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¿The Sam? (

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Name: sam lewis


My Senior Pic...I Think Its Good...


Yea this is the Front of My Skecth Book...idk why i love it but i do...

Elftown titles and orders


                    <img:" alt="Image hosted by">
                     this was my buddy but he had to get put down but its ok im over it soo its all good

               <img:" alt="Image hosting by TinyPic">  This is what happens when ur in math and bored then you and ur friend start doodling.....soo yea thats what me and mike [$$MoneyMike$$] did and yea this happend

<img:" alt="Image hosted by">
this would be [marcspank] and andy milanakis or [Andrew_90] and yes he gos to my school or if u want to simplfly it then it would be two retards just bein them selfs.....i cant say anything cuz i would do the same thing
                And this would be me.....                       <img:" alt="Image hosting by TinyPic">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<img:" alt="Image hosting by TinyPic">

Only cuz the rules were ment to be BOKEN
(pic tookin by Lindsey [are you dreaming?] thanks hun)


            im a guy
What would you do if:

1) I committed suicide?
2) I said I liked you?
3) I kissed you?
4) I lived next door to you?
5) I started smoking?
6) I stole something?
7) I was hospitalized?
8) I ran away from home?
9) I got into a fight and you weren't there?
10)Would you even care?


both 4 letters
both very powerful words
both very pointless
both hurt u...
Have u ever thought
that maybe stoners
dont care that a short
memory spans a bad thing
maybe some of us do it
to forget...hmm maybe
thats a bad thing in
its self....or may be
i dont give a flyin fuck


speed, weed, rock n roll, sex, drugs, birth control,
lifes a bitch and then u die fuck the world lets all get high
and if at first u dont succeed try again with better weed.....
and then party hardy, rock n roll, drink a keg, smoke a bowl
for all u peps that think ur kewl just fuck right off cuz stoners rule
stoners live and stoners die but in the end we all get high
so if in life u dont succeed fuck them all and smoke some weed


The creation of contry music is a odd
one...It all starts in Hell when Satan threw
a party w/ sushi and and thats all he ate
for the night but unknowingly he bought bad
sushi witch inturn mad him have the most
worst bowle movement that man him self can
no even comprehend it, and during this most
horrific event you would of heard the most
crewl and discusting sounds ever and that
the sounds u would of heard in the bathroom
would sound 100% dead on like Toby
Keith.......and country was born.....from
the depths of satans anus......

weed is a plant it grows in the ground
if god didnt like it it wouldnt be around
so all u muther fuckers that never got high
shut the fuck up and give it a try


stonedhappy42069- Me

pt. 1

lionsfan6363: what do u get when u cross mike prince and gage?
stonedhappy42069: a super bitch baby?
lionsfan6363: lmao
lionsfan6363: i was think an oversized super bitch baby
stonedhappy42069: lmao yea
stonedhappy42069: yea
stonedhappy42069: mike is pertty big
lionsfan6363: that didnt sound gay
lionsfan6363: lol
stonedhappy42069: lol i kno i was just hinkin about that
lionsfan6363: uh huh
stonedhappy42069: lol screw u too mike

lionsfan6363 (11:06:50 PM): dude there is some goofy ass lookin people on this
lionsfan6363 (11:07:38 PM): especially this dude "mighty mouse" and his caption says the same thing as urs
lionsfan6363 (11:07:44 PM): i was ROLLIN!
stonedhappy42069 (11:08:31 PM): O WTF ILL KICK HID ASS
stonedhappy42069 (11:08:34 PM): his*
lionsfan6363 (11:08:42 PM): LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lionsfan6363 (11:08:46 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
stonedhappy42069 (11:09:12 PM): u kno damn well i came up w/ that first
lionsfan6363 (11:09:21 PM): omg....omfg..
lionsfan6363 (11:09:52 PM): dude hes ugly as hell
lionsfan6363 (11:10:49 PM): i gotta put that in my elftown profile dude
lionsfan6363 (11:10:59 PM): i HAVE to
stonedhappy42069 (11:11:01 PM): whats that
lionsfan6363 (11:11:43 PM): from dude theres some goofy people on elftown to dude hes ugly as hell
stonedhappy42069 (11:11:53 PM): lol ight
lionsfan6363 (11:12:06 PM): whats he gonna do woop my ass?
stonedhappy42069 (11:12:15 PM): idk
stonedhappy42069 (11:12:19 PM): how can he
lionsfan6363 (11:12:27 PM): exactly

To all you preps who think you're cool
Well fuck right off cause stoners rule
I'm hooked on crack
I'm hooked on weed
I'm hooked on phonics....
....still can't read.

I wanna give you a hug but,
a hug leads to a kiss,
a kiss leads to a lick,
a lick leads to a suck,
and a suck leads to a fuck.
hmm... wanna hug?!

u kno lifes got me mad
but if i had a pet midget id be glad
To watch him jump around on my nintendo power pad
He'd have short legs and long torso
The name i'd give my pet midget is lil Gordo.....

god thing i hate is when i work soooo hard to build somthing....but when every thing is goooing soooo fuckin great realatiy just fuckin drop kicks u right in ur fuckin mouth and u fall flat right on ur ass and realizing the thing u work soo hard for is just as far away of when u started.......but no ur egnorint sooo u dont care and u get riiigght back up and do it agian.....and then the same shit happens agian and now ur kickin yourself in ur asss cuz...ha....fool me once shame on u fool me twice shame on me....but u r just too addicted to the feeling of maybe finaly getting that one thing in ur life....u dont care for how long its just the fact that u got her in ur life and u just never want to com down from that high....but when u do or if u do all u think about is doing it agian just cause u kno that your addicted...but even tho u kno u cant win......


my homies:

Cody [cjmac]-funny ass mo fo cuz u kno y cuz he aint got no flyin shoes...check him out

Jenny [Deleted :)]-Shes my newest buddy and what not and also Codys yea shes really cool and im happy as hell that Cody found a girl like her.....sooo hell u fuck w/ her im not gonn be the only one comin for you...i got cody too....damnit

NaJee [NaJee_Tha Cali Kid]-girls say hes hot...i dont get it check him out and tell me..why why??? Neh im just messin hes kool as hell u should check him out...

Marc [marcspank]-mother fucker spraed fuckin fart spray on me.....u kno i had to burn that jm hes koo check his big mexican ass out....

Tiff [MoRbId AnGeL555666]- Shes kool and shes my tiffany but u fuck w/ her i fuck u up...k..k

Lindsey [are you dreaming?]- Shes basiclly on crack like every one else....but its ok....she knos im just messin...but yea just like w/ all my girl friends i mean hey u fuck w/ them i fuck u up....u should kno this already...

Suesan [Just like the Lady in the Blue Dress..]- Shes over in Germany and i miss her like hell and i want her to com home damn it......but yea i still cant belive that i forgot to put her on here well wow dont i feel like an ass......

Amanda [Cherrified]- Shes like my freakin sister and i lover tttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much.....and yesss cuz she knos how i use my remote...if she knows what i mean.....haha....but yeaaa any whoo...ya im serious if u fuck w/ her man ill idk but yea.....and i dont think ive loved someone so much that i would give an arm for...not the exprestion but litterly give an arm for.....


Age: 17Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 13

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 67°20.286'S 187°52.086'W

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Town: Battle Creek (The Urbz)

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
strategy gamessystem administrationvideo
webcamweb designWindows

heavy metalraprock

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: sumo

Height: 178

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