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The feature for this week is an innovative new game started and run by [Zab]. The idea of the game is that some of the players are designated werewolves and others villagers. The werewolves get to vote each night on which villager to take as their next victim, and the villagers in return get a vote each day to kill someone off whom they suspect of being a werewolf. If all the werewolves are killed, the villagers win. If the opposite happens, the werewolves win. This new wiki-game generates an aura of suspicion and paranoia amongst the players - how do you know that the person you're joking with isn't going to vote to kill you next time they get a chance? This makes for a great detective-style game that will be enjoyable and engaging for everyone (even if you do sadly expire during the course of the game). Are you smart enough to discover who your enemies are, or will you too be a victim of the killing? Join this exciting game and find out!

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Date: 2008-04-21 17:28:02 Feature #: 12 Mod: SilverFire

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