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notsosweet113 (boredd)

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Name: Steph


me...wut more do u want me to sayy?!

Drawing missing.

Elftown titles and orders
Town Drunk

I have dark brown hair. Hazel/green eyes. If any1 wants to talk to me go ahead and send me a message!! if you want any of my sns they are:
       Aim: InTOxiCatedDr3aM
       yahoo: hotbcchickjus4u
1: Name: Stephanie
2: Nickname: steph, petey, Pete-X, shmaxx, Cricket, cop, Lil Mama, Big sissy, lil sissy, sneffy, or w/e else you wunna call me...give me nick name and ill put it on here...:-)
3: Country of living: Usa
4: Birthdate:01-13
5: Height: 5'4 maybe 5'5
6: Eye color: green/hazel (depends)
7: shoe size: depends
8: School/work: High Skewl
9: You smoke: nope
10: Hobby's: hangin w/ friends, talkin on tha computer, n bein tha kool person i amm! :-D
11: Brothers/Sisters: yeahh (all steps tho)
12: Relationship: nope
13: Piercing(s): 4 in each ear
14: Tattoo: will have one on...gettin it for my b day!! :-D
15: Favorite Country to go to: dunno
16: Are there people you won't reply to?: no
17: Nicest person you met this year:Candace
18: Person you rather not have met this year: Chocolate Chip Cookie/Vito (Mr. Moye)
19: Who would you like to meet: dunno
20: Who do you admire most: My bigg brother Justin (dont know y tho!) he he
21: Most sexy person:dunno
22: Favorite Pajamas (clothes to sleep in):tank top and shorts
23: Favorite Car: hmm....
24: Favorite Movie(s):Diary of a mad black woman
26: Favorite City(s): dunno
27: Favorite Plush: dont have 1
28: Favorite Perfume: sweet pea, risky
29: Favorite Magazine: dont have 1
30: Favorite sound: dont kno
31: Favorite TV-series: wildboyz, viva la bam
32: Favorite Writer: dont know
24: Favorite Nickname: Steph, shmaxx and petey
34: What is on your mousepad: dont have 1
35: What all is under your bed:I dont know
36: Favorite color: blue, black, red and pink
37: Favorite Song ever:Unpredictable :-D
38: Favorite song at this moment: Miss New booty
39: Favorite food: shellz n cheese
40: Favorite class in school:culinary artz
41: Favorite drink:dr.pepper, dt. mtn dew
42: Lucky numbers: 3,8,9 and 69
43: What do you think is the greatest thing about yourself:My eyes
44: What deodorant do you use: dove
45: Favorite shoes: Etnies
46: What time do you go to bed on weekdays: when ever
47: What word do you use most: LOSER
48: Most romantic moment in your life: hmmm wouldn’t u like to know!!
49: Most embarrassing moment in your life: Wen travis got "tha talk" from chris..
50: Would you rather spend your time, inside or outside: both
51: What do you do in the weekends: w/e
52: What class on school do/did you dislike most: Spanish, alegebra
53: Your Breakfast: when i eat breakfast its usually a poptart
54: What do you really, really dislike to eat: brussel sprouts
55: Pets: my dogg mini
56: Laugh or dream: both I like to laugh at pplz dreams he he he nottt...thats meann..
57: Serious or funny: both when needed
58: Fast or slow: fast
59: You prefer being alone or have relationship with someone: either
60: Simple or complicated?: depends
64: Cremate or Buried when you die: buried
63: Stay up late or go to bed early: Stay up late
64: Light or dark?: dark...Especially when w/ guyz...:-)
65: Speak or Silence: hmmmmm
66: Do you like a Tall or small man: tall
67: Newspaper or Television: Television
68: Hug or kiss: kiss while hugging
69: Happy or Sad: Happy
70: Life or Death: depends
71: Gig or Disco: dunno
72: Left or Right: right
73: Sausages on top, or on the side: y does it matter!?!? but my answer is neither
74: Brunetts or Blondes:Brunetts (becuz were not as dumb as blondes!!)
75: What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question: How long is this hell gunna last?!
76: You believe in reincarnation?: kinda
78: When you die, what will be your last words?: I LOVE YOU!!
79: Does true love exist: definately
80: How many kids would you like to have: 2 i think...
81: What is the one thing you can't stand: PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY R BETTER THAN EVERY1 ELSE
83: Worst feeling(S) in the world: being heartbroken, and feeling alone..
84: What are you afraid of: spiders and snakes
85: are you a emotional person: kinda not really
86: Do you ever cry during a movie: not really depends on tha movie
87: Your goal in life: dont really have one just take it one day at a time...(take beby stepz!)
88: What was the promise you made to yourself at new years eve: didn’t make one....never do
89: Favorite art-artist: dunno
90: As what animal would you like to reincarnate: dunno
91: What is the best part of a boy: hmmm
92: Whats the best part of a girl: dont kno
93: Most original place to ask your love to marry you: dunno
94:What do you think of Elftown: Its iight
95: Is there something you miss about elftown: no
96: Where did you get this question list: I stole it from a friend
97: Besides elftown, what do you do most on your PC: myspace, elfpack, dl music and aim
98: Is there a question you missed in this all: dont think so

