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loki wilhelm (friendliest family dog in the world!)

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Name: loki wilhelm copeland


Me! Loki! ...Im in Amazing Dogs!!!

Me slacking with Daddy!

Me! that cat Maya, Daddy! and my reason for living EIRIKR!!!

Me and Neige-neige sleeping at Daddy's feet.
She's not that bad a cat as cats go....

The Pit Bull "Problem"


This is ME and my little brother EIRIKR and Daddy!
Arent we the happiest! Woof!

From: [Vampyre Wolf] Please Visit Our Guardian Angels

Elftown titles and orders
BeggarStreet childAdventurer

from my friend [Cephus] !!! THX U!

Im a dog.

I am a 5 yr old American Staffordshire Terrier... (Amstaf or Staffy)
or as [Crimson] calls me and my kind,
big-headed teddy ... ;p
my mommy nicknamed me 'numbnuts'
b/c Im dont have any...
or b/c Im immune to pain

check out
I have my own page there!

From: [Vampyre Wolf]
(Go See my site

I love my family
my Mommy is [moira hawthorne]
and my Daddy is [geirrekr]


Me and my little brother, Eirikr wish you a Happy rest of the Holidays!

This picture is me when I was under a yr old! Puppy love!

Talents: Greeting Guests Pulling Digging Running Guarding Licking Loving
Chewing (but only my chewy) Hunting and Professional Child Toy and Guardian.
Why Im so amazing:
B/C Im the Sweetest Gentlest Friendliest Most Loving Family Dog Ever!
I love food walks cookiees visitors running car rides digging
and hanging out on the couch...
I hate squirrels raccoons cats outside of my home and all other varmin...
I am very friendly dog who loves meeting new people and dogs.
I tolerate the 2 cats in my home b/c my Mommy wants me to
but if she ever yells at them they are toast
and better get back up those stairs where they belong...

Even tho Im 70lbs of solid muscle
I still think Im a 10 lb puppy...
I'll want to sit in your lap...
Im afraid of fireworks and lightning...
and I try to hide under mommy's feet...
but still Im so lovable!

I know my job. I greet guests and watch the house
and make sure those varmin dont come near my backyard.

But the number 1 most important job I have is
looking after my little brother, Eirikr.
He has been my reason for living
since Mommy and Daddy brought him home one day.

I love him truly madly deeply even tho he throws my chewy into the neighbour's yard
or ate my food when he was 1st learning to walk.

stupidity and ignorance
fear and hate and power corrupts
Im so pissed right now...
the day before going camping
we had the human society at our door..
b/c Eirikr has let the dog out 2 days ago
and he was running loose...
and there is a ban against pitbulls...
which includes nearly any similar breed...
breed discrimination! its like racism!

like hating all blacks or jews or gays!
all blacks are gang prison trash
gays causes aids! jews this any different than what Hitler wanted? its all lies!

and as of Aug
we need to have our completely friendly dog
muzzled at all times!

basically ...he isnt allowed to run loose...
but he does break out 3 or 4 times a year... accidentally... so if he is seen running loose..
not leashed and muzzled he can be killed!

if we take him for a walk
he has to be leashed and muzzled!

he doesnt need to be muzzled
in his own house...
but b/c I never intend to let him loose!
yet he does! what Im I to do!?!?!

he has to be muzzled b/c he is 'like' a pitbull..
and everyone is 'so afraid of pitbulls'
they are so vicious dogs!
lies lies lies lies!

so now it any breed of dog like pitbulls
its not that this or that dog is a biter..
it all the dogs they want to label as pitbulls!

I have a 4 yr old son...
he opens the door and lets the dog out...
the dog just wants to run and play
with the kids..
he doesnt want to run away!
he just bolts out the door!

you have to understand
how friendly my dog is!
he loves everyone!
a complete stranger is his best friend
he loves my son totally
from the moment we brought Eirikr
home from the hospital!

Me and my little brother, Eirikr
when he was a baby!

I have tonnes of baby photos
of Loki and Eirikr
since I couldnt put the baby down
without the dog curling up with him!

he has never bit anything
other than his chewy!
and a few toys of Eirikr's
which were left out on the ground

the dangerous end of my dog is his tail
which wags ALL the TIME!



These are PITBULL facts in accordance to a article...

