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Kissing-Concrete (| Aaaaaambition makes you look pretty ugly |)

Member #132143 created: 2005-04-23 00:41:11Simple URL:   

Name: Angie


Drawing missing.

Elftown titles and orders
Street child

I'm not goth I'm not emo I'm not vingtage I'm not rock, I'm not my spotty vans or my Muse, I listen to almost every kind of music not equally often but I think that I could find at least one song I love in any category, I do wear makeup, I do draw and paint and write, but I don't think every damn thing I create is meaningful or important or worth dying for, I prefer wearing black, but my room is colorful and I love my Loin King....and I don't give a fuck for fashionlabels....I wear what I can affort and what fits....I'm all I see mixed up eddited and pieced together in my own collage of life. Fuck assigning your life to a label. Experience not specialize!

I'm just a sort of loose cannon. A very loose, very, very big cannon that fires nuclear-tip artillery shells, into heavly populated areas. At dinner time.

If ur gona tlk lyk dis, dnt botha.

If you’re thinking of abusing me over the net, forget it. I dont have time for it. However, if you must abuse me I wish you would spell the most common and simple four letter words correctly.

At least nutters who send me hate mail from their prison cells take the time and care to neatly cut out each letter from a newspaper then position and with great craftmanship, glue them on a sheet of paper in such a way that they not only are correct in their spelling but make grammatical sense.

Spell it correctly you lazy shiitebag fookkeen moronz.

but if anyone touched my hawt black microwave, I'd slap them. lol

Isn’t it great when someone says something funny and then repeats it ten minutes later ‘HEY!!!! Do you remember the time I said that really funny joke and you laughed!?’

That's not funny anymore.
It's lost its funny.
The funny is gone.
No more funny.
It = Not funny.

[ music ]

Breaking Benjamin
Drowning Pool
System Of A Down
The Dandy Warhols
David Bowie
Alter Bridge
A Perfect Circle
Stone Sour
The Dresden Dolls
In Flames
Nick Cave
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Queens Of The Stone Age

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

A race of attractive, superior and slutty girls.

Age: 16Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 7

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: Australia

Town: sydney

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite URL:

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Computer interests

alternativegrungeheavy metal

Other interests

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: normal

Height: 152

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