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Isolated Incognito (Read my shit poetry.)

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Name: Sean Michael MacArthur

This is the crappy emo face that belongs to my crappy emo poetry.


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Locked Out
She's locked me out of the house
Thrown my things all around the lawn
She said that I should move out
But I don't know how I'll get along
I don't know what it is that I did
But I know I don't deserve this
I tried so hard for her to be perfect
And she treats me like I'm worthless
I know you know that it's killing me to go
But listen close because there's something you should know
When it all comes down to this
I would die for one more kiss
Just 'cause you don't love me anymore
Doesn't make me love you any less

Another Depressing Poem About Lindsey
Listen to me when I say
That she's no good for me
So angry, so insecure
She takes it out on me
There is nothing about her
Nothing I don't hate
Leaving me with the iron distaste
Of blood rushing to my mouth
Beating the life from me
Until the blood in my bones
Seeps through my skin and dries out
Screaming in my face
That I'll never be any good
Until I start to believe
In every lie she's said to me
How frail could I have been
To one time break down over you
When nothing you ever said
Was even close to true
Especially when you said
"I love you"

Cut and bleed
Wait and see
Bleeding out
Is how I shout
That I'm in pain
I nick the vein
Wait and heal
The scars are real
I'm still alone
That's how I know
That I'll survive
Another night
I hope I bleed
A bit too deep
So I can meet
Eternal sleep
Just pray for me
To rest in peace

Lindsey's Mantra
Heartless whore,
Listless witch,
Deceitful woman,
Evil bitch,
You'll have your time,
To meet with fate,
And all will perish,
That I hate.

An Understanding You May Not Have
In a corner
In my room
I sit alone
And think of you
Hiding in
The dark again
And all I needed
Was a friend
To help me up
And help me through
In times of turmoil
I had you
To hold my hand
And make things right
You were my stars
My shining light
Now picture this
Inside your heart
My life is dead
My world is dark
And I just wish
That you could see
Without you here
I'm not complete

I Love You More
For one brief moment
In your eyes
Tonight I saw
A shining light
A truth, a hope
Overlooked before
The world's trust
Embedded in a moment
And your eyes betrayed
The feelings of your heart
A complete enamour
Stirring warm passions
Kindling the desire to try
To fix a heart you once broke
And the moment spoke
Telling me I had lied
Each time I told you
That I love you more

The Soul of an Indigent Man
There's a whole lot wrong
In the world today
When a man with a harp
Can sit and play
At the park in the dark
And the people all say that he's trouble

With a tear on his cheek
And a hole in his coat
He sits and he speaks
Each word that he wrote
And he sings a sad song
And he sings a sad note
And the people all say that he's crazy

But his words are his life
And his story's his song
And it cuts like a knife
That he can't make it along
And one day when he no longer plays
Someone will wonder why it no longer
Feels right at the park after dark
Now that he's gone

You are so old
Your hair is gray
And wrinkles line your face
Your eyes are cold
Your brow is pulled
To a crease above your nose
You move so slow
And bear the load
Of all your childrens pain
You gave up everything you had
To keep your children safe

You're old because you worry
About the mouths to feed
Your eyes are cold
Because you think
You can't fulfill our needs
You bear the load
Because you know
That no one else will try
Your hair is gray
From the stress
Of trying not to cry

Down they all go, marching in line
DXM soldiers, stealing your time
Smiling at nothing, Four bars and you’re gone
Taken at dusk, it wears off at dawn
Marching in madness, Warring on your mind
A numb lifeless body, Frozen in time
One bar too many, chasing a high
In the shell of a body, dead before you die

Who Needs Help?
Everything hollows out inside
From the poison that was our former life
How can I survive
These feelings of regret
When I realize
That no matter what I do
However hard I try
My failures are doomed to repeat themselves
I have no more will to fight
So I'll write my feelings out
So everyone can see
That I don't need their fucking help
I just want to be left alone
So I can be by myself

They'll Lock Me Up For This, I'm Sure
I'll nail you down
In this coffin that I've made
And bury you in cement
If that is what it takes
I won't be able to sleep
Until you're six feet deep
In a casket in the ground
I will find no peace
Until your body can't be found
So pray to your uncaring God
Make your amends and try
To find forgiveness
Where there is none
Because today you will die
There is no way out
And you deserve what you get
You broke my heart
Turned my life upside down
Now I have nothing left
But this drive to put you down

