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kiba/Sidkah, The Wolf Furry (a lazy coconut Bloodclot!)

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Name: Sidkah


(done by Kitt-Kitsune as a request. the fox character is copywrite to him and the wolf me) ha! im too fast for you!!! now face my Bankai!


hey there.

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i think i good song should start this off.....
Fall of Troy


Slow down this is slippin' through my mind,
This conversation has run out of time.
Honey I know you know what I mean,
And that's the one thing that you soon will find.
I know that you really wanna go,
My mind is runnin' outta gas just relax,
And recap, and relapse.
Tonight, my bodies jumpin' and I,
Go through the motions and I'm leaving on this journey,
Maybe someday I'll come running home to you.

I don't wanna see the day, my words cannot make it safe.
(Come running home! Come running home!)
Her heart in my hands, it's too bad, no regrets
I don't wanna see the day, her tears are falling on my grave.
(Come running home! Come running home!)
This is my one chance, to take back, no regrets

Let's go, I just wanna let you know,
This situation leaves me outta breath
We'll drive till the love that's in your eyes,
Drops to the ground,unravels like a thread
I know that you really wanna go,
I only think about her, must get to her, cannot lose her.
You know that I will not let this die,
Life support systems and my mind on
Rewind and rewind and rewind

I don't wanna see the day, my words cannot make it safe.
(Come running home! Come running home!)
Her heart in my hands, it's too bad, no regrets
I don't wanna see the day, her tears are falling on my grave.
(Come running home! Come running home!)
This is my one chance, to take back, no regrets

I don't wanna see the day, my words cannot make it safe.
Her heart in my hands, it's too bad, no regrets
I don't wanna see the day, her tears are falling on my grave.
This is my one chance (my one chance, my one chance)

Woot I am one of the best gamers around hahahaha(i wish) about me.... I game, play bass guitar, wrestle(folkstyle, freestyle, and Grecco/Roman), and play paintball.

I am a fur (wolf) and not afraid to hide behind it. I am a good person and treat others as they treat me.

I am in highschool and hopeing to be a Virologist or major in some form of Biology.

i listen to a lot of bands (too much to name) but ill write the ones i love (no order). Hellogoodbye, Rammstein, MCR, Redjumpsuit Apparatus, Bullet for my Valentine, Anti-Flag, Pillar, Atreyu, Hawthorne Heights, HIM, Head Atomica, CKY, Incubus, Sublime, Group X, and Underoath.

I am also on a paintball team called Ex-Ops. I am only a dagger but im wicked fast and have very well marksmanship as well as eyesight which makes me quite deadly. Our colors is red, black, and grey and im know as "The Medic" due to me loving Virology and wanting to become a doctor one day.

Basically im lookin for friends, not mates or anything of that nature. so no online sex you perverts.

I am a writer but will post something up when its finished (almost done) and copywriten towards myself. look for UPDATES!!! YAY UPDATES!!!

Update: 2/24/07 6:47 PM
The Night Feeds Chapter 1, Part 1(revised)
(this story is copywritin to me. Feedback or comments are welcome. please write your coments to thx and enjoy!)

