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Rozy (tell me, tell me, do you feel the pressure now?)

Member #135372 created: 2005-05-10 16:28:58Simple URL:   



"where do you live?"

"do you know where la cima is?"



"you live at la cima?"

[Well I'm freakin bored.]

14 things about me

[because 14's the best number everrrrrrr]

~The name's [RosaLind]~

♥LOVE palm trees♥

+obsessed with the show Army Wives+

=) TAKEN =)


[going to college]

xXx can't wake up early xXx



_i'm a jealous person_

I miss [Tucson]

::STEELERS fan::

!TERRIFIED of ceiling fans!

~borderline OCD~

...easily distracted...

[addicted to caffeine]

I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

[#] you know!

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