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Written about Friday 2012-10-12
Written: (3067 days ago)

Time for more shameless promotion! About the only thing I seem to use this Diary for these days....

I'd still like lots and LOTS of people to like my facebook page:


I would also like you all to know of the existence of my photography blog here:


You tend to get the more in depth stories of the shots at the blog. Just the lil short forms of them attached to the photos on the facebook page.

Please Like and Share! <3

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Written about Friday 2011-11-25
Written: (3390 days ago)


It's the second post and first posted project at my new blog! Follow it or else :P

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Written about Tuesday 2011-10-25
Written: (3421 days ago)

So I got a job at a local vet. Would pretty much be their clinic bitch. I think I'll turn it down though. I enjoy the feedlot and it's more along the lines of what I'm thinking of taking in college now...

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Written about Wednesday 2011-10-12
Written: (3433 days ago)

First article from one of the papers about my photo gallery in Banff! Second should be out tomorrow.


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Written about Tuesday 2011-10-11
Written: (3435 days ago)
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Ok a couple of things...

First off, I've just gotten word back that I should be able to volunteer with an animal rescue organization taking photos of their adoptables. Statistically, critters photographed by photographers that make the animals look more appealing get adopted quicker! By this I mean photos that aren't lit by crappy shelter light with bars somewhere in the photo. Instead take photos that showcase the animals for the wonderful personalities they are! I'm really excited to start!

Secondly.... I have caved in. After years of slogging it out on a blog, flickr and more recently 500px I have now also created a page for my photos on Facebook. Please go take a look, spread the word and, of course, like it!

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Written about Monday 2011-08-22
Written: (3484 days ago)

Just confirmed the Gallery for October! I finally get to show my photos ^.^ Now to get home and start planning :/ Hurry up airplane!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-11-21
Written: (5220 days ago)

Ok I don't generally do this but I feel a diary rant may help me get to sleep.

So people think I'm not being responsible enough, get in line but you might be there a while. I am not out to make others happy and if you think I'm not attending classes like I should or my rooms too messy big whoop, go shit in someone elses cornflakes over it. You want to start nitpicking over choices of lifestyle, bring it on cause you are far from angelic.

You want to argue over money? What's new, that's life, it revolves around currency. You wanna get out thousands of dollars worth of student loans instead of holding a job, you're choice, I'm not screwing over my future anymore just because of you. A shoddy credit rating is bad enough thank you very much. You try and mooch of everyone for as long as you can, I'll gladly sit here and watch you mosey on about life completely unprepared for the real world. You want money for groceries? Ask. I want money to pay the bills so I asked. Obviously that's not allowed though, my apologies, I guess companies don't want your money for their services, they just want the stuff that's actually earned.

Anyway, this isn't directed at anyone on ET or any other heddate site. It's real life crap that I'm trying to suppress and therefore limit it's damage. Maybe this'll help, maybe this won't. Either way, looks like the bills are all mine from this point forward :D

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Written about Friday 2006-08-11
Written: (5321 days ago)

Ok, I'm doing shameless diary spamming XD

Photography Community has been up for a while now and we are slowly gaining support. However, being the impatient busybody that I am, I want the word to spread faster.

All the links for related pages can be found on the main page so if any of you want to push, nudge, drag or drug and carry someone towards that wiki it would be greatly appreciated. Make sure that you show your support as well :D

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Written about Friday 2006-03-31
Written: (5454 days ago)

Alright, lets see if I can get this off the ground.

I'm sure many of you have been to New Communities and if not, go there now :P It has been suggested there that [Hedda] create a photography community much like Elftown, Cathug, WritersCo, etc. However...Hedda feels there are many sites out there like this already, therefore we would need to come up with unique and original ideas. This is where we, the public, come in at.