A lot has been said about 'pit bulls'. That they are time bombs. That they were bred to fight. That they are unreliable.

Before you make up your mind about whether or not a 'pit bull' ban is justified you owe it to the breeds affected to learn the truth.

Fact: It is true that the 'pit bull' was originally bred to fight - other dogs. However the dogs lived at home as a family pet in the late 1800s and lived in the house with the wives and children of the men who fought their dogs for sport, so they needed to be absolutely reliable around people. Dogs that showed human aggression were culled - that means they were euthanized and never bred from. These actions have evolved a unique dog personality where animal aggression has absolutely no correlation to human aggression.

Fact: There are quite a few celebrities who have owned one of the 'pit bull' breeds that Michael Bryant would ban in Ontario: Ray Romano, Don Cherry, Fred Astaire, President Roosevelt, Jack Dempsy, Thomas Edison, Madonna, Michael J Fox, Brad Pitt, Bernadette Peters, Sinbad, Alicia Silverstone, Linda Blair, Humphrey Bogart, Usher, Mel Brooks, Ann Bancroft, John Stuart, Jan Michael Vincent, Pink, Kelli Williams, Ken Howard (Father in Crossing Jordon - his Pit Shadow saved his life), Malcolm Jamal Warner, Stephan Jenkins, Rosie Perez, Ananda Lewis, Amy Jo Johnson, Mary Tyler Moore, Steve and Terrie Erwin (the Crocodile Hunter), Jack Johnson, Bill Berloni (Broadway show dog trainer who has said that the Pit is the breed of choice for training), Anthony Robbins, Molly Price, President Woodrow Wilson, Frankie Muniz, AJ Mclean, Barbara Eden, and even Helen Keller.

Fact: Dog fighting was outlawed in the early 1900's. Since that time the breeds that go back to the original 'pit bull' of the early 1800s has been raised as a family pet, not a fighter.

Fact: The only people raising fighting dogs today are a small contingent (est. 1-2%) of criminals and gang members - these people are also selling drugs, carry guns and are a threat to society on many different levels. Breed bans will not stop these people or curb the danger they pose in our society.

Fact: According to Alfons Estelt of the American Temperament Test Society, Inc. temperament evaluations of American Pit Bull Terriers shows that this breed has a very high passing rate of 95%. The average passing rate for the other 121 breeds of dogs in the tests: 77%.

Fact: The 'pit bull' does not have a 'locking jaw'. On this topic Dr. 1. Lehr Brisbin of the University of Georgia wrote:
"The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth of pit bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is no different than that of any breed of dog. There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of "locking mechanism" unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier."

Fact: 'Pit bulls' are therapy and service dogs. They are also involved in search and rescue. The Chako Rescue Association has Pit Bull therapy dogs in Texas, Utah and California. Cheyenne and Dakota are a team of hard-working Search-and-Rescue Pit Bulls in Sacramento, California. APBT Weela was the Ken-L Ration's Dog Hero of the Year and is credited with rescuing over 30 people.

Fact: The problem with 'pit bull' attacks is an ownership problem that will not go away if we ban 'pit bulls'. Politicians are distorting the truth and are ignoring all of the evidence that says the bad owners will simply switch to other breeds - and there are many for them to choose from that can be equally as dangerous as a 'pit bull'. Ontario needs strong dog laws that apply to all dogs equally.

and why this law is so wrong!

DONT LOOK at it if you are weak of heart!
Its gonna rip your heart to shreads!
NOT 4 Children! NOT a Joke! This is so sad.
This is the kind of bad press
that my bred is fighting against and lossing...
Ontario Canada has now passed the bylaw making it illegal to breed new Amstaffs or pitbulls. Once existing animals have died out, that will be it

The Pit Bull "Problem"


I'm sorry you are frightened of my dogs and are trying to have them killed because they are pitbulls.

I'm sorry you lack the understanding of this breed's true history, gentleness with people, wonderful temperament, intelligence and behavioural conformation. I'm sorry you won't read the ATTS stats regarding our breed's true temperament, putting it in the top four for temperament, scoring better than breeds like Golden Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels.

I'm sorry that you side with and protect animal abusers by marking the breed of dog and not the irresponsibility of the owner. I'm sorry that by your logic I could steal a car, run some people over with it, and then you can blame the make of car for the accident as I walk free.

