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Name: Amanda


It's the lates pic. of me!!!


Crazy me!! Don't ask about the mustard i dont know!

Elftown work
Building worker

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BeggarStreet child

My name is Amanda. I live in a trailer with 8 other people. I live in a crazy house with a VERY disfunctional family, but its fun :)!! I have many awesome friends. They all don't live by me I only see them inschool...except for about 2 or 3. My favorite things to do are hang out on the computer, go to Youth Group and church camp, play with fire, hang out with my bf, and in the summer I roller blade, and swim. My favorite sport is Hockey, Alex got me interested in that sport. I use to ALWAYS go and watch him play! When i get bored I write poems..or when things get to tough. I love talkign to people online, and meeting new people..its a lot of fun. I have no classification on what I am. I wear what ever I put on in the morning and thats how I am for the day. I hate fake people. I hate when people think that have to change to fit in or when they think they have to act different around certain people. I am a very natural, bluntly honest person. I love to have fun when ever I can. Message me I'd love to talk :D!

PICTURES YAY!!! Thanks to Ryan who is VERY awesome...I figured out how to put pictures in here lol. Have fun looking!

AWESOME FRIEND!!! hehe adored!!! Very beautiful heart n soul ;p! [Just_Fall_Away]

This is my nephew Sterling. He's so cute :)!

This is me...It's suppose to be my "good pic" of me.

This is Ryan. YAY he's my awesome friend :)! [willis]

(Image deleted by the guards)
THis is a pic. of Jesus Christ. I'm a firm believer...YAY!

This was my best friend Jellie. It was taken at church camp.

This is my nephew Hunter on his first birthday...he's SO awesome I love this kid. He calls me aunt Danda!! HEHE!!

I went to go see Barenaked Ladies and Alanis Morissette in concert. It was my VERY first concert ever and my best friend Alexander took me. Here is a song I liked.

Barenaked Ladies
Falling For The First Time

I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser
I'm so smart, too bad I can't get anything figured out
I'm so brave, too bad I'm a baby
I'm so fly, that's probably why it
Feels just like I'm falling for the first time

I'm so green, it's really amazing
I'm so clean, too bad I can't get all the dirt off of me
I'm so sane, it's driving me crazy
It's so strange, I can't believe it
Feels just like I'm falling for the first time

Anyone perfect must be lying, anything easy has its cost
Anyone plain can be lovely, anyone loved can be lost
What if I lost my direction?
What if I lost sense of time?
What if I nursed this infection?
Maybe the worst is behind
It feels just like I'm falling for the first time
It feels just like I'm falling for the first time

I'm so chill, no wonder it's freezing
I'm so still, I just can't keep my fingers out of anything
I'm so thrilled to finally be failing
I'm so done, turn me over cause it
Feels just like I'm falling for the first time

Anything plain can be lovely, anything loved can be lost
Maybe I lost my direction
What if our love is the cost?
Anyone perfect must be lying, anything easy has its cost
Anyone plain can be lovely, anyone loved can be lost
What if I lost my direction?
What if I lost sense of time?
What if I nursed this infection? Maybe the worst is behind
This is Alexander!!!

more pictures can be found in my photobucket:

Name: Amanda
Nickies: Tiger (with good reason), Liz, Manders, Amandy, Aunt Danda, Fuzzy (not sure why), ect.
DOB: Nov. 15, 1988
Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Sign: Not sure
Birthplace: Michigan
Current Location: Michigan
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown..maybe with a tiny red tint
Hair Style: depends on the day
Height: Depends on the person mesuring or where Im at...but I believe 5' 1"
Weight: 107
Inny or Outy: depends on the day..but and Outy most of the time
Goal in life: To be successful (not rich!)
Religion: Christian/ Baptist
Sexual Preference: Guys!
Personal Quote: Don't judge me, I don't judge you. Everyone has something Amazingly beautiful about them that no one else has there for we are ALL equal!!
Political Stance: No preference.
Smoke: No Way
Drink: NO!!!
Drugs: NEVER!!!
Cuss: :( Sometimes!
Virgin: ...
Glasses: Only at night lol!