I know that many members of ET are photographers or interested in photography. I also know that, while ET offers photograph contests, there are many more for other forms of art such as drawing and painting. Wouldn't it be great if us photographers had our own home? If you are interested in helping or just want to show your support, please message me, [Blaithin]. We are still in the early stages but hopefully this is an idea that will take flight :)

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Written about Saturday 2005-11-05
Written: (5600 days ago)

Family can be the shit sometimes.

"You can have your own views Angie, I'm not against that, but I'm still your gaurdian so you have to do what I tell you, when I tell you and think like I do in order to not get insulted" -.- Really, lets get more narrow minded and pretend we're all geniuses that deserve the world and are being severely deprived by leading the life we are.

I only have a year left of this and then I can pick when I want to put up with it but sometimes it gets to be to much. If I ever grow up to be a parent like mine I want someone to commit me or at least beat me over the head until I see where my kids are coming from.

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Written about Sunday 2004-12-05
Written: (5935 days ago)

I've been thinking of entering this in the Christmas poetry contest. What do you all think?

Fantasy is Christmas.

Elves and faeries.
Snowmen and reindeer.
Jolly old men,
All figures of splendor.

It doesn't matter,
Who you might be.
Christmas is here,
Come celebrate with me.

No matter the distance,
The joy still arrives.
The mystic and magic,
All brighten our lives.

So don't raise boundaries,
Let your imagination go.
Fantasy is only unreal,
If you allow it to be so.

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Written about Wednesday 2004-04-07
Written: (6178 days ago)

Another of my 'maybe its actually good this time' poems. Please feel free to write me and complain (or congratulate, lol), which ever suits your fancy the most :P

Show me one person,
that has never told a lie.
Show me one person,
that is not afraid to die.
If you can show me just one person,
that completes ever one of their dreams,
I will admit to you,
that the world is not as it seems.

Take me to a place,
not putrid with cruelty.
Take me to a place,
not barren of humanity.
If you can take me to a place,
not discriminating peace,
I will declare to you,
that my life is not a lease.

Prepare me for a life,
where murders aren't routine.
Prepare me for a life,
where I may relenquish the obscene.
If you can prepare me for a life,
where I will not be drawn towards poverty,
I will surrender to you,
that the world is not run by hipocracy.

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Written about Friday 2004-04-02
Written: (6182 days ago)

 Some peopl seem so selfish. They don't seem to take others feelings into consideration or listen to them at all. Im finding though, that this signifies a mass of confusion and insecurity. I don't want to turn into another one of those people that gripe over the injustice of the world and the persons inhabiting it but sometimes it gets to me how people can just give up. I want to comfort people but if you comand yourself to be inconsolable, then my job is approaching the impossible mark. I believe people need to have hope to help themsleves and even if it appears impossible to us, that hope may lead them to the end of the tunnel. Thats something we all need at one point in our lives and that the majority of us diregard completely.
 Well theres my hint/whining participation for now.

                      Toodles :)

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Written about Thursday 2004-04-01
Written: (6183 days ago)

 The following is a poem and since I am horrible at writing poems I won't mind being laughed at.

I am feral.
I let reason guide my soul,
I trust my heart before my mind,
I give passion full reign with my spirit.

I am feral.
You cannot drain my inner strength,
You will not change my sense of morals,
You wonder at the simplicity of my judgments.

I am feral.
The capacity of my opinions are endless,
The comprehension of them limited,
The acception of them hardly existant.

I am feral.
My restrictions are not the obvious,
My opportunities different from the normal,
My theories imaginative to even the dreamer.

I am feral,
For I am free from society.

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Written about Thursday 2004-04-01
Written: (6183 days ago)

Someone once said "I think therefore I am" (actually it was Rene Decartes), and I do see that holding some truth but what about "I am therefore I think". I know some people that that won't apply to :)

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Written about Friday 2004-02-27
Written: (6217 days ago)

I would follow you to the ends of the earth which, coincidentally, will lead us right back to where we started and a fresh new start.

 The logged in version 

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