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Written about Monday 2005-08-29
Written: (5431 days ago)
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(12 days of christmas/ 12 items while sitting on a peir)

One day I was sitting on the peir,
and this is the crap that was floating by.

12 rope swingers
11 cliff jumpers
10 empty beer cans
9 flip flops
8 water shoes
7 road signs
6 people drowning
5 ugly fish
4 blow-up rafts
3 kyaks
2 idiots

and a cooler full of light beer!

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Written about Sunday 2005-07-31
Written: (5460 days ago)

New song I'm coming up with?:
[Have you ever
had the need to
kill someone?
Have you ever
felt the need to
see some blood?
Here and now I stand before you
and here and now will be your end
Can't you feel your
heart a pumpin
Can you feel the
monster within
Here and now you will feel the pain
Now and forever will never be the same
Now you've lost total control
you don't even have a soul
your eyes are blood red
filled with the demon within!
try as you might you can not fight it
it now has total control
Now you will walk in the shadows
searching for all of your loved ones
anything or anyone in your path
will surely die a most painful death!
All your freinds and family gone
you slaughtered them one by one!
There is only one person left!
He stands in front of you out of breath!
He yells at you Please come back!
Be yourself, without regret!
You stare at him knowing what he is to you
you were lovers and were in love too
You raise your claws and go to strike
he closes his eyes oh so tight
You see the memories of you two
you see the love and the pain too
a tear rolls down from his eyes!
You then raise hand up high
and dig your claws into his core!
you then change back
to the sweet, innocent young girl
you look in front of you tears fill your eyes
you just killed the love inside......
[I love this, I made it up! If u like it mail me!]

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Written about Wednesday 2005-07-13
Written: (5477 days ago)


../) /)..
.( T_T ).

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.( T.T ).

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