A - Age: 16
B - Best Quality: A listener
C - Choice of Meat: Bacon
D - Dream Date: To go out to dinner (nothing fancy) than to the movies, than some where fun..maybe bowling or something.., than a cuddling kissing session..we will see where that takes us..
E - Ex: Many...most recent perfers I dont use his name for anything..
F - Favorite Food: Tacos, or Grilled cheese.
G - Greatest Accomplishment: Over coming suicide
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: Homecomming was good...maybe we will go with that. Hopefully it will change to my wedding!
I - Internal conflicts: Confidence
J - Job title: Student
K - Kool-Aid: dont really like it
L - Love: THE LORD, My boyfriend, my family, my friends!
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: My boyfriend.
N - Noticed Feature: Eyes
O - Outfit You Love: not sure.
P - Pizza Toppings: Bacon, Ham, and Pine apple, with cheezy butter crust n butter garlic dip..
Q - Question you want to ask: WHy do people stereo type?
R - Red is:, blood, a color.
S - Sport to Watch: HOCKEY!
T - Television Show: Boy Meets World
U - Unique habbit: Being Forward
V - Very bad habbit: Swearing
W - Winter: Good for cuddling...but BAD i hate the cold.
X - X-rays you've had: My back, my neck, my knee, my finger..i think thats all.
Y - Year Born: 1988
Z- Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ Wiki Stuff \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
Bad experiences with suicide...people please know their is better things to life than this...!!! I gots a poem i wrote read!!
Mine>>       That Day      <<Mine
What was I thinking the Day I tried to go.
I let the devil take over, I should've said no.
I hurt so many people that mean so much to me.
I found peopledid care, but how can that be?
Living in the dark I failed to realize
Stick out the tim of the world
THAN comes paradise.
Forever and Always family and friends,
Love to be with you
From beginning to the end.
So when your sitting their doing what you do.
Stop and think, There REALLY are people that love you
\/\/\/\/\/ Wiki Stuff \/\/\/\/\/
HEHE Always i hate it :/!

MMMM cheez...I guess thats where the Nickname mouse comes in :)!

Who doesn't like cotton candy...hehe YUMMY!!!

BLAH!! BADNESS!!!! >:0

IF ya cant duct it F*#@$ it!!

(Image deleted by the guards)

Yummy Ice Creams...Strawberry is the best.



GRR Racism!!

HEHEHE oddness...!
I love sweet hearts....Im told i am one too YAY!!


The Lovers of the Heart
In order to form a more perfect kiss, enable the mighty hug to promote
to whom we please but one kiss.
  Article 1: Statement of Love: The Kiss
1. Kiss on the hand.... I adore you
2. Kiss on the cheek... I just want to be friends
3. Kiss on the neck... I want you
4. Kiss on the lips... I love you
5. Kiss on the ears... I am just playing
6. Kiss anywhere else. Lets not get carried away
7. Look in your eyes ... kiss me
8. Playing with your hair... I can't live without you
9. Hand on your waist... I love you too much to let you go

Article 2: The Three Steps
1. Girls: If any guys gets fresh with you, slap him
2. Guys: If any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good
3. Guy and Girls: Close your eyes when kissing, it is rude to stare

Article 3: The Commandments
1. Thou shall not squeeze too hard.
2. Thou shall not ask for a kiss, just give one or take one.
3. Thou shall kiss at every opportunity.

A peach is a peach
A plum is a plum,
A kiss isn't a kiss without some tongue
so open up your mouth,
close your eyes,
and give your tongue some exercise!!!

