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Written about Friday 2004-08-13
Written: (5810 days ago)

im feeling very much like shit. need hugs....... my wiki is shit. my life is shit. everything sucks. as u might have noticed, im not in a very good mood. im off now, so bye.

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Written about Friday 2004-07-23
Written: (5831 days ago)

Im currently 3/5 days through a bouze cruise, woohoo! a sort of between-camp-party thing cuz ive got nowt better to do. not helped by the fact that last night my mum drank most my bouze. thanks mum.went to a funeral yesterday :( not very nice. oh well, it's 2 days till i go away on camp again and my bouze cruise finishes. i really need to go shopping with zoe to get my posh final concert outfit...posh isnt really my thing tho... maybe i'll just get some really sexy goth thing, depends what zoes got...but zoe wont be with me so... i dunno. i'll just have to find something. im thinkin of a long black skirt with a slit up it...i dunno. and i have to shave my legs for it. no orang-utan outbreak this camp.

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