77038) Apple Juice or Orange Juice? <Rimg200*0:http://elfpack.com/stuff/aj/389/1318627088.png>

Number of voters: 71
* a) Apple Juice
Number of votes: 36 (51%)
* b) Orange Juice
Number of votes: 35 (49%)

2011-10-29 [Mortified Penguin]: As in nipples.

At the bar.

2011-10-29 [Nekko fox]: Well, shit, when did that happen?

2011-10-29 [Mortified Penguin]: Around twelve o' clock. *points at the unset VCR clock*... *it responds by blinking repeatedly and being outdated*... *the thing outdating it is, of course, the DVD player, because he's smooth with the ladies... and he's a player*

2011-10-30 [Mortified Penguin]: Good. Apple juice is winning again, just as God intended.

2011-10-30 [Mortified Penguin]: <img:44166_1164145262.gif>

2011-10-31 [Lord Josmar]: <img:44166_1164144892.gif>

2011-10-31 [Mortified Penguin]: ...aaaaand tied.

2011-10-31 [Avaz]: I can argue both ways, but at the end of the day, I'd much rather have a tall glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. I prefer crunching into a real apple rather than drinking its juice.
As an aside, all of this is perfectly acceptable at the beginning of the day just as well. :D

2011-11-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Hmm... what a wise, well thought out, and COMPLETELY WRONG ANSWER. *spits on your shoes*



2011-11-01 [Mortified Penguin]: DEATH RIDES ON SWIFT WINGS.

2011-11-01 [Avaz]: PONY RIDES ON SATURDAYS.

2011-11-02 [Mortified Penguin]: YOUR MOM RIDES MY DI- *your mom enters the room and an awkward silence ensues*

2011-11-02 [Avaz]: <_< Uh, hi mom. >_>

2011-11-03 [Stephen]: Yay for ties. :)

2011-11-03 [Nekko fox]: Fuck ties!

*Makes a bow*

2011-11-03 [Mortified Penguin]: *uses the bow to shoot arrows*

2011-11-04 [Nekko fox]: *the arrows indicate direction*

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: Tied again. :3

2011-11-04 [Avaz]: This is looking to be an eternal struggle, with no winner.

2011-12-13 [kians mummy]: There

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