1) That haunted you?: dunno
2)That you wanted to kill: hmm...which fukkin one u talkin about? 
3)That you laughed at?: Tasha
4) That laughed at you?: Suzn
5) That turned you on?: travis
6) You went shopping with?: Tasha
7) That broke your heart?: travis
8) To disappoint you?: travis
9) To you asked out?: travis
10) To make you cry?: travis
11) To brighten up your day?: kayla
12) That you thought about?: travis
13) You talked to through IM?: Samm
14) You saw a movie with?: Tasha n savannah
15) You talked to on the phone?: justin
16) You saw?:tasha
17) You lost?: JOSH..R.I.P 10-19-05
18) You thought was completely insane?: Kayla
19) You wanted to be?: MYSELF!!
20) You told off: hmmmm which 1??
21) You trusted?:my friends especially kayla
22) You turned down?:uhhh which one?


1) Smiled?: yesterday
2)Laughed?: yesterday
3)Cried?: a few nites ago
4)Bought something?: lil bit ago
5)Danced?: hmmm ;-) last nite....ask kayla she liked itt...:-D ha ha ha
6)Were sarcastic?: prolly sum time today
7)hugged someone?: prolly today
8)Talked to an ex?: today
9)Watched your fave movie?: dont know
10) Had a nightmare?: wen i was little
11) Talked on the phone?: lil bit ago
12)Listened to the radio?: been a while
13)Watched TV?: noww...
14)Went out?: earlier
15)Were mean?: hmm prolly rite noww..ha ha
16)Sang?: dunno
17) Saw a movie in a theater?: 2 weekends ago
18)Said "I love you"?: Yesterday..:'(
19) Missed someone?: NOWW....
20)Fought with a family member?: damn all the time
21) Fought with a friend?: dunno
22)Had a serious conversation?: earlier
23)Got drunk?: day b4 yesterday
24)Had sex?: last nite
25) Been kissed?: last nite


(261)Whos your best girlfriends?: Kayla, suzn, and emily, and i cant 4get darla, AMBER, and sum others
(262)Whos your best guy friends?vincent ,poohie, josh, travis,gary, brian l., umm sum others
(263)Where do you hang out?:ne where
(264)Best looks?: emily
(265)Best hair?: emily
(266)Best eyes?: josh, and travis, and tommy
(267)Most trusted by you: dunno
(268)Tallest?: Josh n travis
(269)Shortest?: suzn
(270)Best friends for ever and ever?: hmmmmm kayla
(271)Smartest?: Tommy H.
(272)Pyromanic?: Kayla, me, alana, and darla
(274)Style?: dunno
(275)Funniest?: me and suzn
(276) Serious?: dunno
(277)Can keep secrets?: kayla
(278) Favorite weather: sunny
(279) Favorit song: because I got high
(280)favorit color: black/ pink/ blue/red
(281)favorit sound: music
(282) Astrological sign: Capricorn

if u wunna know ne-thing else just ask me!!!

