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Name: Jesse



Drawing missing.

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Building worker

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AdventurerTravelling bardFastfood worker

---> Mz LoMa <--- hello ElfTown peeps or the peeps who actually take the time to read this, Ma name is ---> JeSsE <--- & I just turned 18, I'm a ---> kRaZy BuT kWeL <--- type of girl, guess you can call me ---> InDePeNdEnt <--- like it says on ma profile i like to read, text, talk on celly, go to the movies, listen to music, go clubbing, and many many more things. (added a couple of things the profile thingy ain't long enough) lol... I'm a big fan of Japanese Manga and Culture... Well I'm 1/4 Hopi & 3/4 Apache but 100% ---> NaTiVe AmErIcAn <--- Ma last name is ---> LoMaYeSvA <--- i get my last name from my hopi side... say it wit me now, LO-MAY-ES-VA.! "GOOD.!" haha... jp. yea, i'm a terd.! nothing new.! but...! a terd wit attitude.! hehe... well, most peeps can't say my last name, so don't bother. just save the embarrassment for both you and i. i like to keep things real. i'm a real funny, sweet(at times(you culd find out 4 urself.!)), kewl BUT AWESOME krazy, gurl. i love to laugh and have a good time wit frens. i like to make my life exciting(very.!).! to enjoy life and take a one step at a time(yup yup).! don't plan ahead because your plans might not turn out as planned(i learned that the hardway.!!!) but hey.! life goes on.! you only live life once, why not make memories for yourself...? never hold any regrets in life, they just hold you back. no grudges, or faults. live like there's no tomorrow. take the chances in life and jump for it, cuz you never know where you'll land.?!?! never label someone just because of their surroundings. never misjudge someone... never judge me.! lol. but yup yup yup.! i'm jus being me.! so don't try too hard to be someone ur not.! i'm the only ---> JeSsE <--- out there.! so save it.! lolz... well i'm jus SIMPLY ME.! and no one else. i'm jus unique and different.! I'D RATHER BE ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY.!!! oh... and i forgot weird.! lol...

Age: 18Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 10

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 41°6.906'N 103°21.780'W

Place of living: USA-Arizona

Town: Scottsdale

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
emailinformation seekingmusic

alternativegothheavy metal

Other interests
animeartboard games
bookscard gamescars
catschesscrime stories

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 168

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