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Name: Uhhh... I forgot. X6


I really like this one, it turned out better than I expected, except the arms.


I really like this one, I just have to clean it up a bit.

AnubisX32's Art

Elftown titles and orders



Please visit my first wiki, Anubis Eternal


I just finished the RP, which [drakkar] and [Shadow-ofDeath](the maker of Pure Dragon Role Playing) and [EmeraldGrizzly] are helping me out with.

Done by [Mizz.Kat]. It's much better than mine^^

"Normal people are bound by the limits of normality. The weird have no limits, thus they are more free"

To see more of my drawings, go to AnubisX32's art

To see the current moon phase, go here:

First of all, I want to make a few things clear. And i will be comepletely honest and will not sweeten anything offensive if i don't believe it. Feel free to message me on my opinions, especially if you don't agree. I love arguing. And feel free to use anything in my house anywhere else you want, as long as you say that you got it from here, and who wrote/drew it. If you do use any of my work on your house(or anywere else), I would apretiate it if you let me know. And all my drawings are drawn and colored(if at all) by hand. The only computer alteration made is erasing smudges or slight errors. Anything painted or computer made is not mine.

First off, i don't mean to be rude, but please don't message me with "do you want to be my boyfriend", "do you want to cyber", or anything stupid like that because my answer will always be [no], unless i know you very well and wants to be your boyfriend. And even then, i will [Never] cyber, and if you ask, i will block you, unless you include in your message that you are joking.

I am [NOT] raceist, sexist or steriotipical. I belive that any type of person can be good, bad, nice, mean and have the capability to do great things, despite their color, nationality, gender, mental state or physical abilites.
To me, a person is defined not by their appearance, were they come from or their IQ, but by the only part of any living creature truly matters : their heart

I am not gay, and I may feel uncomfortable by the idea of same gender relationships, but I will not shun gays or lesbiands. Just because they have different opinions than others does not make them inhuman. They still love, feel pain, sorrow, happiness and anger. They breath, eat, work and live like any other living creature.


I would never purposely harm another living creature, unless it tries to harm me, and then only in self-defence.


As some of you can probably tell by my username, i am obsessed with egyptian gods, Anubis in perticular

Some Egyptian Gods And What They Do
[please correct me if i make any mistakes in what they do or look like, or provide more info on egyptian gods that i do not have]

Ra: God of the sun and creator of the human race. The main god(equiveland of the greek Zeuse or THE God) of the ancient egyptians. He is represented with the head of a falcon.

Anubis: God of embalment and guide to the afterlife. If a soul is deemed unworthy for the afterlife, he will devoure it. He is represented with the head of a Jackal

Ap-uat: God of war and death. Said to be the twin brother of Anubis.

Isis: Osiris's wife, protector of children and patron of marriage. She gifts women with domestic arts. She was the most popular of the egyptian godesses. Se resembles an ordinary woman.

Horus: The son of Isis and Osiris, he wears the double crown, the symbol of unity of upper and lower egypt. He is represented with the head of a falcon

Thot: God of tranquility. He is the srcibe of the gods and is associated with the moon. He tries to dissipate the terrors of the night. He is represented with the head of an Ibis

Osiris: The god of harvest and the afterlife. His death symbolises the annual drying of the Nile river, and his ressurection represents the overflowing of the Nile and the growth of plants. He is also married to Isis. He is generally represented as a mummy painted green.

If you want to know more about the ancient egyptian gods, go to Ancient Egypt Lovers, or you can go to the egyptian mythology section of my wiki, Anubis Eternal

[Favorite Stuff]

TV show : Family Guy
Video game : hard to decide Xo. I guess either Halo, Splinter Cell 3, Metal gear Solid: Twin Snakes
movie : Princess Mononoke (Mon*oh*no*kay)
sport : Basket Ball(i suck, but it's still fun ^^)
Card game : Magic: the gathering
animal: Wolf
Historical topic : Ancient Egyptian mythology
Book Series : Sword of Truth or Wheel of Time
Food : Steak. Or maybe Tacos...

One of my biggest hobbies is playing Magic: The Gathering. I have hundreds of cards(my dad and his friends used to play, so they gave me their cards! ^^)

[WHOO!!!! I finally got on Elfwood!!!] Here's a link to my page, if you wanna check out some of my other art.

[Facts of Life]

1-Maybe means only if I have to
2-Staplers hurt
3-Never hold a cat with a dog in the room
4-Falling is only fun until you hit the ground
5-Making yourself sick to get out of school isn't as fun as it sounds
6-Banging your head on a wall is NOT a good passtime
7-Paper actuall tastes okay
8-Kleenex tastes better
9-Rulers don't rule anything
10-Booking something dos not mean hitting it with books
11-It's always someone elses fault
12-The idea of a fat guy in a red suit with flying reindeer breaking into your house on christmas while you're sleeping is pretty freaky when you think about it
13-Glass doors are only open when you're not trying to walk through them
14-Tornadoes are only cool if you're really, really far away
15-A seal in french is spelled phoque and pronounced fuck
17-Technically, Homophobia is a fear of man.
18-You can't drown a fish
19-Hamburgurs arn't made from ham
20-The sad truth is that the truth is sad
21-Pointy and/or sharp objects are NOT toys
22-When someone shouts "duck!", you don't say "were?"
23-You + gravity + floor = bad
24-Never give a cat a bath without the proper protection
25-This list is way too long

wikis that i'm a member of

I am a

And I was born in the

I hope that I didn't make this too long, and that you at least read the [EGYPTIAN GODS] section(it was REALLY anoyying having to look for the info I have on them and type it all Xp).



I AM Canadian!

[MORE TO COME!](unfortunately...)

Until then, press the button! Press it! PRESS IT!!!!!!


Age: 20Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 20

Gender: male
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Town: montreal

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Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

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Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 187

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