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Drawing missing.

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I was one of the Christmas Painters!

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Let's start over.

a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration.

"Those who are far from insane often act in an irrational manner. Don't excuse such conscious and deliberate actions with so convenient an explanation as insanity." ~Wizard Zorander, Terry Goodkind's Coffessor, 10th book in the Sword of Truth series.

I am a complete GEEK.

;I love to read. Books are beautiful. I have glasses, and I wear them constantly.

My clothes never fit, but do clothes /ever/ fit? I love musicals, and certain video games. I love anime, but I enjoy manga more.

I can spend up to 15 hours at a time on the computer, and if I had to, probably more then that. But it makes me sick, and sometimes I go days without touching my laptop. I have friends, but my closest friend lives 8 hours away. I miss her.

I have a stuffed dog, named Balto, that I've had for 9 years. He's a complete mess. I love him.

I cry very easily. I laugh at everything. I space out often. I draw everywhere, on everything. Music is wonderful.

I know several words in Romanian, but when they slip out on accident, it hurts to hear them again. I love mythical creatures, and Pan's Labyrinth is a-fucking-mazing.

I think that 9/11 was a government conspiracy. I sew, but not really. I just like to think that I can.

I take up to nine pills a day, not counting iron or vitamins.

I have two beautiful rats, and a cat who owns the house that I live in. A friend of mine lovingly, or maybe frightened-ly, refers to her as a linebacker. I love dogs with a passion.

I use face lotion after every shower, but I rarely shave my legs unless I'm on a date. I will never own or wear a pair of short shorts.

I hate animal print, but I would wear some just to make fun of it. I despise fur with a passion, and will happily skin anyone wearing it, dry their hide, and make myself a leather coat. (Okay, so maybe not, but you get my point.)

I'm overdramatic, but that's because I'm passionate about everything. My mom and I are so alike, that we fight every day. Statues hypnotize me.

I can't spell very well, but I type how I talk, netspeak annoys me. Crossaints dipped in chocolate is probably the greatest thing since cheesecake. I love Golden Delicious apples. Artichoke is worth the work. I hate mushrooms, because I once ate a whole can of them, smothered in butter and heated up.

I love hard alcohol, and hate beer. I don't believe in frivolous relationships, or one night stands, but I've had both. I am against abortion, but I agree to pro choice because I have no right to do otherwise.

Yay for gay, and all of that.

I'm quirky, but aren't we all? ;

So. I beg of you. Talk to me.

About books.
Artists you love.
People you hate.
Your religion.
Your dreams. I'm friendly. I'll chat back. XD

New rule. Do not message me with 'Hi how r u'. Pick a subject, any topic, share an opinion, ask me a question, for fucks sake, tell me you eat babies, ANYTHING other than the idiocity that is 'hi how r u'. Those messages will be ignored. Thank you.


I'm not much of a Harry Potter fan. I've read the books, watched the movies. But a very long time ago, an old friend fed me some Remus/Sirius fanfiction, and I've been addicted ever since. Out of all of the stories that I've read over the past 6 years, The Shoebox Project is one of the best. Truly amazing. You hang on every word, drool for months until the next chapter comes out, pratically orgasm in your chair over the drawings. Google it. You will thank me.

I am a browncoat. Watch Firefly.

Also, another friend introduced the wonderful world of Firefly into my life.
I have never been the same since.
Watch it. A-freaking-mazing.

And last, but most certainly not least.. Even if you don't read, even if you hate to read, and especially if you love to read yet havn't picked this series up yet;

Terry Goodkind, Sword of Truth,


Anne Bishop, Black Jewels Trilogy.

Now flee, and be filled with merry, for I have shared with you some of the seven wonders of the world.


For the love of reading


Just do it.


Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 20

Gender: female
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Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: sumo

Height: 171

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