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jables (Vexed, Terribly Vexed.)

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Name: Jay


Johnny DownTown... A.K.A. Me


An image I made for my beautiful new guitar...




I’m also a great fan of film. I'll watch any film. I don’t particularly enjoy trying to read into themes or morals or sub-texts or any of that bullshit, or even going as far as to analyse whether it’s a good or bad film I’m watching, I just like the escapism. If it can just distract my attention from my own life for a couple of hours then I’m happy.


[jables], [indifferent], [leaving fo good], [Edmund], [Morrison Take Rise], [OpenBody].
The Brotherhood. They mightn't all be around very often but they're pages definitly deserve a peek regardless.

Anywho, I’m a strong believer in providence. I believe that you are powerless over the things that have and will happen to you. Choice is an illusion, and all our paths are predestined. This could just be perceived as some bullshit belief I’ve adopted purely to justify my actions but regardless of your view it is what I believe. The things that are going to happen to you and I have been decided long before they actually do.

The above is a belief I strongly apply to death. I hate to hear things like “they were taken before their time,” because I simply do not believe this to be the case. Personally I think the time after a person’s death is no more theirs than that which preceded their birth. If I were to die tomorrow I’d know that it was meant to be, and accept it.


Age: 20

Gender: male

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Place of living: Ireland

Town: Cork

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Irish Gaelic


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