49741) Express your opinion on choosing one of these pairs (this is [iippo]'s theory of Samurai Dwarves: the characters for Disney's Seven Dwarves are the same as Kurosawa's Seven Samurai)

Number of voters: 10
* a) Doc -- Kambei (the old leader)
Number of votes: 1 (10%)
* b) Sleepy -- Kyuzo (the masterous swordsman)
Number of votes: 1 (10%)
* c) Bashful -- Shichiroji (the bald one)
Number of votes: 0 (0%)
* d) Happy -- Gorobei (the wood-cutting, funny one)
Number of votes: 2 (20%)
* e) Dopey -- Katsushiro (the young one)
Number of votes: 2 (20%)
* f) Grumpy -- Kikuchio (the crazy one)
Number of votes: 3 (30%)
* g) Sneezy -- Heihachi (the second one)
Number of votes: 1 (10%)

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