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QUAX (Live by da flame thats alredy extinguished)

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I live with my dad and take counselling lessons in school thats how f***** up i am. i haven't a decent bf since 2003 he had to leave he went to paris. my first boyfriend was in 2000 and i swear im in love now. i loved my mum until she gave me an ultimadium either i give up my job or dont see her any more so i choose and now i hate her.

about me:

1) um my faviourite colour is Green and my second is Purple
2) my parent(s) name is Craig
3) My siblings names are Megan(*Midnight*), Luke, Daniel, Stephen and Ben.
4) I have 3 pets and had 6 but all three of my fish died because of the heat wave we are having here at the moment
5) i am very talkative and usually lose my voice because of it
6) my faviourite sport is hockey and inline skating
7) i live with my Grandad and my Dad in Wooodville and i go to Woodville High
8) i used to go Ocean View High and lived at Peterhead with my Mother. i dont have a very good relationship with my mother only because she doesnt like me working
9) my biggest Fear is Trucks (semi-trucks)
10) my faviourite animal is the Great White Shark
11) i have never got a B in English
12) i hate skirts and dresses and shopping( unless it is in town with my sister)
13) when i go shopping my faviourite shop is JJ's
14) i am worth $1,152,000 on
15) i have Brown hair and Brown eyes
16) my faviourite domestic animal is a cat

thats all i can think of at the moment and yeah

My sister and I wrote this poem together it kinda explains how we feel at da moment. here goes:

There will always be that one person that you know that you cant have but you prey more for them. you fall in love with them every time you see them. your heart jumps into throat every time you here their will go out of your league to get them but there will always be that one peson that says you cant have them. so you shed your tears and fight your fear and then you realise hes always here. after a while things turn vile you knew this would only make you cryand then finally you say goodbye. as the new tears start to fall you beggin to feel a sudden pull the man you are looking for is standing at my front door. he says he'll give you time to mend as long as you promise to love him to the end.
  By me and Megan(*Midnight*)

disclaimer: i dont know anything. i only got ripped hole in my jeans....

its all her fault...
          and to think i thought he loved me.................
          the wind is on her side...
          Blowing me off the cliff
          who wants me any way?
          i'm so alone.
          i cant go home...
          he will find me
          let hell take me
          while she takes my soul...
          jump now!
          whos calling my name? It's its Inuyasha
          the hanyou i loved
          what am i doing?
          what about my family...
          the water
          hit my body like a thousand knives...
          im bleeding...
          i hit the rock...
          the water is red...
          something has grabbed me
          its Inuysha he saved me...
          does he love me?
          at least im not alone
this is too great a wound...
"Inuysha im going to die"
" dont die you stupid girl!"
tears fill our eyes as i kiss him...
and i close my eyes...
and im gone...

I now make a TRIBUTE to the best person in the world let him Rest In Peace.
R.I.P Goran Nikolic
Died 30th of april but still with us no matter what.Meet you at the cross roads.
your missed greatly here bud and what happens just proves that god only takes the best no matter if its for you, for me or for the person down the street that somebody is special to somebody and i ,and many others, hope that they are not taken from us without knowing that they mean the world to us and we wouldn't give that up pfor the world.
Goran Nikolic missed by everyone at woodville high and especially by every one on your soccer team R.I.P Lil.G

A million words wont bring you back because i've tried.
A million tears wont bring you back because i've cried.

well done Adis keep tryin you'll come thru
Angela be strong babe god obviously still wants you here other wise he wouldve taken you like Goran

what makes a woman happy?
1. daughter on teh cover of cosmo
2. son on the cover of sports illustrated
3. lover on the cover of most rich list
4. husband on the cover of sports illustrated

Q) what is a shitzu
A) a zoo with no animals

plan each day as if you will never die but live each day as if you will die tomorrow

dance as if no ones watching,
sing as if no ones listening, but love as if you've never been hurt.

sex is a sensation
caused by temptation
when a guy sticks his location
in a girls destination
to increase the population
of the next generation
do you need an explaination
or do you need a demonstration

my uncle was cut from the medical practioneers list for sleeping with his patients. it was a shame cause he was a bloody good vet.

Okay heres one for ya guys!!!
Now im a chick and tha last time i was on there was a guy in my life but ever since then all guys wana do is fuck around with me now not sayin i dont mind but i cant live with it any more if sum body can save me try but im standing on a cliff with no one to catch me but the cold hard ground sae me cause im tired of falling!!

This is tha work of my brain(yes i have a brain):
For a million years i sit here and wonder why it happened to me ,
why i was touched by an angel,
why i kept falling in luv with tha same person i knew i would hate,
why it was me that was choosen and how id accepted tha fact that although i loved that person i would never see him again,
life sucked before i knew i could feel these feelings.
Now at night i just sit her,
i just sit here waiting for sumbody to tell me that its just a dream,
that every thing i worked for would soon be over.
The End tell me if u like it :)=)

Age: 15Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 12

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Duck
Elftownworldmap 34°38.412'S 136°43.368'E

Place of living: Australia


Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
musicstrategy games

alternativenew agepop

Other interests
animeboard gamescars
chasing the preferred sexdiscodrinks
partysingingsnow scooters
sportingtravellingwatching sport

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 142

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