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Exapno Mapcase

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This is my principle.

If you don't like it, then.... well.... then I won't tell you my other ones!

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Exapno Mapcase

[Exapno Mapcase] is named after my greatest idol, Harpo Marx. He was a great artist and a comedian, and he truly is a person I look up to. He lived his dream, in the beginning modestly but never complaining, later in Hollywood splendour and he ended his life surrounded by loved ones and family. Because of the example he is setting for me every day, in his writings and his movies with his brothers and in my thoughts, I will dedicate this, [Exapno Mapcase], my shell-account, to Harpo. I won't make it an online-shrine to him, that will just be boring. I will keep in my mind the irresistable genius of a clown as I write here, under his secret agent name, as I track down the inspirational things that keep me going, either relevant or ir- to the Marxes. The diary will be active (hopefully) and the house updated frequently to keep in mind that life is actually quite funny.

There is actually quite a few members of the original Algonquin Round Table members that I stalk and want to read everything ever written by them and about them. These folks include the mastermind Alexander Woollcott, the suicidal emo-poet Dorothy Parker (on whom the film Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle is based), he ever-amusing Franklin P. Adams and I also must mention the painter Neysa McMein. All names will give results in google, but most effectively you would get to know these masters of wits by reading Harpo's autobiography Harpo Speaks! or other written accounts of that time.

To my never-ending joy the Project Gutenberg has made a joint publication by many of the Round Table members available in The Project Guternberg also has works by Robert Benchley that are absolutely amazing to read.

      My mind, being so inversed in these amazing characters of old, has found a wiki comparable to the Algonquinites and The Thanatopsis Pleasure and Inside Straight Club (Round Table's poker club). This elitist group of six (with the additional drifters-in now and then) discusses quite like the Algonquin itself interesting topics of politics, arts and morals, but also quite a load of bullshit; all spiced with sarcasm and sneers of pwnage.

Remember the Important rules

How can I explain you to Guy, Harpo, there's no word in French for 'boob'.
                                                                                                                                                -Alexander Woollcott

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