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sadrx (Yeah, Lawful-Geeky.)

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Name: Benjamin the BeNinjaman (now a pirate)


A good shot of the dreads before they began to fade.


Here's the boat and I. Despite the picture, not much sailing was actually had in the two weeks I was in Boston.

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InterpreterAdventurerTravelling bard

Recently Updated:
A new ranking system has been implemented for the D&DM standings, and it shakes things up a bit. Your score will actually decrease a little if you sit out of a game, but if you're ratio's good, that wont hurt as much as loosing.

Though Elftown claims to be a community, I'm not communing on here with anyone I don't already meet regularly with in real life. I wouldn't mind conversing with other role-players here on Elftown. If you like what I have to say and know what I'm talking about, feel free to message me.

And then some about me:

I am strapping, young, tall, and involved in more ways than one. [sevengem] is my strong romantic interest; [Stratakus] and those in Strat's Roster are some of my friends and my regular D&D players (see below); [m_tothe_at] is my long-time friend and irregular D&D player; [Ratticus] is my brother; and then there is me.

The Ben Wiki was made for me but does not say much more about me, so I will do some of that now.

I swim on the Canadian coast in April to keep my dreadlocks tangled and go in debt to study art history in Rome. Life is about living, and the only conflict in mine is trying to keep that in mind.

You'll find I am frequently rather serious, but not about grown-up, serious things. I am also an asshole once in a while and freely admit to being one as if that's excuse enough, but I don't really give a whoa.

For a third-person-perspective, [Stratakus] has put forth his two cents about me in one of his Wikis, Strat's Roster (I reference that a lot for some reason), and [sevengem] has put in her bit on her website's 'Friends' page: .

Now a bit for some passions of mine:

My friends and I (those I regularly play D&D with) have rather recently been playing Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures in large doses. I've been keeping score (mostly because I am winning), and that score can be found here:

Sadrx's Role-Player's Character Sheet

System Preference:
Pen and paper fall over computer and consol role-playing games every step of the way. What kind of role but a pre-generated one can you really assume if in the end you're limited to finite (even boolean) options? I have heard people make the same argument against the rules of my preferred role-playing system though, but I still stand by it. Many other systems I have played have written rules for infinite options, but they're either too general or too convoluted. With the right game master, however, Dungeons & Dragons falls close enough to my preferred balance point for fantasy that it can be tweaked to work, and work it does in just the way that I enjoy the most when I do the game mastering. For one final note, I have done live-action role-playing in the past, but it just cannot capture the epic nature of role-playing that I love about Dungeons & Dragons.

I have been deep in role-playing games involving a book in one form or another for seventeen years this summer and have spent more hours making games than running them and more hours running games than playing them. I have been involved in a high variety of systems, from the Palladium Megaverse to Vampire to GRUPS to Cthulhu, and I have a collection of these gaming materials that has been amassed for so long it is measured not in titles but in stacked-feet-high. My Dungeons & Dragons books are the bulk of them however, and are made up of material from the original edition and all four revisions.

Most Proficient Position:
I have ad hoc-ed for a party of five and role-played a blind, Shakespearean bard who has a morbid fascination. I haven't yet mastered doing these two things at the same time however, and I frequently loose track of NPCs when focussing on the players' exploits. In the end, I think I am probably better as a player, but it is so much easier after all. I am far too familiar with being a game master to be able categorize the kind of player I make best though.

Gaming Style:
I'm a spacial thinker, and so I like to keep my locations dynamic and my descriptions cinematic. I respond best to players who can interact with the backdrops I create, and I enjoy players who are on the ball even when their characters are not. I like to treat my players though, give them a chance to shine, and then put them up against a challenge that will mop the floor with them. Some say they like to keep their players guessing, but I like my players to think they know what's going to happen until it doesn't.

Current Game:
A D&D one run by [Stratakus] (his first one!) for those of us in Strat's Roster. A vanaran priest of nature, a human warrior-survivalist, a halfling mistress of stealth, a gully dwarven champion, and a fallen human crusader have all come together in the town of Bouldershank's Grove to route out a menacing evil. Someone or something has taken rule of the orc and goblin clans of the nearby mountains and is threatening the town on all fronts. The mines are overrun; the trade routes are unsafe; and watch must be kept at all times from the settlement wall. The invaders are all marked by great tooth wounds inflicted by a monstrous maw, and there is gold and fame to be had by any who can seek out its source.

Current Character:
Thresh, a PC, formerly Philipp of Wellsdale, a 5th level paladin/2nd level wilder. Gruff and reserved, Thresh has a noble soul but a torn mind. He was trained as a knight within the order of Pelor and sent to the wild lands to join their crusade. There, however, his regiment fell to gnolls, and among the survivors, he was taken as a slave. Deserted by his order to the gnoll camps, Thresh was forced to fight at their whim. His god too abandoned him there, and he was left tortured and alone. He lasted by killing and toiling for the gnolls, but surviving for a year on his own strength in their violent pits broke Thresh, his will worn thin. In a final plea for holy redemption, Thresh refused to serve his masters further. He was tortured for this and was physically broken by the time the crusaders finally pushed the gnolls back that left him for dead. It was no knight of Pelor, however, but the god of retribution who revived Thresh and accepted his atonement. Though he was taken to a Peloran monastery to fully recover, Thresh walked out on his old order, taking upon himself a new name to lead him down the path of his saviour. The jaded paladin now seeks to prove himself to his new god, using the power growing within himself to enact vengeance on the evil of the world. Thresh looks like any battle-hardened warrior, wearing warm traveler's furs along with his spiked, light gladiator's plate and buckler, carrying a shortsword and longsword at his waist and a greatsword on his back. Beneath all that, however, his skin and his past are covered in the scars and brands of his servitude.

Character Quote:
"We leave at dawn."

If you want to see more of me, try digging around a bit into my friend's pages or my Live Journal. Otherwise, I don't want to look at you either.

If its on the menu, I will fight you.

Age: 22Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 24

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 46°56.544'N 67°33.588'W

Place of living: Canada - New Brunswick

Town: Fredericton

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Computer interests

adult popclassicalfolk music
gothheavy metalhip hop
houseoperaprogressive metal

Other interests
artboard gamesbooks
role playingscifislacking

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 201

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