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The featured wiki for this week is the Haiku-A-Day wiki, where one Elftown member is making a laudable attempt to create a new piece of poetry everyday, in the form of a haiku. But the aim of the wiki is not just to write a new poem every day, but to help provide new insight into the world by forcing the writer, [Aradon Templar] to contemplate the subject matter closely. Part of the beauty of a haiku is its shortness and apparent simplicity; but if you've ever tried to fit a complex thought coherently into the minimal amount of lines and syllables allowed, you'll appreciate it as an art in itself. For lovers of poetry there will be a new haiku to watch out for every day, but even those who haven't felt a particular affinity for poetry before might like to check this wiki out - reading a haiku will take you a matter of seconds - which can make it a good introduction to poetry. Here one member is attempting a feat that many members of the community will be able to sympathise with - so go and check out this wiki, and give [Aradon Templar] the support to carry on writing!

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Date: 2008-04-14 23:00:07 Feature #: 11 Mod: SilverFire

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