It was a dark night as a teenage grey wolf ran down the deserted street to hide from his pursuers. Sweat started to pore from his being as it was either absorbed into his shirt or dropped to the dry street and left there only to be then evaporated by the beaming sun. The terrified teen quickly ran into a two way alley where a once green dumpster, filled with boxes and recycalible junk, but now the color of crimsin filled with boxes and bottles stood. He scanned down the ally and saw nothing. The young wolf quickly ran behind the dumpster and tried to controll his breathing so the creatures wouldn't hear him.
Sounds of hungry moans and their shoes shuffle was a good sign that they were getting closer to him. As if out of no where, a horrid putrid smell came into contact with his nose and made him gag. "What the.." he was stopped as he layed eyes on a mutalated lion who was sprawled out in the middle of the alley on his back. The lion just laid there, Eyes with a sight of fright that no nortal should have as his stomach was ripped out as splats of gore lay on the side of a building. His shirt was ripped savagely off as bite marks on his arms indicated a struggle. His pants were still on but also showed that the ghouls bit him there as well.
He closed his eyes and turned his sight from the gruesem display of a tortured fur as he slightly poked his head out of his hiding place as the massive mob of rotted meat slowly walked by. He quickly pulled his head back as his foot hit the dumpster with a thud. He cursed himself as the mob slowly turned their blank expression to him as he shot up. He slowly moved backwards as his foot was grabbed by a paw as he looked back to see the lion crawl to his ankel and tried to pull himself to his mouth. *NO!!! Get off," he screamed as the ghoul just made a hungry moan. He looked back at the group as they inched towards him slowly, reaching out to him and bringing their rank smell with them.
Out of nowhere, a gunshot split the barrier of moans of hunger and his pleading as the lion on his ankle loosened his grip on his ankle. The wolf looked down to see a hole in the back of the lion's skull as brains, bits of skull, and scalp was spewed everywhere. "Get down!" a male voice said as he shot to the ground as continueous gunfire was heard.The sound of boots hitting the stone was heard next as he reloaded his gun and slung his rifle in his shoulder. The grey wolf started to crawl backwards in fright, "please, don't hurt me! I wasn't bitten or anything!" The man stepped into view. He was a lion. He wore a Blue bulletproof vest with white letters that said, T. S. A. R. T. He also wore azure tacticle pants with many pockets for amunition. On his pants werea holster on each thoigh where a pistol would be contained. On his hands were ebony tacticle padded gloves with the tips cut out for easy fire on his guns. He had a survival knife holstered on his chest with a couple grenades on his belt. HIs guns were two nine-millimeter standard ops pistols, an M-4 assault rifle, and a shotgun whch was holstered on his back.
The frightened wolf had both of his hands over his head and crouched over like one of those stupid tornado drills you did back in school until the last bullet was fired and the last decrepid shell of a person fell. "Get up" the man commanded as the teen quickly shot to his feet for fear of being shot. "Here," the cop said as he tossed the kid a pistol that had a full clip and a couple more clips for extra ammo. "I-I can't take this." the wolf said. "And why is this?" The lion said back. "I never shot anyone or anything with a gun or anything with a resemblance to a gun in my life!" The officer hushed him, " Be quiet! do you want more of those things comin? Besides, a choper will be comin shortly for my team and any survivors we have found." The boy sighed in relief. "whats your name kid?" The Lion said as he reloaded his assault riffle. "Ki-Kiba." he answered back stuttering. "what's yours?" Kiba asked still a little shaken up from his encounter. The Name is Leon. People call me Leon for short now let's-" He was stopped in mid sentence as a pair of rotten arms wrapped around his arms as he was unable to fight off the undead.
Kiba couldn't move as he watched this lion who had saved him only a couple minutes ago, trying to fight off something that obviously shouldn't be walking. He shook the fear from his young form as he closed his eyes and fired a shot as a sound of a body hit the ground. 
Leon jumped as the gunshot pierced the monsters groans for flesh and his grunts to get free as the creature released its grip and fell to the floor, a bullet hole inbetween his eyes. Leon looked at the corpse then back to Kiba, who still had his eyes closed. " Did you just shoot that thing with your eyes closed?!" He yelled. " Well does it matter its dead right?." Kiba yelled back. Leon walked back to Kiba, "Give me that damn gun," he said as Kiba gave it back, " this shit isn't flying with me. Now lets go hunt for more survivors." Kiba nodded as they ran out of the gore-stricken alley and out into the deserted city.
 The Night Feeds Chapter 1 part 2 (this part is a two part because of all the info and stuff was long)

 The helicopter's blades hummed loudly in the air as a team of T.S.A.R.T. ,or Tactical Service And Rescue Team, was sent in to a town currently under quaranteen by a pathological virus. Nothing is known about this deadly hazard but one thing: if infected, there is no cure.
 Leon looked around the 'copter's inhabitants. he saw Bubba, a Grizzly bear, talking to Dun, a red fox, about finally getting to see some action while Dun had the expression of 'who cares'. Gale, a badger, holding on to his cross necklace for dear life with his eyes closed as a siberean tiger named Chad who was giving him a hard time. "They are coming to get you and the theres no where to hide," he said while snickering. Leon stood up and grabbed Chad by his collar and pulled him so there were eye-to-eye. "Listen here Pussy-cat, If you say one more word, I will shoot you. Got it?" Leon said with aggression. The scared tiger could only nod. "good," he said as he threw the cat back down into his seat, "now sit down and shut up! We got a mission and your acting like a child." Leon turned and sat back into his seat as a familiar voice was heard, "Such a caring comander but what big teeth you have?" It was Julie, an acrtic fox in a red, strapless one- piece dress that covered her left leg, but left the other uncovered with a 9mm hangun holstered there. The lion could only leer at her, " your going in with only a 9mm?" She smiled ," oh no," she coed, " i also have a stun gun-" This made Leon laugh as she glared back at him, " What? Im going in to an almost abandoned town with all males, I have to have some protection." Leon just chuckled and shook his head.
 The 'copter made its way to the extraction point as the team jumped out and landed on the soft soil and unholstered their weapons. They all formed a line as Leon stood in front. 'that asshole cat is still quiet, this may be a new record Chad' Leon thought as he signaled the driver to leave. " OK everyone this is a search and rescue mission. We are to find and escort any survivors. Do not use any dealy force unless otherwise. Live ammunition is authorized. Be careful, the survivors may be infected, so don't panic if they die. Also, if any of their fluids get inside of you, you will be infected and die within two days. We are going to split up into two man groups; Chad your with Julie, Bubba and Dun, Gale and me." 'I hope nothing goes wrong...' Leon thought.


