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Name: Eric Rodney Vondell

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I've been Off-Line for a long time. I lost all f my Elfwood data, but, incredibly, my gallery is still avaliable to view! I now borrow my cousin's computer while he is here for the winter. So, I will not be a full time user of this site. My life has been a strange and mostly unhappy one. I was plagued by a terrible curse that mimicked a myriad of Psychological and physiological maladies. This led to decades of misdiagnoses and improperly prescribed medications that either did nothing or else exacerbated the problems. A recent near disaster in my life led to some new problems, but it also led to the discovery of the underlying causal agency of "The Curse"! It turns out that I am one of the few whom have suffered from Obstructive Sleep Apnea since day one! This created for me all manner of misdiagnosis by various doctors. ADD/ADHD being amongst the usual evaluations. Later-on it led to my suffering all kinds of neuological troubles and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. The last problems were diagnosed as "Anxiety" and Pannic Disorder! I made some mistakes of my own in attempts to self medicate because the professional medicines didn't work~and had nasty side effects. Now I am on a CPAP machine and I am finally cured of "The Curse". Only scars remain, but no new problems! During my decades as a victim of the curse, I had wild super-vivid dreams depicting ~amongst other exotic vistas~ an incredible world. A world inhabited by Arboreal Blue-Tiger-People, Six-legged Wolves, Four-Winged Dragons, Floating Islands in the sky, Glowing Flora, Spaceships! This weirdness~ along with other equally bizarre dream themes~ began in 1977! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JAMES CAMERON'S "AVATAR"! Just visit my gallery in Elfwood. My Xu-Hryda has been posted sice 2000! It's been copyrighted since 1998 and was drawn in 1993! If my Elfwood URL doesn't work; Just Type in "Tairlanga" into your browser's search box and follow the links to my main gallery. Check out "Critters 14" and You'll see what I mean by "Looks a lot like AVATAR"! It is important to note that I no longer dream in Sci-Fi theater and I have lost the ability to be as imaginative as I was in earlier decades. (Ironicaslly, my ability to actually draw stuff in general has improved greatly!)My art at Elfwood is all that remains on-line of my earlier life. I was never meant to be an artist at all. Minus the Sleep Apnea--and its subsequent disorders, I would most likely have become an Architect or Engineer. All of that alien and fantasy stuff came from my disorders. Even though a lot of it looks like it came from the movie "AVATAR". It is possible, that, my idea of leech wings on dragons and gryphons and my hexalimbic animals may have inspired some of the animals depicted in the movie. And well, Blue tiger-people?! Definitely seem like some anthropomorphic variations on my dream-inspired Tairlanga! OK. So, that was a bit much, but, maybe important to disclose above data herein this essay. I am quite literally starting life over. Like the Phoenix reborn from the ashes of its predecessor! My Past is Unalterable. My Future is Unknowable. My Current Life is, well, "In Transition"! Just let me know what you think about my earlier life's creative efforts. OK?

Year of birth: 1964Day of birth: 1

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human

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Place of living: USA-Florida

Town: Highlands co.

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Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

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Basicmusicstrategy games

bluesclassicalheavy metal
new agetechno

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Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 175

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