I'm sorry you generalize one breed of dog with one group of people. I'm sorry you can't see the love and determination that many often highly educated, non-criminal, and "normal" types of people show towards this breed and the great personal sacrifices that they make to take care of their dog responsibly.

I'm sorry you cannot go into the shelters and see the hundreds of abandoned and abused pitbulls, dying only for the inane "crime" of being born the breed they are. I'm sorry you cannot see the look of disappointment in their eyes as someone walks by their kennel, and refuses to consider adopting them based on an ill-educated fear mongering reporter. I'm sorry that you cannot be there when the animal looks at a human for the last time, and in spite of being betrayed by all humans they have met, their tail still wags as someone approaches with the syringe of Euthinol.

I'm sorry you cannot be there when law enforcement shoots one of your dogs dead inside its own home in front of the children it mutually loves for simply getting off the dog bed and walking over to say hello with its tail wagging. I'm sorry you cannot be there to rescue pitbull puppies from a plastic bag in a dumpster, dumped there by someone switching their illegal and inhumane activities to another, more lucrative breed.

I'm sorry you cannot understand the difference between canine and human aggression in the way that this breed can. Yes, I'm saying my pitbull is smarter than you.

I'm sorry that the medieval witchhunting genetics of intolerance, generalization, and racism make you feel the need to vilify a breed of dog. I'm sorry that justice, equality, tolerance, common sense are all things you hold dear as a fellow Canadian and expect from others, but do not yourself offer toward a pitbull or its caregiver. I'm sorry that you don't take the constructive time to petition changes in the Canadian animal cruelty act and in the criminal code that would deal out serious punishment to the real animal abusers.

I'm sorry you cannot see the disappointed look on a puppy's face when the people petting it quickly frown and walk away when you tell them it is a pitbull. I'm sorry you feel the need to terrorize my family and my dogs for crimes we never have and never will commit. I'm sorry you don't have to live in fear of your dog's safety from hysterical and mentally unstable people trying to inflict all manner of evil upon your dogs.

I'm sorry that you cannot see my breed working in some of the best Search and Rescue groups in the world, saving countless lives each year. I'm sorry our media censors and refuses to print the breed name "pitbull' when in connection with a positive act such as saving a person or child from a burning house, drowning, wild attacking animals, etc. I'm sorry you cannot see the many pitbulls registered as therapy dogs and bringing so much joy to another misunderstood, neglected demographic in our society, the senior citizen.

I am sorry you can't see a pitbull kiss a child, step carefully over a kitten, or play in a sunbeam. I'm sorry you cannot wake in the morning to feel a warm pitbull cuddled next to you in bed, and know that you are their total world, and even if the house caught fire and trapped you, they would stay with you to the end. But, now that I really think about it, I'm not at all sorry you don't own a pitbull--you do not deserve one.

Rob MacBean
The Mongrel Hordes
Lake Cowichan BC
(Permission granted by me the author to crosspost as long as it stays intact, and with my name on it.)


Every dog must have a soul
Somewhere deep inside
Where all his hurts and grievances
Are buried with his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad,
The wrong way from the right,
And where his judgement carefully
Is hidden from our sight.

A dog must have a secret place
Where every thought abides,
A sort of close acquaintance that
He trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly for
Himself, he cannot speak,
Rebuked, he finds within his soul
The comfort he must seek.

He'll love, though he is unloved,
And he'll serve though badly used,
And one kind word will wipe away
The times when he's abused.

Although his heart may break in two
His love will still be whole,
Because God gave to every dog
An understanding soul!

if you believe breed banning is wrong
well spread the word...
keep fighting for intelligence
even in the face of overwhelming ignorance

Copied with permission From: DEFENDER OF PITBULLS
who askes that you spread the word and repost aswell

Date: 1 Sep 2007 13:35
Subject: State of the Province
Body: Please send the following link to all your contacts and groups:

August 29, 2007 was the two-year anniversary of Ontario's Bill 132 (usually known as the "pit bull" ban).

What has happened in Ontario during those two years?

see wiki Ontario's Stupidest Law

***in closing I'd like to say***

Im a great listener and love attention.
Call me we'll do walkies.

Age: 8Year of birth: 2000Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 2

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling

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