WELL here's a few reasons why guys like girls...
1. They will always smell good even if its just shampoo
2. The way their heads always find the right spot on our shoulder
3. How cute they look when they sleep
4. The ease in which they fit into our arms
5. The way they kiss you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world
6. How cute they are when they eat
7. The way they take hours to get dressed but in the end make it all worthwhile
8. Because they are always warm even when its minus 30 out side
9. The way they look good no matter what they wear
10. The way they fish for compliments even though you both know that you think she's the most beautiful thing on this earth
11. How cute they are when they argue
12. The way her hand always finds yours
13. The way they smile
14. The way you feel when you see their name on the call ID after you just had a  big fight
15. The way she says "lets not fight anymore" even though you know that an hour later you will be arguing about something
16. The way they kiss when you do something nice for them
17. The way they kiss you when you say, "I love you"
18. Actually ... just the way they kiss you...
19. The way they fall into your arms when they cry
20. Then the way they apologize for crying over something that silly
21. The way they hit you and expect it to hurt
22. Then the way they apologize when it does hurt. (Even though we don't admit it)!
23. The way they say "I miss you"
24. The way you miss them
25. The way their tears make you want to change the world so that it doesn't hurt her anymore...Yet regardless if you love them, hate them, wish they would die or know that you would die without them ... it matters not. Because once in your life, whatever they were to the world they become everything to you. When you look them in the eyes, traveling to the depths of their souls and you say a million things without trace of a sound, you know that your own life is inevitable consumed within the rhythmic beatings of her very heart. We love them for a million reasons; no paper would do it justice. It is a thing not of the mind but of the heart.
Things That A Perfect Guy Would Do
1. Know how to make you smile when you are down.
2. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice.
3. Stick up for you, but still respects your independence...
4. Give you the remote control during the game.
5. Come up behind you and put his arms around you.
6. Play with your hair.
7. His hands always find yours.
8. Be cute when he really wants something.
9. Offer you plenty of massages.
10. Dance with you, even if he feels like a dork.
11. Never run out of love.
12. Be funny, but know how to be serious.
13. Realize he's being funny when he needs to be serious.
14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready.
15. React so cutely when you hit him and it actually hurts.
16. Smile a lot.
17. Plans a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally like to do, just because he knows it means a lot to you.
18. Appreciate you.
19. Help others out.
20. Drive 5 hours just to see you for 1.
21. Always gives you a peck on the cheek when you depart from each other’s company, even when his friends are watching.
22. Sing, even if he can't.
23. Have a creative sense of humor.
24. Stare at you.
25. Call for no reason.
26. Quit smoking, chewing, drinking, or drugs - just because he loves you that much to quit it.

Love is like the ocean...always comes to the shore...but then it leaves us alone...

^^^^^Wiki Stuff^^^^^

(Image deleted by the guards)
Taken From Michael...:) :p!!

A song an awesome person Michael Wrote:

Close My Eyes

I closed my eyes, and prayed for the day
You'd come back to me, so far away, maybe
then if i fall to my knees and hoped
you'd follow me to my day of Decease

I close my eyes, deep breath, fall away
Into your arms

All alone and breathing fast
I cant take faking this
Pretending nothings wrong
Its eating me on the inside out
Falling. . . . . .Away. . . . . .

My bloodveins turn so cold, Kiss me for the last time, Helps me keep breathing, when your lips touch mine.

The writing on my hands fades away, This whole time i just wanted you to say. . . .
What was most dear. . . .to. . . .you. . .

Full of pain, Standing in this room alone,
My Hearts full of strain, I wish I could've Known.
Somtimes I Wanted to follow you, I Dont know If I can see this through, Since you passed on, l'll miss you for so damn long.

When I heard your last breath I almost died too. . . .

My Alphabet!!
A- Alive
B- Bass Guitar
C- Candy
D- Do it
E- Elephants
F- Fu Fu Berry
G- Guys
H- Hello
I- Icky Icky Icky
J- Jones Soda
K- Kinky
L- Love
M- Marry Me
N- Ninny
O- ONLY you
P- Pretty
Q- Quick
R- Ryan (my baby :-*!)
S- Smile :)
T- Teddy Bear
U- Umm
V- Vicious
W- Wild
X- Xylophone
Y- Yo
Z- Zesty

This is me on Winterfest night.


Age: 17Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 15

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Town: Commerce Township

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Home-page URL:

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
web design

alternativeheavy metalpunk

Other interests
animalsartcard games

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 157

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