Casey...Thank you for being there for me through everything!! i really appreciate it. You were there for me when no one else was! i especially needed you when my aunt Becky died! And you were there to help me through it! When i found out about what had happened i was shocked and very upset.But you were there for me with a shoulder to cry on!And for that i thank you!You are a great friend and i never want to lose your friendship!! "welcome to tha Girls room":suzn "I like eggs!":casey "im from Tennassee!":me lol gurlie i love you like the sister i never had!! and again thanx for everything!
 Suzn....Ha ha ha good times good times!! we laughed sooo hard this year! it was soo damn funny!all tha times we were talking about the "cult" and all those other bitchy/strange people.cuzzin your tha best...we were not so close tha year your mom died but after she did we needed each other to get through it...and we did! we got through it together! and tha time my mom went missing...u stayed on tha fone with me till like 4 in tha mornin!and we had a test tha next day! and them damn operators! gettin bitchy with us!o well its sumthin we'll never forget!!:) luv ya!
 Kayla.....Hey sis! you have been there for me through sooo much!u were my very fist friend! And all tha damn drama and shyt with me and ur brother! u were like all my support when i was with him and all that stuff! i just wunna say thanx 2 u!!i love you too!!
 Cory.....hmmmm...u are awsome as hell! i love you to death! you are like the brother i never had!u'v been there for me through sum stuff too! and thanx for bein there and listinin to me even when i was boring as hell! ha ha ha....luv ya!
 Sam....ur my cuzzin and i love u....i guess lol! jk we have been through sum shyt! all these years of fightin and stuff! haha ha we have been friends on and off for 15 years now!! lol damn we got issues!"i wunna piss on u!" lol damn ur mom was right we do have issues! lol but i think thats wut makes us "unique" lol but'll be ok!!
 Justin big brother! NO IM NOT GUNNA HOOK UP WIT STEFAN....!! ha its just NOT gunna happen!lol! leave them dirty little bitches in da club alone too!lol! Remember whores are like mosquitos...they carrie west nile!! ha ha ha
 Justin B.....hmm ur nuts! i won tha bet and u know it! u just dont wunna pay up on ur end of tha bet....but neways!hope u get what u want! if u know what i mean! well neways i guess i might talk to u later!

**~**Joshua Logan Hurt RIP 4/4/88-10/19/05 You are missed u lotz...**~**

Who you'd be today  *~Kenny Chesney~*

Sunny days seem to hurt the most, i wear the pain like a heave coat. I feel you everywhere i go. I see your smile, I see your face. I hear you laughin in the rain. I still cant believe your gone...... It aint fair you died to young like a story that had just begun... but death tore the pages all awayy....God knows how I MISS YOU.... and all tha hell that i've been through just one can take your place.... Sometimes i wonder.... who you'd be today.............

Would you see the world? Would you chase your dreams? Would you settle down with a family? I wonder what would you name your babies.... Sometimes tha skys so blue, i feel like i can talk to you... and i know it might sound crazy..... It aint fair you died toooo young like a story that has just begun, but death tore tha pages all away.....God knows how I MISS YOU.... and all tha hell that i've been through just knowin no one can take your place......Sometimes i wonder...... who you'd be today...... today.... today..... todayy.....

Sunny days seem to hurt tha most.... I wear the pain like a heavy coat... the only thing that gives me hope... is knowin..... I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN SOME DAY!! Someday.....somedayyy.....

