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Lady Chaos (just stopping by to say hello)

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Name: Bronwen. Also Yoss (short for Chaos).


Hello again Elftowners! It sure has been a while.

[The Angel from Hell] encouraged me to stop by and see what’s happening on Elftown. Life’s crazy busy (also crazy good!) these days, so I’ll most likely just disappear again, but it’s nice to see the site’s still going and reflect on my Elftown days.

Looking back, Elftown was an oasis of friendship, creativity, possibility and gleeful mayhem during a dark, powerless and socially-isolated time in my life. Talking to, making art with, and collaborating on awesome wiki roleplays with my dear fellow Elftowners was a great source of joy that kept me going when I was close to giving up. To be free to open a bank, create a beach, wander around Elftown meeting people and take part in the glorious post-apocalyptic roleplay 'Decay' was a stark contrast to "real life" (largely controlled by my parents), and Elftown’s wiki pages were a great source of joy and entertainment for me. Oh, how my heart used to race when I saw which pages had been updated! But it wasn't just about the creative/fictional stuff - through conversations with my Elftown mates on here or instant messenger, I got to know some fascinating, quirky, intelligent and tremendously cool human beings from a smorgasbord of different countries. Seeing the diversity of culture - and especially subculture - represented on Elftown was inspiring.

If any of my Elftown friends want to add me on Facebook, my profile is here:
(Warning: I am a dreadfully inattentive penpal).

Where am I now? Well, I finished my Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science from Monash University in 2009, and in 2013 [Nebsy] helped me get my current job - research assistant/personal assistant to a Professor in Forensic Psychology who researches investigative interviewing techniques to use with children and other vulnerable witnesses. You can find out more about us here:

In 2010 I started going to poetry readings around Melbourne, performing my poetry and revelling in the experience of being amidst so many like-minded, eccentric, creative types. [Nebsy] and I have done many feature readings at poetry gigs (separately and together), performed our poetry on TV & radio, and have been published in various zines, literary journals and anthologies. I'm currently working on getting a poetry book together, and one of my goals is to someday start an open mic poetry reading in my local area.

You can read 3 of my poems here:
You can listen to 3 of my poems here:
I play a sexy secret agent on My Melbourne Down's track Joan Broad:
And you can see [Nebsy] & I performing at a poetry gig in 2011 here:

Nowadays I live by myself in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, around the corner from [Nebsy] and her husband Dave, and close to work & transport. I love the freedom of being a "grown up" (does the novelty wear off eventually? Will vodka & hot dogs for dinner ever NOT feel like a massive victory?) and am generally a happy, content person, enjoying whatever adventures (and misadventures) come my way. ;)

Finally, a big hello and hugs to all my Elftown mates from back in the day... that's you [lacklustre], [pelv13], [hannes], [The Angel from Hell], [BadCat], [Xage], [Iske], [Rosario Dreams], [IndigoRose] [DEMONCOW], and the many others whose usernames have changed or I’ve forgotten. You guys are awesome! :)


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This means that I'm one of the Master Poets (having had my work featured thirteen times), I'm one of the Saint Valentine Poets, Donors of Writing, EG Artists, Donors of Art, one of the Halloween Painters, Halloween Poets, I won the Christmas Poetry Competition - 2006, I'm one of the Photographers and one of The Town Herald Veterans!

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The House of Lady Chaos

Welcome to my house, and do feel free to track as much mud in as you like, we have special men to clean that up.

2015 UPDATE: I'm not on Elftown anymore... I just don't have time. But if you want to contact me, please email me at lollies underscore noir at yahoo dot com dot au. This email address still works! I've left the rest of my house, diary & wiki pages as they were (apart from the two new photos) so apologies for the preponderance of youthful hyperbole. ;)




For all of those dear Elftowners who haven't had their coolness recognised. Yes, please take! Use!

Wiki Pages

These are the wiki pages I own or co-own:

Elftown Bank

Join me and my bank employees for robberies, money-fights, explosions and all other kinds of mayhem!

Elftown Beach

Visit the beach for sun, surf, sand and sexy swimsuits. And of course violence! :D

The Chaos Collection

My page of gorgeous art.

Chaotic Poetry

My page of poetry. Sometimes angry, sometimes lustful, mostly rhyming... largely ignored. Also see: Chaotic Love Poems and Chaotic Funny Poems

Chaotic Comics

My new page of badly drawn but funny comics!

The Bio of Lady Chaos

Read my bio... It's interesting, I swear!

