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Elftown needs your support to keep running!
Please Donate to Elftown!

Donate to Elftown!

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This means I am one of the Donors of Funds!
You can get this neat little badge too if you Donate!

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Donate to Elftown

It's so easy to do and you get so much out of it! You get to use colored font, a shiny badge, an Elftown Donor image and more!

Please, if you donate to elftown, Elftown will run much faster, live longer, and be even better overall!

So please: Donate to Elftown! It's easy, just click here: <URL:donate.html>

Questions? Send [djxmonster] a message!

The help donations mean

1. Elftown, as a part of the Elfwood project, is a non-profit project.

2. The expansion of Elftown and need of always improving hardware and maintenance of existing material means an expense that can not be covered "with air", but with money.

3. All the funds are used to improve computers and replace obsolete or burnt pieces, allowing the free service given to Elftowners to be maintained. See [Elftron] to see Elftown's hardware!


What does a donor get?

So you know what the donations are for: the money is used to make Elftown's hardware better for everyone. But there are also other things only the donor gets in return:

1. You get the badge for Donors of Funds: what a nifty little squirrel! ;) <img:img/new/DonnorMon1.gif>

2. You get the 'Elftown donor' image on your house. <img:elftown_donor.jpg>

3. You will be able to use coloured letters on your house!
Aside from black, you would then be able to make your letters the following colours:

4. You get our gratitude!!

(However if you would like to donate, but not to have the badge or image, this is of course also possible.)

Also, you could donate in someone elses name: this means the one you are donating for will receive all things mentioned above as a gift from you.
Of course you would still be the one we would be gratefull to ;)
This is a nice feature when you would like to give another Elftown-member a birthday-gift or a Christmas present for instance.

There is a minimum of 10 euro to get the right to all things mentioned on the page. You can donate less than 10 euro, but that won't give you that right. There is no maximum to a donation of course ;)
So, you can donate the amount of money of your choosing, but if you want to get something in return other than our gratitude you would have to at least donate 10 euro.

If you have donated 20 euro or more, you will get the limitation on your descriptions removed. It doesn't mean that we'll allow totally hideous presentations, but "double-donors" are allowed to make a little bigger descriptions.

The normal limits are:
maxlines-description:400 (number of newlines)
maxsize-description:20000 (Number of characters in the description)
maximages-description:10 (Number of images, except the tiny images shown on nonimages)

Thanks! Elftown loves you for your donation and wants to kiss you! Have a great day!

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