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We all remember classic cartoons and toys. We have our favourites from the time period of our childhoods. The wiki Ponies! takes a new twist on the classic My Little Pony series. [blackphoenix]'s ponies have an almost gothic taste to them as she takes the persona of some Elftowners and make them into Classic little ponies of her own design. The wiki may not be taking requests for little ponies at the moment but they are definitely worth looking at. The details of the ponies, down to the little symbols on their foreheads, are well looked after and the colouring is dark enough to re-think the innocent allure of the original My Little Pony series. Weather you have heard of the ponies series or not, giving this wiki a look is definitely worth your time, and it may just make you wish some more original cartoons had a more twisted theme to them.

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Date: 2011-03-21 22:50:04 Feature #: 55 Mod: Akane Ice

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