Photos of Lady Chaos

Ever wondered what I look like? Probably not...

Political Page

Come and showcase your political art, poetry, songs, etc.

Christian Advice

Maintained by me, [Tupile] and [Leebah] for the Christian Youth Group. We help you with all kinds of problems, including relationships and Christianity based problems.


Come and add your scrumptious sugary recipes here!

The Cyber Kitchen

Co-owned by [The Angel from Hell] and me. Read our recipes for delicious and healthy food!

Banners By Lady Chaos

All the banners that I've made. Send me a message and I'll make a banner for your wiki!

Monash University

Photos that I took of my uni, basically to show off what a nice place it is.

Cubby Building

Photos of the building process and the finished cubby that [Nebsy] and I built while we were on holiday.

My photo of Stitch and Cotton won the Four Legged Friend Photo Contest!



Yay! Thanks to all who voted! :D

I went in the Crossdressing contest. Have a look at my pics on the contest page! One of them is me as a dude.


Groups I've Joined

These are the many groups I've joined:

A Clockwork Orange - This movie is my guilty (very guilty) pleasure (very pleasure).

A guy and a girl... - Join if you're sick of those stupid chain-message type stories people put in their houses!

Alone, and unloved - Prove me wrong!!

ARAF - The Age Restriction Abolition Front

Bunnybanner - I cracked the puzzle... creepy as hell!

Chaos knights - Mmmm, chaos! Just like me.

Christian Vampires - At last, our minority group is recognised!

Crocodile Hunter - Crikey! A tribute to the late and awesome Steve Irwin.

Decay: Gateways - [lacklustre]'s awesome post-apocalyptic roleplay. My character is Skirath.

Elftown Institute For Problems - I am one of the directors, so I can help if you need advice.

ET Aussies - Throw a shrimp on the barbie! Burn, John Howard!

fuck image - [pelv13]'s page! :D Because labels are for jam jars!

John Howard HATE club - Yeah, JH is screwing Australia up... vote Labor!

Johnny Depp Lovers United - My favourite actor... his best movies are Pirates and CatCF.

KiNkY PeOpLe UnItEd - You don't even wanna know...

I've got this thing for the bad guys... - It's like they read my mind and made a wiki page of it!! :D

Ladies United - Join if you have "Lady" in your screen name.

Panic! At The Disco Lovers - They are awesome, just rockingly awesome.

photomanipulators - Just see The Chaos Collection for proof.

salad fingers - Because I freaking love Salad Fingers!! "I like rusty spoons!"

scientist_unite - The only acid we're dropping is deoxyribonucleic acid!

Support Gay Marriage - Everyone should be able to marry.

The Motorcycle Story Petition - Are you fed up to the back teeth with the story? Sign here!!

The Pumpkin King - Because I LOVE the Nightmare Before Christmas!! :D

The Smiths - One of the best bands ever.

The Ticklish Club - Yeah, I'm ticklish, just like everyone else.

Violent People - I love Kill Bill, what can I say?

WDP - World Domination Plans! Yay!

Weirdoes United! - Because I am weird.

who u b? - [kanaseria] personality test! Apparently I'm an angel.

Read the awesome lyrics of [Rosario Dreams]!

Rosario Dreams

Rosario Dreams

Behold, my dear little juju, Enrinty! Many thanks to [Angelis Nightfall] for making her! I promise I'll feed her every day!
To get your own juju, go to Juju Adoption

[Nebsy] is my twin sister. She is very funny. Read her quotes!

Nebsy has a poetry page! I'm A Poet

"Give me a break or I'll give you a compound fracture!"

Me: "You can play dungeons and dragons together."
Nebs: "Yeah, he can put his dragon in my dungeon anytime!"

"Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning, red sky at night, shepherd's delight and red sky at noon, apocalypse soon."

"I have a whole cigarette caught in the tread of my shoe."

"We live in Victoria, not in the Victorian era!"

"By my blotted copybook, the bus is coming."

"I'll admit to anything if you prod me enough and offer me food."

(On the $30 membership fee that I'll have to pay to join the Labor Party): "You're not selling your soul, you're paying them to take it!"

"This modern food... it's too much fruit and not enough pastry."

"When I'm not listening to Out of Range (a Swollen Members song), I wish I was listening to Out of Range."

"Flat no's get a flat nose."

"I just knew I couldn't get through the holiday season without being called "Nebenezer Scrooge"..."

(On butter): "Spreading an early grave on your potato?"

