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FireOpal (:#~#:-:#~#:-:#~#:-:#~#:-:#~#:)

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An actual photo of me, taken by me today, and it's the only photo of me that I've ever liked. I haven't brushed my hair, I've been running around a woody-river area, its 8pm in said woody-river area, and I think I look pretty good!
PS, please no comments on how ugly I am. Thank you.
PPS Like all the other dudes say - NO CYBERING! Talk to me by all means, but that's just icky. Really. And I talk a lot, so feel free to message me about anything!


She is SO pouting.
OK, this is random. It's an elf (sort of) who ended up with a rather disgruntled look. Maybe it's because I was drawing her ^-^
Why do these inspirations always come when I'm trying to write coursework?!
Changed due to bad face.

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This means I am one of the Halloween Poets (winner Halloween Poetry Competition - 2005) and EG Artists!

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Quote from 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' by J.K. Rowling.


My House is a Safe Zone.

Hello, and welcome! Well met.

I have just entered the 'Halloween Poetry Competition' with my submission 'The Truth of All Hallows'. Please, go read it, it's not that bad! Bene felix to me!
- Edit - Woah, I got a badge! *Is proud* Thanks you guys, and a round of applause to the amazing staff who did this so quickly!

Basic description de moi: Brown hair, brown eyes. Fair-tanned skin. Rosy cheeks. Loves music, drama, english, fiction, fanfiction. Plays acoustic guitar, is a Pupil Librarian and avid fanficcer.
For more of me, see:
- ('FireOpal')
- ('FireOpal')
- ('Flamestone')

More of Me.
I'm a little crazy, a little random, and a little obsessed. And I tend to under and over exaggerate!

I love to write poetry and literature, it gives me my own form of escapism, and it lets me pretend to be something more than I am. I love the idea of being able to communicate through words my thoughts and feelings and concepts, to be able to entertain and educate, just by doing what I love.
I also play music. No grades or anything - I like to call myself a freelancer. Everyone else likes to call me a dreamer! I play acoustic guitar, and basically, I try to teach myself, and I play for myself. The qualities of music are much deeper than the synthetic cover of 'pop' music (even though I do listen to some of that). Being able to play my own music is something I would love to do properly, and successfully, but realistically, I never will be able to.
I'm starting to sound like a soppy idiot, so I'll quit with this ramble. However, obviously, I also like [art], especially Japapense manga and anime, which I am very slowly learning to do.
I have also recently joined DeviantArt, under FlameStone, so if you want to, you can even see my stuff there.
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I have a lot of friends now. My ElfTown friends:
[i've left. bye bye.] Go Rach! (Btw, thanks for telling me about the dudey [thingies].
[Ardens] Go flamey myth-loving dude!

Yeah. So that's me. Boring aren't I?

[Some wiki's I definitely support:]


I have passed test, and I am now deemed worthy to be known as a ... ... Sorceress. In the war between good and evil, Sorceresss take the side of the noble and good.I am gifted with the elemental plane of Air. 

Find out what kind of Wizard/Wizardess you are at <a href="http://WizardSoul.Com" > </a>

A Sorceress creates magic the way a poet creates poems, with inborn talent honed by practice. They have no books, no mentors, no theories just raw power that they direct at will. Some Sorceress' claim that the blood of dragons courses through their veins. It may even be true-it is common knowledge that certain powerful dragons can take humanoid form and even have humanoid lovers, and it’s difficult to prove that a given a Sorceress does
not have a dragon ancestor. A Sorceress often has striking good looks, usually with a touch of the exotic that hints at an unusual heritage. Still, the claim that a Sorceress is partially draconic is either an unsubstantiated boast on the part of a certain Sorceress or envious gossip on the part of those who lack the Sorceress's gift.

Find out what kind of Wizard/Wizardess you are at <a href="http://WizardSoul.Com" ></a>

Your powers are highly attuned to the elemental plane of air. Storms and the powers of the winds come at your beck and call. Sometimes a magic user tuned to the elemental plane of air has the power to fly at will, and infuse his living body with the powers of his element. Often mages of air will build their strongholds or magical dwellings in high places such as mountain tops or flying citadels high above the earth where they can be close to their element. Some of the more powerfull spells in your arsenal include Lightning Bolt, Desert Twister, and Divine Wind.

Find out what kind of Wizard/Wizardess you are at <a href="http://WizardSoul.Com" ></a>

A poem I wrote rather randomly. Inspired by no-one. No matter what Rachel says.

Sharp pain in my neck
Pain in my heart
Numb to the core

You're here
Here in my life
Here in my heart
But you just hurt me more

Suck my life
Taste scarlet fluid
Take my life.

You lick
Bloodied tongue on skin
I can't feel myself
I'm losing the will.

Such pain
You're here in my life
You taste of my blood
I've lost the will.

Freedom from pain
Freedom from you
Life in my death.

And as you drink my life
As you take my blood
As you taste my tears
As you see my sweat
As you drink of me
I hope you choke.

Another random poem, still no titles. Inspired by Coldplay's 'Swallowed in the Sea'.

If I could sing a song
To say what I've done wrong,
To say where I belong
Then this would be my song.

The words just come to mind
And I can't help but hide
My pain where you can't find
The pain I have inside.

If I could write a book
To take back what you took
To take another look
Then this would be my book.

I have to turn away,
Turn back to face this life
And fight another day
In a world where war is rife.

Cause I can't sing a song,
To say what I so long
And I can't write a book
To save that which is forsook.

Finally, one last poem.
[Unresolved Issue.]

I sit and watch
Just sitting,
watching you.
You turn,
you glance,
I look away
It's normal, so you don't notice.
That I'm watching more than normal,
'Cause I can't take my eyes off of you.

I know you, friend, and that's why I sit.
You'll never know, 'cause I can't say.
Once, I open my mouth,
words at the tip of my tongue,
heart in my eyes,
but I can't. An invisible barrier
blocking my emotions.

So I sit
and wait
and wish.
I wish for something I cannot have.
And I cannot have you.

And on that happy note, I bid you adieu.
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Fantasy race personality: Human
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