Broken Promise/Divorce
It feels like I've known you my whole life
Since we've met you've been on my mind
And even though the years go by
I still think of you all the time

You were my best, my truest friend
Said you'd stand by me 'till the end
But you forgot that promise you made
And now I feel betrayed

I was a fool for blind romance
And wounds like this don't heal
So I gathered all my confidance
To tell you how I feel

But you're with him and I'm alone
He took my only comfort zone
And if you cared you would have known
I cried when I got home

So by myself and torn apart
Your broken promise broke my heart
For everything I would undo
I'd never change my love for you

You'll never take me back
And even if you would
I'd open up my heart to you
And you'd destroy my world

With Reguard To A Girl I Thought I Knew
I try not to be fragile
I try not to be fake
You are just a metaphor
For all of my mistakes

I try not to be sorry
I try so hard to smile
You used me and than left me here
A broken hearted child

But if I could retrace my steps
I'd find myself to blame
To me it was the truest love
To you it was a game

You hurt me when you left me
But I'd do it all again
You can't call me your lover
I won't call you my friend

The Snow Angel
The neighborhood is quiet
The air is still and cold
Icicles in the trees
Point to the fallen snow

Desolation on the ground
Dressed in a gown of white
A silent masterpiece
Reflecting the moonlight

I'll drop down on the ground
And make an angel in the snow
To paint a pretty picture
Of a girl I used to know

If only for a moment
I would see her in the frost
A haunting memory
Of an angel that I've lost

Please just let me die
Release me from this life
I've suffered once or twice
Through sentimental suicide
These lacerations scar my chest
From where my heart was rent
And in your eyes malevolent
I see you act indifferent
But the hatred in your tone
Crashes like the swelling tide
I see the flash of your smile
And the sparkle in your eye
When you think of severing my spine
You anathemic superficial
Shallow heartless whore
Everything you've ever done
Has earned my heartfelt scorn
So just revol in my silence
Let melancholy take it's hold
The sickness in your head
Fills the hollows of your soul
Languishing your forlorn life
While you remember every lie
Let apathy take hold
I hope you fucking die

This world is meaningless
So full of restlessness
And this sick emptiness
Tightens it's grip on my stomach
The funerals
These memories
Their caskets, full
The smiles, empty
But it's too late now
Her eyes have closed
What the fuck should I do?
She was all of my hopes
And all my fading dreams
Still echo in her silent screams
One thousand voices in dischord
Beg forgiveness from the Lord
They pray to God for sympathy
To end their mortal misery
But He's not real
Or He's too busy
To care about my needs
And what can be done
With tears that won't be shed?
There's nothing I hold more dear
Than this barrel to my head
I wish to paint the room with my thoughts
But it would tint the room blood red

When the sun sinks into dusk
When the light leaves in a rush
Darkness slowly creeps on in
Night embraces us again

When the night is a black crow
I tell the secrets no one knows
Each one a tear that I have cried
Invisible to human eyes

Emotions I have locked inside
Well up as thoughts of suicide
Each day feels just the same
I can no longer take this pain

I can not go on this way
There is nothing left to say
There is nothing I can do
You don't know what I'm going through

I'll find a quiet place to hide
Commit a subtle suicide
There is nothing left to do but die
This will be my last goodbye

The sick stitches in my flesh
Hold the pieces in their place
And your dark green eyes
Match the bruises on my face

My blood is curdling
Even as we speak
How can my heart heal
When the wounds are this deep?

Fate has been unkind
There is no escape
I'll take the blood you've shed today
And throw it in your face

I'm so artificial
Each breath that I take
Preludes my death
But make no mistake
My ashes will linger
They'll hang in the air
To choke out my lover
Leave her in despair
My voice is this silence
My silence by choice
My choice is to die
My death is my voice
My spirit will haunt you
To burden your heart
And you'll hear me whisper
"'Till death do us part"

Age: 27Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 4

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Dwarf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Texas

Town: Brownwood

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

adult popalternativeclassical
countryfolk musicgoth
grungeheavy metalprogressive metal

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 178

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