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Augy (I'll hide my behavior with wine as my savior)

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Name: Robin


Castlefest 2012


By Erik Dignum

By Erik Dignum

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My Favorite Bands/Artists:

Emilie Autumn
VNV Nation
Johnny Hollow
The 69 Eyes
The Birthday Massacre
Lady GaGa
Helalyn Flowers
Trace Adkins
Diary of Dreams
The Crüxshadows
Alice in Videoland
The Veronicas
Marilyn Manson
Imogen Heap
Orphaned Land
Army of Lovers
Vic Anselmo
Aesthetic Perfection


~ My friends
~ Fantasy
~ The Phantom of the Opera
~ Listening to music
~ Watching movies
~ Motorcycles
~ Dancing
~ Dreaming
~ Reading
~ Walking in the forest
~ Disney
~ Cheese
~ Salami
~ Cocktails
~ Wodka
~ OV card
~ Dresses
~ Jewelery
~ High heels shoes
~ Photograph
~ Nature
~ Roses
~ Summer
~ Party's
~ Compliments
~ Meeting new people
~ Jay and Silent Bob


~ Lies
~ Agression / Violence
~ Racism
~ Smoking
~ Drugs
~ War
~ Anarchy
~ Disrespect based on lies or unknowledge
~ People who don't see they're hypocrite
~ People who can't see they're labelling, though they want it or not
~ People who threaten people badly only because they don't like the way they look
~ People with disrespect to religion without any good reason... I'm not a religious person, but just hating a religion because it seems easy or you don't believe by yourself is really stupid. Just like that idiot 666-shit
~ Abuse of religion... like trowing bombs because you think you must do it for your religion
~ People who are complaining about things like America or the police... not that I like America that much for example... but it's the same as with religion, you need a REAL reason for complaining
~ People who act like someone else, trying to hurt nobody... can't they understand they only cause more harm this way?
~ Other people that act like they're someone else
~ Being alone
~ Worse: being with friends, but no-one really sees me
~ The colours orange and yellow... they're only ok with Halloween and (pictures/drawnings of) the nature, like Autumn and the sun
~ Hardcore and R&B/hiphop (I'm not saying I don't like the people who listen to it, I just don't like the music)
~ People who tell their opinion without thinking about the fact that they might hurt someone
~ Indifference of nice people about things which DO care (for the ones they love) "There is one thing worse than evil, and that's the indifference of good men." (quote from The Boondock Saints)
~ People who judge too soon
~ The idea that love could heal all wounds
~ Water... like the sea, the oceans... It's really beautiful, but it frightens me too much
~ Rats!! Damn I hate those things!
~ Spongebob
~ Clowns
~ Chocolate
~ Cola
~ Dolls... they're really scary O.o like Chucky :p only Barbie's I like... they have such a beautiful dresses ^^
~ People who type like my 7 year old brother


My favorite movies:
Astrix & Obelix (the animated movies)
Bram Stooker's Dracula
classic Disney movies like:
* Alladin *
* Beauty and the Beast *
* Hercules *
* Mulan *
* Pocahontas *
* Robin Hood *
* Sleeping Beauty *
* The Hunchback of the Notre Dame *
* The Little Mermaid *
Cuttroat Island
Don Juan DeMarco
Flesh and Blood (a.k.a. The Rose And The Sword)
From Hell
Het Hoogste Streven
History Of The World part I
Interview With The Vampire
Oceans Eleven
Pirates Of The Caribbean
Sleepy Hollow
Sorority Boys
Sweeney Todd
The Boondock Saints
The Crow
The Last Of The Mohicans
The Last Unicorn
The Lord Of The Rings
The Magic Sword: Quest For Camelot
The Mists Of Avalon
The Never Ending Story
The Patriot
The Phantom Of The Opera!!!
The Sage of Dark Water
The Secret of Nimph
The Swanprinses
Vampire Hunter D; bloodlust

My favorite books:
~ The picture of Dorian Gray {Oscar Wilde} ~
~ The Lord Of The Rings {J.R.R. Tolkien} ~
~ Harry Potter {J.K. Rowling} ~
~ Diary of a Vampire {Anne Rice} ~
~ The Vampire Lestat {Anne Rice} ~
~ Queen of the Damned {Anne Rice} ~
~ The Name of the Rose {Umberto Eco} ~
~ Shannara {Terry Brooks} ~
~ Company of Liars {Karen Maitland} ~
~ The Never Ending Story {Michael Ende} ~
~ Abarat (Clive Barker) ~


Just one last dance
before we say goodbye.
When we sway and turn around...
it's like the first time

Just one last dance...

Age: 23Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 17

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 51°9.060'N 6°2.220'E

Place of living: Netherlands

Town: Nijmegen

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Computer interests
chatemailinformation seeking
musicstrategy gamesvideo

eurodiscofolk musicgoth
heavy metalnew ageopera

Other interests
role playingshoppingsporting

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 170

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