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+Distorted Beauty+

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Name: † Pixie †


woot!! haha
its a bit emo.. gosh my friends told me to pose like this ok... haha


how cool is my friend!!
she did this for me!!
i love it...
i love her to.. she is a little angel!!

Elftown titles and orders
Street child

All i am is a little girl in a big wide world, who's life revolves around music and friends.
She is into all the dark things in life, with a distortion of beauty.
She loves:
+body piercings
+body art.

Her interests consist of music, art, gothic/punk fashion and eyes.
She believes they are the most beautiful and fasonating part on the human body.
+Cradle Of Filth
+The 69 Eyes
+The Birthday Massacre
+Dimmu Borgir
+Bella Morte
+In Flames
+Marilyn Manson
+Morbid Angel
+Type O Negative
+Wednesday 13
+Dream Theatre
+My Dying Bride
+Dry Kill Logic
+Leaves' Eyes
+Within Temptation 
+Killswitch Engage
+Lacuna Coil
+Dillenger Escape Plan
+Dragon Force
+Parkway Drive
+Stone Sour
+etc etc etc


Hobbies: she does not know if she has any of those..?
Fav. Colours: black and red, black and green, and black and purple
Believe in God: she wears an inverted cross *like a satan symbol* so no she does not believe in god
Been Drunk: yes
Smoked Pot: she has
Kissed a girl: she does never wish to do that.. ever in her life time
Kissed a guy: why yes she has
Been in a car crash: yes
Been in love: yeah
Had sex: she does not wish to answer that
Been dumped: …
Shoplifted: no she has not..
Been Fired: no she hasnt
Been in a fight: verbally yes.. Unfortunately no..
Been sexually tied up: no!
Been caught masturbating: she does not perfom such ill minded things
Been Arrested: nope
Made out with a stranger: she does not wish to say
Been on a blind date: nope
Lied to a friend: if she did she is sorry… *bad memory*
Had a crush on a teacher: she has not and never wishes to
Skipped school: yeah
Walking in on friends having sex: she has not and dosent wish to
Walked in on parents having sex: she wishes for it to never happen
Broken a bone: nearly..
Kinky: maybe..!!!
Lost a friend: yes she has…


This is for her friend GooF who lost his life on the 17th September 2005...
R.I.P.. we love you forever.. 

This is dedicated to you GooF...

   ~Michael Sant~

Sixteen years old, you were so young,
Is it fair? Your life had just begun,
All of a sudden it was taken away,
We didn't even get to say the things we wanted to say!
If only God could of just seen,
How your life could of turned out to of been!
Why won't the sorrow disappear?
Why can't we stop shedding tears?
Maybe because we never told you just how much we cared,
And our lives with you we would loved to of shared!
Micheal you brought us so much joy and fun,
This can't be the finish the end of your run,
Smiles, jokes, love and tears,
We don't beleive sixteen were all your years,
As the rain poured down that terrible night,
None would of thought you would lose the fight,
Your family and friends were where your world revolved,
How is it they can't see you grow old,
None of us will forget you Micheal and your socks,
Or the way you grew your curly brown locks,
A best friend to so many ..... your life stolen away,
How could we know so soon your loss would make our days grey,
Is it selfish to think, why not another?
Why not someone our hearts, did not bother?
This tragic event which has made us all think,
Has opened our minds and made us all blink,
How can young people not survive?
Everything seemed invincible, our fun, our friends, our lives!
We all now see this is not so,
And through a tradgey we have all seemed to grow,
This is to Micheal our dear friend,
And how we all loved you right till the end.
We hope you know this as you look down,
And now that your safe, you smile not frown!

*** This is a tribute to a dear friend of many at Moss Vale High School, Michael Sant (a.k.a. Goof).The love many people shared for him and the awarnesss that although we are young, bad things can happen always be safe wherever you are and tell the ones you love that you cherish and love them everyday because you never know when they could be taken away!!

** And to this my friends, comes the end**

Age: 16

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Orc
Elftownworldmap 25°34.530'S 135°54.438'E

Town: NSW

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

gothheavy metalprogressive metal

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 159

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