday 2011-11-23
Written: (3152 days ago)

-I don't feel as though I can trust some people anymore.
-I hardly talk to anyone, and I sure as hell can't confide in anyone.
-Should just become a hermit. friendships be damned.

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Written about Tuesday 2011-11-08
Written: (3166 days ago)

-Nothing more to say. Other then its over.

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Written about Friday 2011-11-04
Written: (3171 days ago)

-Ignoring someone generally helps their mood, and opinion towards you.
-Wish I had the freaking force. No one ever ignored Darth Vader.

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Written about Thursday 2011-11-03
Written: (3171 days ago)

-Dieing to me. Its thining, going away. Trust was lost, its dead and gone. Have at thee life, you've taught me a lesson.

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Written about Tuesday 2011-11-01
Written: (3173 days ago)

-Someones fucked up this time. I"m pissed. More then pissed. I'm sick of this.

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Written about Saturday 2011-10-22
Written: (3184 days ago)

-Fucking exhausted.

-Got home at 2 am last night, 3 am the night before.

-Work is kicking my ass. I've got work 10-8 today.

-I'm ehxuasted physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can't keep going on like this. Feels like i'm either dieing or dead half the time.

=Now time to go force a smile and energy for the sake of customer service. Fun.

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Written about Tuesday 2011-10-18
Written: (3187 days ago)

I feel like shit, but whatever.

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Written about Saturday 2011-10-15
Written: (3190 days ago)

I'll just pent up all this BS eh? Sounds about right. -sagneod-

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Written about Thursday 2011-10-13
Written: (3192 days ago)

-I sometimes wonder how stupid people think I am.

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Written about Tuesday 2011-10-11
Written: (3195 days ago)

-Honestly? Being truly honest here.
-I hate two people in my life.
-One did something horrible.
-The other did as well. They just don't know it.

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Written about Sunday 2011-10-09
Written: (3197 days ago)

-So many good movies coming out this month. DAMN IT ALL! : \

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Written about Thursday 2011-10-06
Written: (3199 days ago)

-Would just like to hear, that I---Bah. Not even going too.
-Why? Because it still wouldnthappen.

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Written about Wednesday 2011-10-05
Written: (3201 days ago)

-Why do I keep trying? Why do...-sighs- It doesnt matter. None of it really matters. It never does. Never gonna be good enough.

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Written about Sunday 2011-10-02
Written: (3204 days ago)

-Play in the clouds while the angels fall down. Sing to the rapture as the devil makes his rounds. The swine has the answers, if only he had a tongue. The Jackel Man does come, with a Gentlemen at his heels. Murder is the liquid both cherry and vile. Sex is the toy that does break the prison. Glance all around you are living in a box. That there is the truth of it all, the sinner does mate with the saint. Confense to the hog he does know best. Sing with the Goose, who is wearing the dress. Judge all ye who do not understand, condemn the man who does die for you. Pardons abound, freedom is a joke. Playtime is done, when the Angels deserve to die.

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Written about Saturday 2011-10-01
Written: (3205 days ago)
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Written about Saturday 2011-10-01
Written: (3205 days ago)

-Can I just state I'm going insane? I think that covers it. I mean, sure there are other things going on.
-Emotionally self destructive.
-Trying to drown myself in work and hours ( I"VE GOT 54 THIS WEEK! 6 shy of 60. :D )
-Not sleeping. Lots of nightmares. ( The ones I used to get. Only one person knows about these ones.)
-Stabbing pain in my right chest is back. Evidently a co worker of mine gets it. Some weird...thing that is just painfull, not deadly. I'll look into this later when I have health insurance (100+ dollars for a doc visit, and then more for some specialist to tell me " All good bro?" No thanks.)
-Yeah. Going insane. May just you know, drop off the face of hte internet. Thinking about it. Maybe I wont. I odn't know .If I did,t he cell would go too. We'll see. Always a nagging thought in the back of my head. I'd be missed, but not really. Easily gotten over. I can't imagine anyone would really miss me for very long. No one needs me. :)
-YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH. Hey. Power is back. Meaning no Gennie in the back, meaning no annoying noise to kepe me up. Oorah.

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