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silent screams and forgotten dreams (Don't let your memories slip away from you)

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Name: ashley aka Pippie


♥[look into my eyes and tell me another lie] You know i love it when you make me cry!
[]Dont you just love to hurt me?[]


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chevy rox!!!! ford sux!!!!!!
i am chevy girl!!!

if your gonna message me please make it something i can reply one or two word messages,i hate that!!And atleast make it readable!


I am known to be a sarcastic bitch. It is becasue I dispise Idiots and narrow minded assholes and the less fortunate people who weren't born with an adiquit ammount of brain cells. I get straight to the point and have no time for dumb asses. If you are one of those people or find my attitude offencive then the solution is quite simple: Get the fuck off my page!

[I AM:]everything you have always wanted
[I HAVE:]nothing to be ashamed of
[I MISS:]the times before the heart break and misery
[I FEAR:]getting my heart broken again..theres only so much i can take..
[I HEAR:] the screams of a thousand torched souls
[I SEARCH:] for that one special guy, who wont hurt me like the others
[I ALWAYS:] fear to get heart broken
[I AM NOT:] the person that you expect
[I CRY:] everytime you look me in the eyes and lie...
[I WRITE:] about all the times you made me want to die
[I SEE:] everything that you dont want me to see
[I NEED:]a steel armor for my heart so it wont get broken again
[I FIND:] out that you have been lying all along..i kinda guess it..
[I WANT:] to find that special someone..who wont kill me inside anymore than i already am
[I HAVE:]everything that you desire
[I WISH:] that no one would ever hurt me again
[I LOVE:]how you can swear on your love and lie at the same time and expect me to not be can you swear on something that isnt there?
[I HATE:]all the times that you pushed me too far, now i have just another scar
[I FEEL:] a thousand daggers being drove into my heart killing me quickly
[I CRAVE:]to be with that special someone..who wont ever hurt me like all the others..
[I SEARCH:]for the truth and meaning of love..
[I WONDER:] what i have done to deserve this tradgedy that i call my life
[I REGRET:]ever letting my guard down and trusting promised me that you wouldnt be like the others..just another boken promise to add to the already sky-high pile

i will reply to anyone I love starting conversations with strangers lol..


If you are interested in reading some of my poems go to Ashley's Poems

go to Ashley's Thoughs

Message ME!

( long as you can spell and you arent extremely immature...)
I will talk to anyone as long as you can carry on a conversation...

I am on elfpack more often if you want to talk to me there my name is:deathly ~*~ beautiful

My yahoo IM name is : worse_than_you_think

My Msn Is:

I like to drag race,work on cars and i work at a dragstrip.I was raised as a Chevy Girl and despise Ford's.I used to work out at the Angleton dragstrip and I loved working on my dad's car.

"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower,to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eturnity in an hour"-William Blake





after reading a few lines
do you think you know me well?
do you judge me before you judge your self?
think before you speak, 
and look before you leap,
it just might 
save your life...





Im Not laughing at you, Im laughing with just aren't laughing yet..


Check out my web site at

This little boy

this little boy
that i used to know
we were the best of friends
we swore we would be untill the end
but look at us now
what happened to what we had?
I knew you
not too long ago
before the fame
before the fortune
before the popularity
before the rise of conformity
you used to be so sweet
manners are forgotten
what hapened to you?
look at your self
you're not the one i once knew
you're not the old you
time has passed
and we went our own ways
is there something you need to say???
are you sorry that we drifted apart
I told you you would always be in my heart
as we got older you changed you mind
I kept my promise
did you do what you promised to?
do you even know who I am?
have you let time...
wear away your memories
memories are supposed to stay
forever sacred
I used to love you...
you used to feel the same too
as time went by
we grew older and fell apart
do you remmber me now?
are you sorry
that we drifted apart
is there still a place for me in your heart
you've moved on
all too soon for me
I'm so sorry...
I thought you would remmember me....


smiles are so meaningless

faking a smile
faking away my misery
hiding it deep within
so no one can see my pain
smiles are so meaningless
all they do is fake emotion
all they do is hide my pain
running away from myself
running away, retreating deep within
hiding from my misery
hiding from my pain
cant seem to get away
everywhere i go it follows
like a never fading shadow
one that never seems to change
always stuck in the back of my mind
never will it go away
smiles are so meaningless
never are the real
just another way to hide the truth of how you feel
running away from my pain
yet it follows me everywhere i go
cant seem to get away
someone please take it away
running away
retreating farther into my mind
where no one can find me
im in my happy place
where everything is just fine
where i am always ok
smiles are so meaningless
just a misconception of the truth
used to hide it all away
leaving people with nothing to say
they return it back 
though its fake 
arent they all
smiles are so meaningless
just another way to hide your pain
try to hide
try to run
its always in the back of your mind
following you like a never fading shadow
that haunts you all the time
smiles are so meaningless
just another way to hide your pain
so smile everytime you see me
and I'll know that nothing is ok.


Age: 17Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 9

Gender: female
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Place of living: USA-Texas

Town: near houston

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Body shape: big breasted

Height: 163

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