"I love my moral high horse. It's comfortable."

"Moderation should only exist in moderation."

On her newly pierced ears: "Not the first stud I've had in me!"

"Qualitative research: Things that go bump in the night."

"The right answer to any question is 'yes'. If the right answer is 'no', then the question hasn't been worded correctly."

"I'm not misunderstood, I'm just evil!"

"You're the ding-dong at the top of the bell curve!"

"Customers are dumb. They'll take something home if it's not bolted down and they'll leave something in the shop if it's not handed to them."

"We really just stumble through life trying not to get got."

"Diet Coke without caffeine? You may as well snort chalk and smoke your lawn clippings!"

"Some people's mind is a microscope, some people's mind is a telescope, but my mind is a kaleidoscope!"

"Hey everyone! Bizarre can't rap! Now I play... the waiting game." (Refer to the song Fight Music by D12. Trust me, it's worth it. And a good song.)

"If you are asked a question you don't know, answer it with the answer to a question you do know: 'How much are these?', 'Yes, it's a cable.'"

"If it's not science, it's magic." - Nebs
"...And if it's not magic, it's mushroom." - Henick

"To see this is to meet insomnia, shake him by the hand, and say, 'come on in'." (Referring to

"[MisterScurvy], you can't take both of us on, because we'll find someone you like and prove that they are married and pregnant to Brad Pitt."

"You probably think that being 'capped' means having a baseball cap put on you."

"In Psychology class, I feel like a rat running a maze that was built for a mouse."

"I think your idea of how to build shelter for us just went straight to DVD..."

"If this guy keeps bugging me, he is at risk of getting 'look pal'ed... y'know, 'look pal, I'm not interested', or 'look pal, you have bad breath', or 'look pal, you're a cute little puppy and I like 'em big an' ferocious'."

"Stupid participants, with their demand characteristics and order effects and response sets! I'll kill 'em all!"

"In America, all the girls want to be slim, and all the boys want to be Slim."

"If you want to make a big, yucky cliche, just mention destiny!"

"Well, well well... seems you've just unwittingly put a hostage into my headlock."

"You'd better look out, or I'll sell you fruit and vegies!"

"You've heard of 'why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free'? Well, why drink the milk unless you know it's good?"

"I have the emotional spectrum of a mouse: Scared, and Not Scared."

"I don't know what kills 'em, when they're stranded out at sea. I'm not sure if it's the thirst... or the irony."

"Why is it that all the best things to say start with "now who's..."?"

(On my plan to change my hair colour): "Once you go black, you go back in 30 washes."

"Sticks and stones may break my bones... Don't break my bones!!"

"Don't worry, there's sugar!"

[Lady Chaos]'s Quotes

Because sometimes, just sometimes, I can be funny too.

"Have a nice death. Day! I mean day! Have a nice day."

"Oooh, look! They've got pictures! They've got pretties!" - (When I discovered the new warning notices with gruesome pictures on cigarrete packets.)

"If Elftown "isn't a dating service" then why can you search for people by civil status, sexual preference and body shape?"

"There is only really one way to skin a cat. Give it a plate of its favourite cat food and then when it has finished, ask it politely if it will please take its skin off."

On guidelines for a safe classroom environment: "I have an idea: put a gun rack in the corner so that the children are encouraged to leave their guns in the gun rack while they are in class, rather than having the guns with them where mishaps could occur."

"Whoa is me!!"

"Is that the pot calling the tobacco "drugs"?"

"You're a deeply flawed poo-poo head."

"Words are like corpses. You spend hours digging them up and they're still kinda lifeless and stinky with not enough meat on their bones."

"I am captain of a ship. The oneupmanship! My cat is always blacker, so black, in fact, that it is an abyss of infinite and total darkness!"

On my new happiness: "If there was an opposite to suicide, I think I'd commit it!"

On my visit to the cemetery: "All will be gravey!"

"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and I am from Pluto."

"Oh, my imaginary friends are real people. I just imagine that they are my friends."

"All I need is all of the things I need and some of the things I want."

A Brief Conversation On Meeting People From The Net...
My mum: "But what if you don't like him in the flesh?"
Me: "Don't worry, I can take him out of it."


Age: 27Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 29

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 38°31.506'S 146°20.394'E

Place of living: Australia

Town: Melbourne

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
emailgraphicsinformation seeking
musicstrategy gamesuse communities

adult popalternativegoth
hip hoppopprogressive metal

Other interests
role playingscifislacking

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 180

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