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psyco_pingu (CRAZY GOOD!!)

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Name: Britney...or is it?...*shifty eyes*


Me!..yeah quality is bad...what do you expect from a camera that my cousin payed 30$ for.


teehee....not great but hey

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Town DrunkAdventurer


hello to my neighbours, hope your day is going good!

Ok i know like noone reads theses things fully and when they see its a long one they skip it completly but well mine just has some pics and not alot of words. But who cares?..umm noone!. O just a little tid-bit---i gots me a kitten, his name is Milo---younger brother named him:P...anyhooooo......yeah so i am rambling about how noone checks these things so why am i writing alot...god i got no life!!!!! ok yeah i am stopping---and for all you fools who read this THANX A BUNCH!!!!! really thanx for taking the time.


Current Mood:got a car! and getting married!

I know that that is not how you spell psyco ok!.....stop telling me i made a mistake that is how i spell it for a reason and if you have a problem with that screw off!

Sorry i had to get that out...people were beginning to drive me mad.

<b>Click here!!!!!Its Kool!!



My House is a Safe Zone.


(Image deleted by the guards)

Hi I'm Britney, i'm 19 and from Montreal. BOOYAH!

I am studying Publication design and hypermedia technology at John abbott College

Who I Am
-i stress out easily
-low tolerence for idiots
-very little control over my temper
-an easy going person most other days
-like randomness
-have no idea how to save money
-do no do dont even ask!
-inmaturity annoys me at times
-hate it when people message me just for the sake of it...say something interesting




-only one and thats Russell Crowe


-anything else fantasy


Other interesting Facts

UMMMM....i dont have red hair...i am naturally blond. 0.o

Saw this and it made me giggle:

Do you:
( Color your hair? ) yep
( Have tattoos? ) in the fall i will
( Piercings? ) yep
( Floss daily? ) admit it!
( Own a webcam? ) nope so dont ask!
( Ever get off the damn computer?) no
( Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ) rude!
( Hablar Espanol? ) some
( Quack? Quack quack? ) OMG!..I am horny too!
Have You Ever:
( Gotten a speeding ticket? ) nope
( How fast? )umm...i'll let you know
( DUI? ) IOU
( Been in a wreck? ) yep
( Been arrested? ) nope
( Stolen a car? ) nope
( Stolen anything? ) yeah a popcicle...oooooo!...i am so bad!!
( Smoke? ) used to
( Pot? ) one time and god was it funny
( Crack? )nope
( Drink? ) yeah teehee
( Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? ) o yeah!.lol and i forgot everyone else
( Been so drunk you didn't care that you couldn't remember your name? )yeah!..i was laughing my ass off....mmm tequila!
( Posed for nude pics? ) yeah
( Considered a life of crime? )its my goal
( Considered being a hooker? )nope
( Maybe a pimp? )HELL YA!
( Cheated on someone? )yeah dont remind me
( Been married? ) not yet
( Been divorced? ) ummm...hope never
( Split personalities? ) yeah i got a penguin mind living in me..beware he licks!
Schizophrenic? )...BOOBIES
( Obsessive? ) BOOBIES
( Compulsive? ) BOOBIES
( Obsessive Compulsive? )MORE BOOBIES!!!
( Panic? ) umm not really no
( Anxiety? ) yeah sometimes
( Depressed? ) have my moments *cires*
( Suicidal? ) was
( Homicidal? ) lol
( Genocidal? ) lol
( Pedophile? ) eww god no!
( Obsessed with hate? ) hmm depends
( Mutilate animals? ) umm ok no..and damn you all the are!
( Idolize infamous criminals? )uhhhh no
( Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? ) o yea...all the time X.x
( Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? )BOOBIES

  if you want to know anything else then
ask!...Really i like hearing from all kinds of people...just read the rules before...Thanx!



1.I do not cyber so don't even think of asking
2.I have a boyfriend so NO i will not go out with you
3.If your younger than 16 dont bother talking to me unless you need help or something along those lines
4.If your going to talk to me say something intelligent.
5.If you cant type then dont talk to me, i do not tolerate fake words. If you type in slang...piss off!





Email me at:
I dont check my college email much so you have more luck with these two.


Click me! Click me!

Age: 20Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 16

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 45°58.272'N 74°28.560'W

Place of living: Canada - Quebec

Town: Montreal

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
web design


Other interests

Civil status: live together with partner

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 178

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