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Name: Xazzax


To the times that were mine, now is agony.
[ИллюзиИ] took this picture on one of our excursions.


Normality, a fatal prescription if over dosed.

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I am nobody.

You can never know me. I have no existence, I have no soul, I have no world in which to wander.

I can only be nothing, and thus I am divine.




You are only awake to me when you are in the deepest dreamless sleep.

No past. No future. No life. No struggle.

Only peace.


This is a work of my own. My Faceless.

Smoking behind my eyes on dusty walls
graffiti and garbage with leaves drying
the world where people are burned in halls
thier shadows trapped and daylight crying

The world we knew is now no more they say
hearts beat away through life with no sound
if only they could see where they'd be today
they're only a memory til the sun goes down

The tide washes upon the shore with vigor
nature reclaims its children it was once said
dew creeps closer the the last pressed trigger
after the nucklear holocaust, nothing is really dead

To end it all was the goal in motion
My role is to keep people in thier seats
the waves of shadows, societies black ocean
I retain all the stories and amazing feats

The houses serve no one and continue to live
the driverless bus in on time with ashes of fare
the show goes on, there is everything to give
the rope jumps on with no little girl to even care

The mail wait patiently to the read again
news papers rot like sewage in fire
the important messages met with distain
the world as we left it, something to desire

Its not people we want back into this scene
all our traces to be wiped off, gone and clear
it was perfect before we came is what we mean
finality of hate and love is nothing to fear

Only a canvas i carry in my mind is all this destruction
a story without us in it becomes an ancient scripture
dispair the hopless, slow moving, my internal eruption
With my own blood could i never paint you into this picture

So i sit, i stare into nothingness for hours on end
lonely streets i walk to see the jobs with no salary
the world without life on it is my own personal godsend
for so long i was kept from the maddening view of my gallery

For all the flaming seas of hell i could have ever sailed
i couldn't escape the day of my masterpiece unveiled

angels could sing after all this death with the birds
only upon such horror could they find heavenly words

With the closing reason for the purgatory in which i am flawed
Is a hope to understand why some of us do not belong closer god

Gender: male

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Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 175

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