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To the Welkin (Ripe.)

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Stage I of 'I am the witch, Who foresees your movements' (title inspired by lyrics of the song 'Hexe', by the band Elder)

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Why can't I do these things
because snow has no lungs
and rabbits are too soft

Am I more of a
sort of girlish ghost

because, laden in the dark space
I dream of the summer evening
the smell of nostalgia on its wake

something about
and a humid ground

the gentle hum of cars losing their way
on the country roads
home town pretend I'm not here

Why can't I do these things?

Your steep chest does me in
hips and spindle hands
laughter from the free fall school death
shoes on the sidewalk

your rough chin
and velvet jaw
piano lines align themselves
tips sink into me

I scream at the trees.

The watch tower watches us

think of the hotel room in ruins
we are snapping snappy pictures
Hello, Polaroid collective
hey there, delicate thighs

Lipstick, fringe, seventies wear
scrape of concrete
flowers in the window
Cat in the sheets

man in the streets
makes love to his cello lady
spicy chocolate
spilled wine, murky on our skin
ink blot California

next its train in Maine
and then the sea shores of Brit-uhn-nee
or rippling curtains in Lyon.

Touch this.
your kiss is a blinking eye
your woman a biting lip

Why can't I do these things?

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