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Name: ashia keeton

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The words are lyrics of a song called c'mon c'mon by the von bondies. Not owned by me. Drew it on the edge of homework. Look, you can almost see my notes on the other side of the page.

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.believe in miracles, wherever you are.
.from the end of the rainbow to nights first brightest star.
.never stop dreaming - it will take you far.
.if you believe in miracles wherever you are.

   The night is dark,
The moon is bright,
And on the ground
There is a knight,
His silver armor
Bathed in moonlight.
   Traveling from far away
Upon his faithful steed,
A shield is hung across his back,
His sword at hand (in case of need),
Coming to do
A couragous deed.

I look back on our love and sometimes it's hard,
For often we're dealt such an unlucky card
That it seems that lifes asking a little too much of a fight.
But I look to the future of our lives together
And I know that it's worth any sort of bad weather
For you, and I'm ready to fight for that with all my might.
I can just see us together, laughing at life
And all of its worries and all of its strife
Mean nothing to us. We spread our wings and take flight.
For now you're still with me, inside my mind,
And when I'm despairing and hopeless I find
You here beside me, comforting me through the night.
I think you still worry ill get too depressed;
When I'm looking "down," you seem so obsessed
Being sure I'm ok and I won't hurt myself out of fright.
I suppose that I could, but I need you to know
That I never would and I want it to show
In my face when I see you and all of the world is alright.
I love you so much, don't you ever see?
How at your caring touch ill relax and ill be
Melting into your arms and holding your love for me tight.
You are my angel, my lover, my friend.
I like to think that we will never end,
And that someday i'll be just the same in your sight.
Darling, I love you, so much more than words can say - Forever and Always.
   A poem I wrote as a love stricken teen. Don't worry though, I got over it. I have a soft spot for this poem, even realizing its awkward rhythm. Can't fault it for passion though.

Age: 23Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 15

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human

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Place of living: USA-Tennessee

Known languages

Civil status: single

Body shape: normal

Height: 163

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