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karate babe

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This is me.

Drawing missing.

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Karate is my life. I have been in it for 8 years now. I am a 1st degree black belt in taekwondo and hopkido. I test for my 2nd degree in september. Before i moved i was a green belt 5 que in Budo-Taiijutsu, which was 4 tests away from black belt. But that was really really good. and took a lot of time and stuff to get there.

I am the 2nd oldest out of 4 girls. I have to take care of my littler sisters bc my older sister is either at work or watching tv texting. Which also means i am the one that has to do everything around the house.

I am planning to be a vet. i luv animals and would luv to help them as much as i can. My family has 3 dogs altogether. But one of them is my DAD'S dog. and have nothing to do with her. she is just plain evil. ask my sisters. But the other 2 are also girls. We have a pound puppy so they don't know what kind she is, but her name is Twinkle, bc she has a bad eye and they say she can't hear out of that ear. Then there is Trixie, a Pikapo, lol, nickname, she is tiny but thinks that nothing can hurt her and she can do anything. Lol, my dads dog taught her diferent, she ended up with stictches up her side. We also have bunny. We got him for easter so we have almost had him for a year. His name is Rosco. Lucky for my dad, now his not the only boy in the family.

I am in training rit now so that i can teach classes for my karate, which will hopefully become my job soon, if not then i am most likly going to be working at the local godfathers. But hey everyone has to start somewhere.

[96% of teens won't stand up for god
repost this on your site if you one of the 4% who will

[When someone dies everything goes dark and numb, does anyone really know when you get any feelings back???

I miss you Billy, and always will, I will see you again someday

[crazy1 86]: hey baby!!!

[h0tNsPiCy91]: who is this???

[crazy1 86]: ur secret admirer!!!!!

[h0tNsPiCy91]: oh really.... quit lyin! who is this???

[crazy1 86]: i loved u the first time a stared in your eyes...

[crazy1 86]: i think about u everyday... you are my dream come true.

[crazy1 86]: we met once! i dont think u remember tho.

[crazy1 86]: i cut myself because the pain takes away my feelings of u.

[crazy1 86]: u will see me sometime tonight....

[h0tNsPiCy91]: ..WHO IS THIS!?!?!?

[crazy1 86]:dont worry.... ill take very good care of you...

[crazy1 86] had signed off.

The girl was so scared she locked all her doors and windows. She made sure her room was secured. She wasn't sure if it was a joke or for real. She didn't know when he was going to come. The girl was so frightened she decided to sleep with her little sister. The girl dozed off quickly.

Then she heard a knock on the window. The girl slowly walked to the window. It started knocking louder. The girl looked through the windows and saw nothing... just some of the tree branches. The girl went back to bed with her sister. The bed was wet and had a pretty horrid smell. Maybe her sister wet the bed... the girl checked and found blood everywhere. The girl panicked. She didn't know what to do. She ran and hid in the closet in case the killer was there for her. While looking through the cracks of the closet the girl saw a shadow. It was dark, so she couldn't figure out who it was. She started to get more frightened. The shadow crept closer to the closet. The girl closed her eyes as if it was a dream. Then suddenly he opened the closet door and pulled her out.

Her parents found her dead the next morning. She was completely skinned and hanging in her sister's closet. The younger sister was also found skinned and dead.

PART 2...

Two years after the Smith sisters deaths, the parents had a baby boy. The girl's room became a guest room and the little sister's room where the murder took place became the baby's room. The baby grew up to be a successful kid.

One night he was on the computer and received an instant message.

[h0tNsPiCy91]: Hey lil bro!!!

[2seXay4u]: Who the eff is this?

[h0tNsPiCy91]: It's your big sis.

[2seXay4u]: I never had a sister. I'm an only child.

[2seXay4u]: This is some kinda joke, huh?

[h0tNsPiCy91]: Mom and dad never told you?

[h0tNsPiCy91]: I died 15 years ago with your other older sister.

[h0tNsPiCy91]: We were murdered in your room which was once my little sister's room. She was killed in bed when I was sleeping. I was killed in the closet and skinned to death.

[2seXay4u]: Quit lying. I never had a sister. If I did my parents would have told me. Whatever. Your stupid.

[h0tNsPiCy91]: You don't believe me? Well if you wanna look in your closet floor.

[h0tNsPiCy91]: I carved my name and the time and date I was being murdered. Then I carved my little sister's name.

[h0tNsPiCy91]: If you don't believe me little brother check the internet. Google on ''Smith sisters murdered anonymously''.

[h0tNsPiCy91]: I gtg little brother. I love you and mom and dad soo much. I can't believe they kept us a secret from you.

The boy checked the closet. He saw the carvings. Was it true? He surfed the internet and information was there about the anonymous murder in the house. The next morning the boy went downstairs. It was so quiet. Maybe his parents were sleeping. Hours later the boy found
parents in their closet skinned and hanged. Then he found more carvings on the ground. They said ''I TOLD YOU I WASN'T LYING LITTLE BROTHER, I LOVED MOM AND DAD.... BUT THEY KEPT ME A SECRET. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. WELL I'M FREE FROM THIS COLD WORLD, I WON'T HURT YOU LIKE I HURT THEM. I LOVE YOU!"



Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 26

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-South Dakota

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishSpanish

Home-page URL: karate babe

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gameschatemail

countryhip hoppop

Other interests
animalsboard gamesbooks
card gamescatsdogs

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: very thin

Height: 157

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