27645) (inspired by The Stepford Wives): What do you think is the richest part of the USA? No research, just what is your first guess? And no, it is not a quiz, I don't know myself. I was wondering what you all thought. :)

Number of voters: 20
* a) Oakland County, CA
Number of votes: 6 (30%)
* b) Fairfax County, VA
Number of votes: 1 (5%)
* c) Fairfield County, CT
Number of votes: 10 (50%)
* d) Morris County, ?
Number of votes: 0 (0%)
* e) Montgomery County, MA
Number of votes: 1 (5%)
* f) Johnson County
Number of votes: 1 (5%)
* g) Marin County, ?
Number of votes: 1 (5%)

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