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CelticMoon (acking ... to much climbing)

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Name: Justina Ann Jordan


me on the left


My entery To the 2008 Haloween Comp .... what do you think?

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this is my House Mate
Name: LiLl DuDe
gender: male
age: 16
dob: November 26
Adopted From:Spiritee's Adoption Agency</center>

Why do you run away, dont you like my style ~ why dont you come and play
i Garentee you a GREAT BIG SMILE ~~
I come from the imagination
and im here stricly by your invocation
so what do you say ~ why dont we dance a while
Cos when you go a calling , i come a running
I turn the music on I bring the fun in
Cos PaRtYiNg thats what its all about

Im no good at things like this so ill make it short but sweet (ok maybe not THAT short) ;)
im fun , silly , a laf BUT NoT a skitso as some may think
no im not
dont argue
oh shut up

anyway talk to you soon i hope and plez come again and say hello

Of all the friends i ever met
your the one i wont forgett
and If i die before you do
ill go to heaven and waite for you
ill give the angels back there wings 
and risk the loss of everything
just to show my friendships true
im glad to have a friend like you

Sticks and stones
May break my bones,
But whips and chains excite me.
So, tie me up and chain me down,
And in everyway delight me

holy mother full of grace
bless my boyfriends gorgeous face!!
bless his hair which tends to curl
& keep him away from other gurlz!!
bless his arms which are so strong
& keep his hands where they belong!!
bless his dick in which i sucked
& bless the bed in which we fucked!!
& if my momma happened to walk in
bless the shit that i'd be in!!
i stole this cos i liked it

This was done by my BESTEST FRIEND ANYONE COULD HAVE ON THE NET [Delladreing] ((((((hugs))))) i loves her greatly

come hither, come hither, come here my song!
a moment of your time i pray, i swear this wont take long
i sing a verse, of a dear friend to me
yet no justice with words can be done, of how fine a friend she be
to our dear Celtic Moon, Elftowns own sweet jesteress
with a twinkle of her eye, a smile she will accept no less
she'll pick you up, when you are feeling down
turn rightside up, your miserable frown
she'll laugh and joke with merriest of jest
to have as your friend, she really is the best
but do not be fooled by her merry disposition
annoy her greatly, and you'll be in need of a good physician!
alas i fear, my words do her wrong
my talent fails to do her justice, in this my poets song
i hope dear friend, that this does not you offend
but no words can ever describe, how dearly i hold you as mine friend

can you feel the LOOOOVE in the house YEEE !!!! lovy-wuvy-friendship hehe



Like it sez im Asistant Manager of The Fairy Picture Page its FAB wiki with brill artwork and is owned by my very good friend [Delladreing]


I was a Sereant-Major in the army at Crypt of the damned BUT now iv been promoted to GENERAL, so come and be one of us


Im also Chief Guard at Crypt Of The Damned


YAY my first class is finished and i came TOP of the class .... come do classes atATRSH

Fun lill thing bout moi
here are some things about me

_ = I have done it
X = I have not done it
? = I'm not telling you

(_) Been Drunk
(X) Smoked Pot
(_) Kissed a girl
(_) Kissed a guy
(_) Been in a car crash
(_) Been in love
(_) Had sex
(_) Had sex in public
(X) Been dumped
(X) Shoplifted
(X) Been Fired (never had a job)
(x) Been in a fight (allot of almost did's though)
(X) Had a three some
(_) Been sexually tied up
(X) Been caught masturbating
(_) Pissed on myself (what? its hard peeing in a bush)
(X) Had sex with a member of the same gender
(X) Been Arrested (ill have you know im a good girl ... kinda)
(_) Made out with a stranger
(_) Stolen something from work/school
(X) Been on a blind date
(_) Lied to a friend
(_) Had a crush on a teacher
(_) Skipped school
(_) Slept with a co-worker or classmate
(X) Pickpocketed someone
(X) Put my pants on my head randomly (noop but now i want to)
(X) Walking in on friends having sex (iv bloody heard them though...tents arnt sound proof!!!)
(X) Walked in on parents having sex
(X) Been caught having sex (very very close a few times)
(_) Broken a bone (yeh :'(

MY STAR SIGHN <img300*0:>
im very proud of my sighn ..... im a fish and darn proud of it , heres what my sighns all about   <img:stuff/eg_iy_pisces.jpg>

