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Name: Toria

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Hello, my name is Toria and I have long brown hair with brown eyes. I am a dancer and like to write stories; I'm not that much of a drawer though. I also have inhumanly long nails. I can be nice but, I have a wicked temper that should not be trifled with; there you have been warned. I like any kind of music except religious because I get enough of that at home but, my favorite is tango music that you can dance to. I don't care what you are as long as you don't piss me off then we'll get along greatly. My favorite animal is either a dog or a dolphin. My favorite color is cyrstal blue and I hate the colors soft pink, bright pink, and baby pink... in fact their only types of pink I do like are hot pink and coral pink. My favorite foods are sushi and ribs; I like ribs because I'm mexican so sue me.     

Hey my friend meg is waiting to get an elftown soo... she's putting her story on here for now. Be nice and read it.

Meg's story
Stone of the Moon

Age: 17Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 28

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

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Place of living: USA-Texas

Town: Dallas

Known languages

Elfwood writer: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat

countrygothheavy metal
hip hopjazzopera

Other interests
bookscookingcrime stories

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 165

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