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Written about Saturday 2004-02-28
Written: (6658 days ago)

hmm.. first entry since.. almost a year.. woh..

am in scotland now..

it's been snowing for the last week or so, and it just doesnt stop. its kinda cool though.. sooo much snow. :D

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Written about Friday 2003-05-02
Written: (6960 days ago)
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today's been a cool day. didnt do any artistic stuff, but did some tidying of my room.. means mum isnt so pissed anymore.. yay
have been climbing with my friends.. d'oh! i love it :) but my fingers huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurt n my arms are sore too..
ouch ouch ouch

n my boyfriend doesnt understand why i talk to boys on yahoo messenger. says he's gonna kill the boy.. just cos the boy offered me a massage if we'd ever meet, cos of my sore fingers.. boys are strange.. dont understand em.

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Written about Monday 2003-04-28
Written: (6964 days ago)

it's gettin dark but the sky still has some light, so its kinda colored cool. but its depressing too. i need some hugs. my bf is just too far away (bah cologne, germany - aberdeen, scotland)
just fckin stpid life..

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Written about Sunday 2003-04-27
Written: (6965 days ago)

no more super weather.. lotsa stupid rain.
my back hurts, n my shoulders, too. think i need a new chair for my computer thing sitting all day.
i'm sooooooo tired.. but well..
waiting till all my rainer maria rilke downloads are finished.
try getting the rilke projekts 1 + 2.. they are SO damn great. i luv his poems.. :)


i got sum luv from [than] but still not enough...

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Written about Thursday 2003-04-24
Written: (6968 days ago)

my scanner is crap! trying to draw horses now.. did one, and its cool, but the scanner is soooo crap.. now i gotta make all the lines and shading darker.. :P stupid scanner.
here in germany is suuuuuuuper weather. really warm and all that..

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