Symbol: The Fishes
Element: Water         
Quality: Mutable
Nature: Negative
Gender: Feminine
House: 12th
Attribute: Benevolance
Opposite Sign: Virgo
Colours: Blue, Green, Aqua, Grey, Black, Indigo, Blue grey, White of the sea foam in moonlight.
Minerals: Aquamarine, River stones, Amethyst, Mercury, White coral, Ocean rock, Platinum, Coral, Shells.
Planet: Neptune (co-rule Jupiter)
Fertility: Fertile
Metal: Platinum, neptunium
Tarot Card: The Moon
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Flower: Water Lily, white poppy
Body Rulings: Feet
Numbers: 2 & 6
Day: Friday
Sighn Animal: Fish
Prefered Animals: Water creatures, Sea mammals, Sea birds, Heron, Jaguar, Bear, Raven, Dolphin, Panther, Night creatures.
New Age Stone: Bloodstone
Tree: Willow
Countries: Portugal, Southern Asia, Normandy, Mexico
Foods: Fish, figs, lime sourbet, grapes, dates
Energy: Tidal – It ebbs and flows, but never flood. The journey to inner vision - Yin
Type of magic: Dreams, Emotions, Feelings, Instropection, Initiations, Communication, Deep psychic work, Spiritual renewal, Meditation.
Herbs: Chicory, Lime
Minerals: Aquamarine, River stones, Amethyst, Mercury, White coral, Ocean rock, Platinum, Coral, Shells.
Angel: Sachiel
Spirits: Poseidon, Neptune, Isis, Arianbrool, Selene, Hecale, Gabriel, Niksu, Undines, Ehereh
Chinese Zodiac Relation: Rabbit
Sign Phrase: "I believe..."
Main Description: Compassion
I Live By (principle): Redemption
Work: Inner quests, Inner vision, Self healing, wellners
Compatibilties: Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer
Semi-Compatable: Gemini, Sagittarius
Uncompatabilities: Leo, Libra
Key Characteristics: Intuitive, charming, emotional, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate, creative, trusting, loving, humble, unworldly, mysterious, romantic, sympathetic, spiritual, magical, devoted
Negative Aspects: Dependant, tempermental, evasive, escapist, gullible, self-pitying
If you’re Water, these are the words that appeal to you most:Amberella, Amphora, Aquamarine, Avalanche, Brine, Brook, Cascade, chalice, Delta, Deluge, Dylan, Hailstone, Hoarfrost, Llyr, Maelstorm, Monsoon, Niagra, Nile, Oasis, Oshun, Pearl, Rain, Riverine, Scald, Serac, Storm, Telchine, Tide, Torrent, Trill, Tsunami, Wave, Weir



Check out CelticMoon's Poem Page
Or CelticMoon's Art



[Delladreing] she was my first ever friend that i dident already know personaly and put up my very first banner(for my wiki and in general) , she took pitty on me .... bless lol
and I LOVE HER TO BITS ((((hug))) shes the best Mad Scottish Lady ever hehe

[Elvómir] is the BF of the above so dont go making any suggestive comments or youl have me and her to deal with (trust me you DO NOT want that) he is the kindist and the sweetist person youl ever hope to wonder opon

[SUGAR in DISTRESS] was my first ever friend on here but shes my bestest friend from school so she dont count as the first , she got me to join and im glad she finaly made me (((hugs))) i also loves her to bits

[leleth] shes also one of my very good friends at school and shes a BRILL artist so go and pay her a voist (im sure she needs more friends on here)

[Angels_Petal] shes very rarley on but i loves her lots (((((huggels))))) shes my phsycic buddy whos met Derek Acorah , and shame on you if you dont know who he is lol (has left ET)

[rhyswolfie] is a very sweet very careing friend that i love to bits , hes a FAB film maker thats gonna be Very succesful and i hope im gonna stay his friend for a long time to come ((((big hugs)))

[firemist] Iv known fire on here for a long time , and shes the best person you could ever be stuk inside a hoover with lol ((((hugs))))

If you bother theses people ... ill kill you
If you make fun of these people ... ill kill you
If you make suggestive comments to these people... ill kill you
In Fact your gonna have to work very hard were these people are concerned to stay alive


join moon lovers united

GO HERE its good The Fairy Picture Page

Gon here now ... you know it makes sence playgans

MUST GO HERE becouse i did the banner AND it needs members so be nice and go wolf spirit

Go to Crypt of the Damned

come to ravensunitepage

come to the Guild of the Vampyr Banners 

come to Lazy people united

come to ATRSH and be a SUPER super hero

come to Labyrinth Lovers

GO HERE , tis my wiki and its brill SO GO Order Of The Phoenix so go on and sighn my member list and have fun .... see you there ;D


Missing: </center>

Age: 20Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 9

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 54°42.732'N 2°18.510'W

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: S. Yorkshire

Known languages
EnglishQuenya (Tolkien language)

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests


Other interests
card gamescatsdogs

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

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