The Night Feeds chapter 1, Part 2-2

 "Thanks for sticking up for me back there." Gale said as leon turned to face him. "Not a problem," Leon said with a smile, "someone had to say something to shut his mouth up.' The badger could only nod and grip onto his rifle tightly, as the search continued.

 They made a left into the demolished suburb. Blood was smeared onto the walls and cars facing in angles with their doors open and windows smashed in. Gale noticed a body lying down and trying to breathe as hard as he could. "Sir! I think I found a survivor!" Leon turned and followed over to his team mate and kneeled down beside him. Gale was the team's medic, so it didn't surprise Leon that Gale checked for vital signs. It was a black panther, about twenty-three years old. "How is he?" Leon asked. Gale could only shake his head. "His signs are slowly fadeing off, he has two bite marks; one on his arm, the other on his shoulder. He lost a good bit of blood but he is fighting for his life." Leon nodded as Gale pointed to the places of where the fur was bitten. "Well, should we help him up?" Leon asked. Gale nodded, "we can't go to fast, nothing faster than a walk. His body can't take to much." They helpped the woozy panther to his feet as Leon put one of the panther's arm over his shoulder, and Gale took the other. Slowly, they made their way.

 About ten minutes down the way, the panther fell limp in their hands. He was claimed by the city. They laid him down as Gale went to declare his death; checking his signs one more time. Nothing. Gale slowly got up and looked at Leon, " what do we do now?" Leon looked at the corpse, "We finish this mission and get out." Gale nodded as a hand grabbed his ankle. Gale looked down to see the panther bite into his ankle, sending a massive shockwave of pain up from his ankle, to Gale's Brain. "AHHHH! Get off me!" Leon unholstered a pistol and shot the panther in his skull, creating a hole in the corpse's head and sending him twitching and spasiming on the ground. After a minute, the body layed still. "He bit me! But he was dead!!! i checked! I-" he remembered the bite marks on the panther's arms as his eyes grew wide. Gale staggard backwards and fell onto his but as he crawled backwards until his back was against a wall. "I'm gonna become one of those things..." He said as he looked down then up at Leon. "I'm not gonna make it am I sir?" Leon didn't know what to say, what Gale said was true; he will be dead and there isn't anyone could do to save him. "Gale get up! we have to finish this thing! I promise I'll get you taken are of. Now let's go!" Gale shook his head, "You go on, I don't want to endanger you if i turn." Leon grabbed Gale by his collar and pulled him up to his feet and glared into him, " Now you are coming with me and we are getting out of here. This mission is over. Now lets get those-" Gale hit Leon's paws so that he would be free of the Lion's grip. "Im not going. this is-" He was stopped as many moans for flesh and carnage was heard. Soon both had their weapons aimed at the spot where the "infected" might come from. Soon alleyways and buildings wer throwing up zombies at them. They both unlashed a barrage of gunfire into the walking, rotten meat; but to no avail. "They are getting to close," Gale said as he gave his ammo to Leon. "Gale what are you-" Gale interrupted Leon as he bolted into the zombie crowd. Rotten hands pulled the Merc down as they circled him. More came and tried to get to him as greedy dead hands tried to snag a piece of their dinner. "GALE!!!!" Leon screamed but he didn't try to rush in. Gale was gone. He took one last look over at Gale's murderers and took off into the opposite direction. 'Your sacrifice wont go in vain, and unpunished.'

 About two miles down into the death valley that was once a living comuninty was made, Leon heard some shuffling and a cry for help in an alley. 'Not another one' Leon thought as he saw a lion try to bite a teenage wolf's ankle. he began to shoot into the crowd. 'For you Gale.'


please send messeges on my story! i cant make it better unless you tell me how it is or what it lacks!

AOL: Sovietcanine91(don't mind the soviet part, im not a commie, im just russian is all)

Yahoo: lonewolfbassist

so if ya wanna talk, just leave me an IM

Age: 17Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 10

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