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The Featured Wiki is back and better than ever, with this funky new spot on Main Street! We’ve re-vamped and are now ready to start updating regularly to put a new wiki in the limelight each week. But first of all we’re featuring ourselves just to remind you all about us, and show you how it’s done.

Oh! And not only will the featured wikis be shown on Main Street all week, they’ll also get rated! So hop along to the Wiki Nominations and start nominating your favourite pages.

Go to Wiki Nominations to nominate a wiki you love for featuring.
Wiki-pages will need to be exported before they can be rated, however, if you don't wish your page to be exported, you can still be a Featured wiki, the page won't be rated, though.

About the Featured Wiki
Date: 2008-02-07 18:44:32 Feature #: 2 Mod: SilverFire

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