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Unknown one (Has left these worlds of fantasy)

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So this is me, upon a rainy day,

OMG I have a poll..


A withered flower still smells good

Elftown titles and orders

If you had me alone, locked up in your room for 24 hours, and I had to do whatever you wanted me to do, what would you do with me?

What I need
You need friends.

You have been very lonely in your life and people have, for one reason or another, stayed away from you. The isolation is killing you inside and all you want is to feel a connection with somebody else. You now have little self-esteem left inside and have dark thoughts about life and relationships. However you still have that crave of friends inside of you, even if you won't admit that to yourself anymore. And even if you do have a friend, you still feel lonely because you have a hard time letting people in since you have been isolated so long.

Roleplay character :

A strange fellow stands before you, he wears a long brown cloak, wich goes to his knee's. He has a black belt with a red skull sign in the middle of it. Around his waist hang two swords, they are light, but razor sharp. Also around his belt hangs a strange mechanism, a round metal object. Also some potions hang at his belt. At his knee is a small repeating handcrossbow, sticked onto his leg with a sheat, so he can easely pull it free. At his other leg is a shortsword sheated. Strapped against his boot is a dagger. Strokes of his brown hair cover his face. His face is unscarred and the most beautiful you've ever seen. His eye's are also brown. He has a fine nose, with soft lips underneath. He smiles at you, a smile to dream from. You can see from the look of his face that he has more suprises then he shows on his body.

Wikis I am part of :
Realm of Ostrank (made by me)
Whisperwind (Made by me)
The Wei Kingdom(Made by [Sillydeadweight]
Hagakure (Made by [Fujiwara Taiki])

A strange looking figure walks the road, looking like a human, with white hair that falls just to his ears. He wears a breastplate and plate shoulderpads, over that breastplate he wears a long sort-of-tabard that reaches till his knee's. At that waist hangs a mighty sword, adorned and with a golden hilt. The figure rides on a horse with a large rug on it (like those knights) It is a brown horse.

Roleplaying Characters

From Realm of ostrank

Name : Gairn Ostrank "Ravager"
(He is the prince of Ostrank Castle)
Race : Human, northmen
Age : He looks fit and strong, in his good years.
Alignment : He does what he pleases.
Personality : He has a temperament with people who mess with him, he tends to smash into things instead of running away.
Appearance : Standing about two heads taller then the average human this barbarian stand before you, he only wears a brown-yellow pants and brown-yellow fur boots, his mighty broad hairy chest showing. He seems to be one bulk of giant muscle. He has blonde hair that falls to his shoulders. He also has ceremonial tattoo under his left eye, three triancels on a line. Sometimes he wears a fur brown cape on his back, for protection against the cold, but mostly his hide proves enough. His weapons range greatly, but they are mostly always two handed and very large.
Abilities : He is very strong and very healthy, capable of taking much blows.

From Whisperwind

Name : Battasouri Kinshen "Sleever"
Gender : Male
Race : Human
Appearance : He looks at you, with one eye, the other one is patched with an eyepatch. He looks like still a boy, his black hair wildly. He wears a piece of red cloth with a yellow line at the edge, binded around his forehead. His face is still like that of a boy that just reached maturity. He wears a wide-sleeved black-blue jacket, under that a black shirt. He also wears a white wide pants with a blue stripe at the bottom. His shoes are simple and leather.
Age : 19
Personality : He is young and impulsive. He likes to adventure and charm woman. When a problem arises he will most likely face it.
Habits : He likes to fiddle with his sleeves.


Society is too much aimed upon performance, it is as if we are playing a game with a too hard difficulty. So many people that fail into society, the system fails and only a few know it. Within years only the very smart will succeed, have no life, but a great job and lots money and the failed ones will start a new society free from the corruption of money and chemical processes. That is how it shall be, heed my words and warn the rest for this one is true.


I'm one of those guys who does all those silly things girls put in their account they think that makes them happy, most don't even see those long lists to show someone you love her, If I'd go over all those lists I've done all those things.. and I ask myself why all the girls I've had won't do those things at me...
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Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Computer interests
action gamesinformation seekingmusic
programmingwebcamweb design

alternativefolk musicgrunge
heavy metaljazzprogressive metal

Other interests
artcard gamesdogs
poetryrole playingsinging

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: both sexes

Height: 175

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