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Tyrand (I AM BACK!!! AFTER 4 YEARS!!!!)

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Name: Tyrand wisperwind


This is the tarantula I had caught for zoology.
Despite the common belief their poisonous bite doesn't kill!

Drawing missing.

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About Me!


First of all let me thank you for visiting my house!

The name I'm called on line is Tyrand Wisperwind. A name from Warcraft series belonging to a night elf. You may ask why I chose this one. The answer is that this night elf was gifted and given some abilities that others didn't possess.

I'm usually said that I have an unknown complicated personality. Others usually say it's really difficult to understand me. Different kinds of nonsense things I hear all the time having the same meaning! As I've learned to respect others' ideas I don't say anything! It's up to you to decide! For I myself believe no one should accept others' judgment blindly! 

I really love to learn everything that is to learn!                                                                        

And the most fun thing to do is reading books!

I love art too but I don't have ANY kind of talent for it!
My entire life so far has been devoted to studying. I've been studying in Exceptional Talents School.
But don't think the only thing I know about is studying! I find it fun but I do know it is not fun to all! So I don't force it on people!

So if you want to know more you're welcomed to ask.

Thanks again!

Have a nice time!

Age: 20Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 9

Fantasy race personality: Human

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: Travelling around

Town: Silvermoon

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Computer interests
action gamesartemail
graphicsinformation seekingmusic
programmingstrategy gamesWindows

classicalnew ageopera

Other interests
artboard gamesbooks
carschesscrime stories

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: normal

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