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Name: Ask i shall tell u my wiccan name or real it is up to u :)


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Little Taber!!! A friends son. He is so cute.

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Valley of Shadows
(written for DJ)

I walk through this valley of shadows,
Wishing you were by my side,
Knowing you will never be there again,
I lost you not to life or to another,
I lost you to death,
A soldier's death,
You were taken from me in the midst of life,
Leaving me alone by myself,
I don't even have anything of you to hold on to,
Your parents hated me,
They did not think I was right for you,
They tried to keep us apart in life,
They succeed not,
They would not let me attend your funeral,
I did not even know where you were buried till today,
I promised you nothing would keep us apart,
I was with you in life,
Going from post to post,
I will follow you in death,
I will follow you to the afterlife,
We will never be alone.


What is this feeling within my chest,
A burning hatred beneath my breast,
This feeling, it burns, I want to die,
I want the release, I want to fly,
But no, I'm stuck within this life,
Trying to cope with trouble and strife,
And will my life ever be undone?
No, I refuse, not 'til I'm done
So await you angels of grief and despair
Luke is coming. Ya hear me up there?

Though you will force me to break or bend,
For destiny will bring my life's quick end
And only then when you have my soul
My hatred will be sent into the great black hole
So, wait and scheme you angels of doom
For you will have me soon, but not too soon.

Love, maybe

What is love if not confusing,
What is confusion if not your uncertainty,
Why do we love, family and friends alike,
And what is true love if not your want,
Your want not to change and lose something,
Something close to your heart,
It is hard to grow to love someone,
But when that happens, should we not stick with it,
I have lost a girl close to my heart and it hurts,
Should i risk heart-break again if i could remedy things,
Or should i sit back and let the girl slip through my fingers,
I dread to think of another guy being with her,
I love her imensely, so i will.

these are by [Wrath of the phoenix]

Someone is watching,
Someone is waiting,
I wish he was not there.

He is out there,
I am here,
How does He know who i am?

I can not sleep,
I cannot be outside in the dark,
I will walk in the light.

I can not go outside alone,
Not anywhere,
Who knows where He is.

I do not know if anything will come out of this,
I hope something good does,
So i will not be scared anymore.

by me

If you like these i have other poems in my diary feel free to read them


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Fantasy race personality: Elf
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alternativegothheavy metal

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motorcyclespoetryrole playing

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