~*~*~*~*~*~Life Goes On 2 Pac ~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Chorus: repeat 2X

How many brothas fell victim to tha streetz
Rest in peace young nigga, there's a Heaven for a 'G'
be a lie, If I told ya that I never thought of death
my niggas, we tha last ones left
but life goes on.....

Verse One:

As I bail through tha empty halls
breath stinkin'
in my draws
ring, ring, ring
quiet y'all
incoming call
plus this my homie from high school
he's getting bye
It's time to bury another brotha nobody cry
life as a baller
alchol and booty calls
we usta do them as adolecents
do you recall?
raised as G's
loc'ed out and blazed the weed
get on tha roof
let's get smoked out
and blaze with me
2 in tha morning
and we still high assed out
screamin' 'thug till I die'
before I passed out
but now that your gone
i'm in tha zone
'I don't wanna die all alone'
but now ya gone
and all I got left are stinkin' memories
I love them niggas to death
i'm drinkin' Hennessy
while tryin' ta make it last
I drank a 5th for that ass
when you passed....
cause life goes on


Verse Two:

Yeah nigga
I got tha word as hell
blew trial and tha judge gave you
25 with an L
time to prepare to do fed time
won't see parole
imagine life as a convict
that's getten' old
plus with tha drama
we're lookin out for your babies mama
taken risks, while keepin' cheap tricks from beatin on her...
life in tha hood...
is all good for nobody
remember gamin' on dumb hotties at your party
Me and you
No true a two
while scheming on hits
and gettin tricks
that maybe we can slide into
but now you burried
rest nigga
cause I ain't worried
eyes blurry
sayin' goodbye at the cemetary
tho' memories fade
I got your name tated on my arm
so we both ball 'til my dying days
before I say goodbye
Kado & Mental, rest in peace
Thug till I die


Verse Three:

Bury me smilin'
with G's in my pocket
have a party at my funeral
let every rapper rock it
let tha hoes that I usta know
from way before
kiss me from my head to my toe
give me a paper and a pen
so I can write about my life of sin
a couple bottles of Gin
incase I don't get in
tell all my people i'm a Ridah
nobody cries when we die
we outlaws
let me ride
until I get free
I live my life in tha fast lane
got police chasen me
to my niggas from old blocks
from old crews
niggas that guided me through
back in tha old school
pour out some liquor
have a toast for tha homies
see we both gotta die
but ya chose to go before me
and brothas miss ya while your gone
you left your nigga on his own
how long we mourn
life goes on...

Chorus *repeats to end*
(sung overtop repeating chorus)

Life goes on homie
gone on, cause they passed away
Niggas doin' life
Niggas doin' 50 and 60 years and shit
I feel ya nigga, trust me
I feel ya
You know what I mean
last year,
we poured out liquor for ya
this year nigga, life goes on
we're gonna clock now
get money,
envade bitches,
envade tricks,
give players plenty space,
and basicaly just represent for you baby.
next time you see your niggas
we gonna be on tha top nigga
your gonna be like,
'Goddamn, them niggas came up'
that's right baby
life goes on....
and we up out this bitch
hey Kato, Mental
y'all niggas make sure it's popin' when we get up there man,
don't front.

MISS YOU JOSH....U meant tha world to me.... :-( rip 10-19-05

If i was going to hang myself and u walked in on me, would u make the effort to save me? Or would u sit there and watch me go down? If u would make the effort let me know by saying so (if you read this Please tell me!!!) Then i will know who cares about me or nott.....

Whats the point of living life alone with no one to be there for you and to care. There is no point to live another day alone and confused and afraid, just having you and your shadow to look and talk to. *~Hugs all my friends~* Thanks for being here for me!!


Age: 15Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 13

Gender: female

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Virginia

Town: Bath County(Warm springs)

Known languages

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
chatemailinformation seeking

countrygothhip hop

Other interests
animalsbeercard games
chasing the preferred sexdancingdrinks

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 163

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