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Kachichan (Loveless Fanart Contest)

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Name: Hannah-Beth Carter


I drew the elf herself at work with a mech. pencil and a ballpoint biro. My boyfriend decided on the kind of elf she was and I CGed her in OpenCanvas 1.1.


She was a pain to draw and a pain to colour... In the end, this is the best I'll be doing on her for a while. But once I have other things out the way, I might return to her. At least I learned some new things whilst colouring her...

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Most Recent News
Signed up for an account at Veron: . It's a bit like Gaia, but smaller and (I kinda think) nicer. It's still being built right now though.

Also, starting up a 'collaborative world project' right now; working on how best to arrange it. Expect more info soon?

...Because it's bad of me to forget exactly what it is I've updated...

16-02/Link to Veron, brief mention of Feradema.
12-01/Updated kachiart, created Your Desk
21-07/Reference to the beautiful art at Loveless Fanart Contest.
03-07/Updated kachiart.
30-06/Updated the sections 'Competitions' and 'Reading'. :)

I tend to go by the name of Kachi Aozora, or 青空 勝ち in Japanese. It's hardly my real name, but so many people refer to me as this rather than that these days, it doesn't matter much. :P

I'm 22, but mentally half the time I'm 16, and the other half of the time I'm 40. Life can be... confusing.

I run a few communities on the internet, on LiveJournal and SheezyART. If any of these take your fancy, come along and join them. :D

First and foremost, there's kachiart, my very own wiki-page for my artwork. Every time I look at it, all I can think of is that it needs updating... :(

I have a variety of sites on the internet. Some have similar stuff on, and some don't. :) These are my personal ones:

As you can see, I draw in a semi-manga style. At least, I always consider it a manga style, but I've had people bitch at me and say it's not. The downside is, it's not American comic style, and it's really not particularly English either. Oh well. *sighs*

And I always draw my own artwork! I just want to clarify that, without ranting at anyone. :) Artwork theft is despicable, that's all there is to it. I'm not quite sure why people never believe me either. I think if I was gonna steal artwork, I'd steal something good, not the generic tripe I draw. ;)

I'm in a couple, even though I know I'll never win. Hey, it's always fun and I get to eye up other people's pretty artwork.

I'm running a contest of my own!
Loveless Fanart Contest is a contest for fans of Loveless, who love to draw characters from the anime / manga. ^_^ The entries have been awesome so far!

Contests I'm in:
Twin contest (Although whether my entry is even accepted I have no clue, I don't think anyone's noticed it. ;) Kinda unsurprising, really.)

I have a Dreamcast (still working), a Gamecube, a GBA, a DS, an XBox and an XBox 360, so I'm frequently spoiled for choice when it comes to gaming. It's another thing I like to spend my money on.

I also like to pester shopkeepers for free things! I've managed to get posters and display items from them before... Like this.


That photo is missing the expansion pack and the Halo 2 soundtrack CD that was bought for me. Yes, I'm a Halo Fangirl.

I'm also quite a big Soul Calibur fangirl, and Dead or Alive. There's just something about people beating each other up that appeals to me, I guess. :P

My taste in games varies wildly. I love RPGs like Baten Kaitos, Tales of Symphonia, Sudeki etc., but I also have a distinct love for House of the Dead games and FPSes like Halo, Half Life and OutTrigger. MMORPGs occupy some of my time (World of Warcraft), as well as more random titles such as The Longest Journey and Farenheit. I tend to buy whatever appeals to me. Whether I complete it is another matter...



This is when you know that you spend too much money on manga! Some part of me thinks that I should really stop buying so much... but then I think that I don't really care. :3 I like pretty manga, it's all shiny.

I mentioned previously a stack of manga balanced precariously on my computer desk that are threatening to concuss me. I actually got a photo of them. ^_^;


The stack to the left has got so big and wobbly I've had to start a new one to the right. I'm scared of the stack on the left...
And despite my best efforts to round up the wandering manga, that pic is missing Tsubasa 6-9 and XXXHolic 7, who apparently have gone for a frolic somewhere else in the house. ^_^;

I do love to read 'real' books too though. I'm currently fangirling only a couple of authors: Steven Erikson, who writes the Malazan Books of the Fallen (fantasy), and Laura Joh Rowland, who writes the Sano Ichirou books (historical crime fiction). I do rather love Jane Austen and Shakespeare though. Much to the consternation of my co-workers.


I have a Writersco page now~! It can be found here: This is where I put most of my older stories and some newer ones I work on occasionally. :)

I enjoy writing stories, although I don't do it too often. They're usually high fantasy of some description, although I have been known to do sci-fi and modern fantasy before. I keep meaning to work on a crime fantasy novel, but it keeps getting jammed up in my head, like a printer eating paper.

I have fiction scattered around the internet, including a poem that got lost to the void on a cyberpunk website somewhere. The two main links are these: (under the name 'Hannah-Beth Carter')

National Novel Writing Month
I've finished National Novel Writing Month ( ) three times now. 

I think I was rather drunk when I completed it the third time. There are pieces in there I don't even remember writing...

I like most kinds of music, from cheesy Eurovision Song Contest songs to bands like Metallica, Soilwork and In Flames. My MP3 player currently has a lot of Vanessa Mae, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and Alkaline Trio on it, as well as Guilty Gear and Halo soundtrack music.

TV / Movies
I like most kinds of movies if they have interesting hooks, but I prefer horror, fantasy, sci fi and some thriller stuff. I don't have a favourite movie, it's too hard to choose.

TV is a slightly more varied fare. I'll watch anything from sci fi, to crime, to history (fiction and fact), geography, DIY... My current TV show favourite has to be Firefly (on DVD), but I recently bought my mother the BBC adaptation of Bleak House (Charles Dickens) on DVD and I'm looking forward to settling down and watching it, as we missed the beginning episodes.

I live in England, in the East Midlands to be precise. Somewhere between Nottingham and Derby, to be even more precise. :P

I'm a Pagan. End of story. :)

Phew. I think the only thing we're missing here is my blood type. Which I don't know because I have a mortal terror of needles. :) Woe betide me should I ever have a child, but as it is, I'm happy with four cats, a dog and a parrot. Well... 'happy'.

Owning a cat is like having a child. Especially with my cats. They're all insane.

Age: 24Year of birth: 1983Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 15

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human
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Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Town: Castle Donington

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Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

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Computer interests
action gamesartchat
pr0nstrategy gamesuse communities

heavy metalnew ageopera
progressive metalpunkrock

Other interests
crime storiesdogsdrinks
horsespornrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: thin

Height: 157

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