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topaz dragon (brg)

Member #87517 created: 2004-10-04 18:07:59Simple URL:   

Name: Michelle even called San

Photo missing.

Drawing missing.

ask all the assholes here on elftown why, you might get an incorrect answer though.. becasue of the fact that they're assholes...
six months of harassments.. bye bye!
(ill only log on once a month or so to check messages)

for you to watch, for me...? just for fun...

--maid out:yes
--GET Laid:yes
-- Run away: yes
-- Broken a bone: no
-- Failed a class: yes
-- Been in a fist fight: yes
-- Gotten in a car accident: no
-- Met a famous person: yes
-- Driven illegally: no
-- Thrown a temper tantrum: umm...a what?
-- Been suspended: yes
-- Been expelled: no
-- Given the finger: uhh.. yea.. who havent??
-- Rebelled against authority: yes
-- Been in jail: no
-- Overcharged your credit card: ahem.. yeah.. umm actually..sometimes .. ahem.. okay OFTEN! *cries* :P jk

Gender: female

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: Sweden-Göteborg

Civil status: single

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