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Boys Who Hardcore Dance Make Me Giggle♥ ([<x3] Anti-Heartbreaks)

Member #148096 created: 2005-07-14 03:30:10Simple URL:   

Name: Sarah.Elizabeth [{<3}]


On. The . Brightside. She. Could. Choke.

Don't. Worry. I. Don't. Bite. 


We. Looked. Like. Giants.

♥Fear. [{Before}]. The. March. Of. Flames .

i can't sit still for very long.
i hate being alone.
i spend too much time on my hair.
i want to look good for everyone.
i loves pajamas and track pants more then short skirts and super tight jeans.
i love music.
i loves when people play with my hair.
i wish i was smarter.
i can't spell for shit but i try pretty hard.
i'm the slowest reader on the face of the planet.
i love bright colours.
i'm a sucker for acoustic.
i hate sluts.
i hate people who TyPeeE lyyyKe DiS!!!111!
i hate rap lyrics.
i can't sing for shit.
i hate people who say they hate life.
i'm over/stove handicap.
i'm paranoid about everything.
i over react.
At tims i alway order 4 m&m and 2 chocolate chip cookies. Always.
i love a shy guy.
mullets are dirty funny.
i am so shy.
i will never approach anyone i dont know.
i only hate one person but there are many i dislike.
i am afraid of the dark. i get drunk way to easily.
i loooove cheesecake.
i eat to much junkfood.
i have an attention span like a goldfish.
i have over 15 hoodies i still wear.
i get annoyed quickly.
i hate being ignored. If you read this you're a champ. 


Rad Bands:::

armor for sleep
as i lay dying
bright eyes
dallas green
daphne loves derby
death cab for cutie
death from above 1979
elliott smith
fear before the march of flames
hawthorne heights
her space holiday
i can make a mess like nobody's business
ima robot
less than jake
plain white t's
pretty girls make graves
rilo kiley
rise against
the acamedy is...
the bled
the postal service
the spill canvas

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Thats attractive Brandon <3

Age: 16

Gender: female

Elftownworldmap missing.

heavy metalprogressive metalpunk

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: thin

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