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Kura's Color Contest


This week's feature is a contest run by the dedicated [Kuramasgirl]; so it may have special appeal to all you artists and photographers - or just those who love to look at art. Good contests can be hard to find around here at times, but this contest is a well-established and well-maintained event based around a simple yet highly effective theme: colour. Each contest, a new colour is chosen, and all entries must conform to that colour - but that's it! No restriction on what your subject matter could be, just as long as it's the right colour. So gets your paints, pencils and lenses at the ready, because even if you don't like the current theme, there will always be a next time, and a new colour. It's certainly a worth-while page to have on watch.

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Date: 2008-04-06 09:55:38 Feature #: 10 Mod: SilverFire

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